What are the elements of genuine moving reviews in Powell

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As with any other type of business, there are a lot of scammers in the moving industry. Life is funny in that way when it tests our intuition all the time. According to reviews, you could believe you’ve found the perfect moving company, but on moving day they might prove you wrong. They could be unprofessional, or in extreme cases, they might not even show up! Imagine you’re completely prepared for moving and your hired movers don’t arrive. To avoid this terrible nightmare, Zippy Shell Columbus has decided to share the elements of genuine moving reviews in Powell. To ensure a seamless relocation to Powell, keep on reading.

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How do you spot genuine moving reviews in Powell?

If we were to tell you it was easy, we’d be lying to you. But, truth be told, it’s not as hard as it may seem at first. After a couple of tries, we are sure you’ll become a pro at discerning fake reviews from real ones. When deciding which moving services Columbus Ohio you want to hire, you need to be very thorough when reading reviews. Now, let’s get into what makes reviews trustworthy and real.

The review sounds too perfect

There is no company that is completely perfect. And this includes moving companies. When you come across a 5-star moving review that’s nothing but praise, we urge you to be wary. Moving is a complicated and unexpected process. It is very rare that a move goes completely seamlessly from start to finish. Certainly, there are companies that offer amazing top-notch services. But, even these kinds of movers come across certain trouble from time to time. If a review is overly praising each step of the move and all you can see are intricate compliments, it’s most likely fake. A completely perfect relocation with no delays is yet unheard of.

If the company offers every service imaginable and is still somehow pretty cheap, it is an immediate red flag. If you come across the perfect company that has complete customer satisfaction, expect them to be more expensive than a regular moving company. If the service is that amazing, how come they aren’t charging more? These are the kinds of questions you need to be thinking about. Try to look at things realistically and trust your intuition in this process as well.

A man looking at three different computers
If you’re sitting in front of your computer, thinking that the reviews sound too good to be true – they most likely are!

Genuine moving reviews in Powell do not have too many details and praise

The average person will leave a short summary of the moving process as a review. And they will give a realistic set of stars for the service that is perfectly in sync with their review. So, if you see a review with just enough details, the best and the worst of the move, and a personal opinion in the end – it is real. On the other hand, if you come across a review where the person writing is just skipping with joy at the service, detailing each event, they are likely paid to write that review. Just think of it this way: Who has the time to write out a huge detailed review for free? It might sound a bit materialistic and harsh, but this truly is the reality of the situation.

A lot of fake reviews will start off extremely detailed from the very beginning of the move. For example, The movers arrived at 3:17 pm and immediately started packing up my home. So, they didn’t even mention the packing services Columbus they hired or said anything worth reading. Let’s put it this way: Who cares at what time they arrived? We want to hear the experience, what was good, what was bad. If the review is starting to sound very narrative and as a story, it is most likely fake.

Repeated typing patterns

When searching for genuine moving reviews in Powell, take a look at the written language the reviews are using. From time to time, you can sort of catch on to the style the review is written in. And as you continue reading through the many reviews, a few similar ones might pop up. Be it someone using lowercase, leaving a space before and after a period, or even repeating certain words through the reviews, you will recognize them. Many times, companies try and save money by hiring one person to write out multiple fake reviews. 

When looking for a genuine review, look for reviews that look different. They have a different typing style, maybe even some specific words like “y’all” suggesting the poster is from the south. Anything that sets apart a moving review usually means it is a real one. Additionally, a lot of fake reviewers are from non-English speaking countries. This could be to your advantage! Look for certain obvious errors a native speaker would never make. This will help you determine the fake ones 9 times out of 10. Determining real genuine reviewers will help you find those storage units Powell Ohio you’ve been looking for!

A woman comparing moving reviews
It can seem like quite the hassle, but a little detective work will pay off big time.

The reviews are too friendly

Fake reviewers will often mention specific names of staff from the moving company. An example might be a review starting with “David, the founder of the company, helped me out.”. It is pretty obvious when they mention the founder to recognize that it’s a fake review. But even if they are just naming the movers who helped them one by one by name, it strikes us as odd. You got so close to your professional movers and mustn’t let that happen? Sounds shady.

On the other hand, genuine moving reviews in Powell will likely not even mention the moving company’s name. After such a complicated process as moving, many people can’t even remember the name of the company, let alone the individuals. Even though we mentioned some of the best ways to determine how valid moving reviews are, we urge you to still trust your intuition above all else.

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