Useful storage tips for military families moving to Columbus

Storage PreparationAugust 27, 2021

Being a military person is not easy. Your job is generally safe. Still, you can get a deployment order at any time. Well, military families have a lot of opportunities. They can move around the country. Or, be deployed to various places worldwide. All this sounds exciting. And, sometimes it is. Still, it can also bring a lot of trouble. For example, you must be prepared for a short notice move. On average, a military family is moving every third year. Much more often than other families. For that reason, it is wise to have a reliable storage option. And you will need it frequently and quickly. Regardless of how far your move is, Zippy Shell Greater Columbus will help you. So here are a few useful storage tips for military families moving to Columbus.

A solder in uniform and holding woman in a long dress, while the couple discusses storage tips for military families moving to Columbus.
Useful storage tips for military families moving to Columbus.

Benefits of having a self-storage unit when moving to Columbus

Like many military families, you are probably not having a permanent home. Being deployed here and there, you can get various accommodations. It is usually depending on the family size. And on the available housing. So, such housing can be very modest. And, you can easily end up in tight quarters.  In such cases, having a self-storage unit nearby is an excellent solution. It will give you some extra space. It is like having an extra room. When moving to Columbus, check bins storage Columbus Ohio. It can be the right solution for you. Also, when having self-storage, this means that a lot of your belongings are already well organized inside it. That will make your move much faster. And much easier.

Other benefits for military families using storage units

When in active service, you can be easily redeployed. So, you will need good storage options. Some common reasons for military personnel to look for storage are:

  • Transitions between two houses – Storage is very handy. You can keep your things in it while waiting to move into the new accommodation.
  • Being deployed to Columbus from an overseas base – It is hard to move large quantities of possessions. Check possibilities with military movers. They can bring your possessions after you settle in Columbus.
  • When moving overseas –  You will have to leave your items in storage for some time.
  • Not possible to ship your vehicle – The solution is to leave it in storage.
  • Short notice redeployment – You can place your belongings into temporary storage.
  • Storing your weapon – If allowed by the storage owner’s policy.
A man in the uniform and woman in civilian clothes holding hands and watching the valley from the hill.
Being deployed to Columbus from an overseas base.

Additional storage tips for military families moving to Columbus

When you are deployed to Columbus, you can count on moving services Columbus Ohio. They will take good care of your belongings. And transport them safely. And bring them to your new location in good shape. Also, you can ask them about their storage facilities. Ask about their policies. And about the conditions they offer. You already know that Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage offers its clients various military storage options. They can offer you a storage place that is:

  • Well secured
  • Modern and clean
  • Climate controlled
  • Easy to access

Whenever you are looking for storage, always ask about military discounts. Also, inform yourself about the long-term self-storage conditions. Maybe they have the right solutions for you.

Does the military pay for storage units when moving to Columbus?

The Military is providing storage units for their members. However, most military families better like private self-storage options. They are more convenient and can expand your living space. Such units may be at an open place. For example, in your house yard. Or they can be in the sheltered areas. Usually, the military is reimbursing part of the storage costs. Here are instructions on how to reimburse the costs of the temporary storage. We hope our storage tips for military families moving to Columbus will be useful to you. And help you have a better overview of the storage possibilities in Columbus.

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