Ways to afford storage on a student budget

Storage SolutionsAugust 8, 2021

Whether you are moving away from college or starting a new year, one thing is certain. You must organize, pack, and relocate to the destination safely. Sometimes people are forced to bring more than they can handle and they are must find dorm room storage solutions or rent a proper storage unit. Either way, such a task can be complicated if your budget is limited. Therefore, today we will explain how to afford storage on a student budget. Let’s take a look.

Crunch your numbers and see if you can afford storage on a student budget

The first step is to determine the size of your budget. You can afford storage if you do the math right and with a bit of luck of course. You will have to find one of the cheap storage units Columbus Ohio as well. So, put it all on paper and according to your numbers start looking for your storage unit provider.

counting money to afford storage on a student budget
Calculate your monthly budget first to realize if you can support it and keep up with the payments.

Find a good storage unit provider

You will easily find one of the storage units Columbus Ohio 43204 online. But to find a good location fitting to your student budget can be a bit tricky. To do it, you must browse the internet and compare prices and services. You must know that the price is higher the more perks your unit has. So, consider the following when searching for a unit:

  • Location
  • Security and surveillance
  • Maintenance
  • Indoor/Outdoor storage solutions
  • Climate-controlled storage facilities

All perks we mentioned will boost your monthly rent. Just make sure you are utilizing your unit to the fullest before you purchase any of the services. This all depends on your personal needs and the purposes for using the unit.

Packing is important

Depending on where you are moving from and how many items you have, you might need a few packing materials to cover this task. Consult with your movers Columbus if needed. Yes, you will pack for storage like you would for any other relocation but a bit easier. All you must add is proper coverage for your boxes and furniture. You can use a tarp or a simple sheet from your home. As for the packing materials, you can cover the whole process by using cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and labels. Just make sure to reuse your old boxes or ask your friends if they have any. This way you’ll cut costs and save your budget for a moment.

two people packing items for storage
Never cut short on packing supplies even when you think you cannot afford storage on a student budget

In case you must purchase all packing materials, you can do it online, at the hardware store, or from your local moving company. Check out their moving services Columbus Ohio and you’ll see they have a plethora of packing materials to choose from. They can even pack you and relocate cheaply. Check if any of the services can benefit you and if you purchase any, will you still be able to afford storage on your student budget.

Minimize costs and afford storage on your student budget

The last piece of advice that can help you stretch your budget is the decluttering and downsizing process. You must inspect all your belongings before you even begin packing. Decide if any of the items are outdated, unused, or broken. Maybe you are dragging unnecessary hoard with you and the more you have it, the more boxes you stack into the unit. This will force you to rent a bigger one and eventually pay more. So, declutter as much as possible and reduce the number of items you bring. This way your relocation will be cheaper by all means.

Now you know how to afford storage on a student budget. It is still doable if you conduct proper research and find a cheap unit nearby. Hopefully, your budget is sufficient to cover the basic unit where you can start your journey. Later on, you can switch if something better pops up. Good luck and stay safe.


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