Top Reasons Why Moving to Pickerington Appeals to Young Families

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Pickerington Ohio might be the right place for those who prefer a small-town lifestyle but with all the perks of a big city. This city with slightly over 20 000 residents is a nice place to live and raise children. For a small community like it is, Pickerington is a pretty lively and fun little town with lots of things going on. Not only when it comes to entertainment but also the economic progress of the area. And precisely that is why moving to Pickerington appeals to young families. The average age of the residents of Pickerington is only 35 years, which proves that it is a promising town that has a lot to offer. For these reasons, you can be among people who choose to contact one of the Columbus moving companies and relocate with their families.

Why Consider Pickerington When Moving With Your Family?

We have already said that Pickerington is a small town, but with a lot to offer. Apart from a friendly community and young people living there, it is perfect for raising a family for more reasons. And those reasons are:

  • Great public schools
  • Affordable cost of living
  • A lot of things to do
A little kid with backpack entering the high-rated school which is one of the reasons why moving to Pickerington appeals to young families
Top-rated schools are the reason why moving to Pickerington appeals to young families.

Pickerington has excellent public schools

Quality of education is for sure one of the main issues for parents faced with relocation. When it comes to Pickerington, such worries are unnecessary as it has well-rated public schools. In fact, Pickerington Local School District ranks as 2nd best for athletes in Ohio, according to It serves about 11,000 students from preschool to 12th grade. It consists of 15 buildings, including 7 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools, 3 middle schools, 2 high schools, and one alternative high school. The best-rated schools are Toll Gate and Violet Elementary School. And Pickerington High School North also ranks above the average. Later students can continue their education at nearby Capital University and Ohio University Lancaster.

This is surely one of the primary reasons why moving to Pickerington appeals to young families. Also, you won’t have problems finding student moving services as well as cheap storage units Columbus Ohio that are affordable for students. If you have kids that go to school or are about to, Pickerington is the top choice.

Pickerington is an affordable place to live in

Everything indicates that Pickerington is a promising little city with a steady economy and healthy prospects for young families. The unemployment rate is lower than the national average and amounts to 4,6%. Even if you opt for a smaller home to start with, you can store the surplus items inĀ bins storage Columbus Ohio. Although recent labor force growth has been negative, future projections predict a growth of 32.5% over the next ten years.

As for the cost of living, which is at the top of priorities for family people, Pickerington is pretty much affordable. Except for housing, which is 4% more expensive than the national average, the costs of utilities, transportation, and food are below the national average value. The family median income in Pickerington is about $100 000, compared to the national average of about $70 000. Also, income and sales tax rates are 4,5 % and 6,8 % lower than the national median value.

A hand holding folded twenty dollars bill and a small USA flag
All things considered, Pickerington is an affordable place to live in.

Moving to Pickerington appeals to young families because it’s a fun place to live in

Pickerington defies the conventional belief that small towns are boring. Residents of this small city in Ohio are very fond of big celebrations, which are held throughout the whole year. There is something for everyone, good music, food and refreshments, and socializing for people of all ages. Special attention is paid to fun activities for the youngest like Youth Fishing Derby, and Community Trick-or-Treats. From the numerous events, we will single out a few that attract the most visitors.

  • The 4th of July Celebration is certainly one of the biggest social events in Pickerington. On Independence Day, a big city parade is organized, which always ends with grandiose fireworks.
  • One of the children’s favorite events is the Haunted Village. And not only children, but whole families can take part and enjoy Halloween tricks or treats, scary stories, haunted houses, etc.
  • Picktown Palooza is a three-day community celebration that offers all sorts of fun for all ages. There are unmissable carnival rides, races, food stalls, truck and bike shows, music performances, and a lot more. Palooza has been held since 2017 and welcomes visitors from central Ohio. According to over 30,000 visitors attended Palooza over three days in June 2022.
  • As a sort of homage to the violets that cover the region each spring, residents started the Pickerington Violet Festival. It started as a small community happening in 1998, but over the years it has grown into a real festival. At the celebration, you can see the violet parade, craft shows, music performances, carnival rides, and other fun activities.

There are over 150 acres of parklands in Pickerington

The city does not lack either open space or landscaped parks. There are more than enough options for various types of recreation for kids and family activities. 5 organized and maintained parks in the city contain numerous facilities for active and recreational sports. Sycamore Creek Park is the most visited according to city officials and it stands out with its numerous amenities. It has a pond, shelters, restroom, skate park, swings, soccer field, and tennis court. There is even a sledding slope during snowy winters. Victory Park is also a nice one, with basketball courts and playgrounds for the youngest. The city has a public swimming pool and a Pickerington bike trail. Various events are organized for the youngest such as Sporties for Shorties, where they improve their skills and learn about teamwork.

This all means that you will probably have a lot of sports equipment for your youngsters. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space. You can store all your children’s bicycles, skates, ski gear, and other sports requisites in one of the storage units Pickerington Ohio offers.

A mother and a baby girl having fun at the park
For families with kids, it is crucial that the city they live in has enough parks and green areas.

Pickerington Is One of the Nicest Little Cities in Ohio

If safety and peace are high on your list of priorities, the city of Pickerington may be for you. Quiet neighborhoods with good schools to choose from, plenty of green areas, job opportunities, and proximity to a big city are just some of the advantages of this small town. Precisely that’s why moving to Pickerington appeals to young families. And we at Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage are here to help you when you move, with our services or our storage solutions.

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