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Moving Day TipsMay 14, 2021

It’s not a secret that moving takes time and requires good organizational skills. That’s why the safest option is to go with the moving services Columbus Ohio. However, if you want to do it on your own, there is more to it. You need to have the right tools. Because having all the essentials on hand will make your life and your relocation much easier. Even though many of these tools are small in size, they make a big difference when the relocation starts. Therefore, we’ve made a unique list of tools that make moving easier. We sincerely recommend keeping them on standby when you move.

How to pick the right tools that make moving easier?

In the beginning, let’s mention that basic tolls included in a toolbox are obligatory. If you don’t have them or don’t know how to use them, leave it to professionals. Simply hire the best Columbus moving companies and be calm. But if you find relocation to be a challenge, start with some basic tools. Then add a few additional items to help you carry out the relocation. Those tools make moving easier and make a household move efficient and successful.

The essential tools that make relocation easier

  • First come scissors. We find it redundant to explain why scissors are a basic and essential tool that will make moving easier. You need to have a good pair of scissors to help you with cutting tape, opening boxes, or opening new packages.
  • Then, don’t forget to use an electric drill. A high-quality cordless electric drill will come in handy for a variety of tasks. From drilling holes in the wall to assembling furniture and installing knobs. This tool will make your moving easier without a doubt.
  • A laser level is another useful tool that will make relocation easier. And it’s not that expensive to get it, as it can be found for around $20. A hand-held laser is a handy tool, useful when hanging pictures and art on the wall. Also, they are useful for any other alignment and leveling tasks. So, if you are moving large artwork, you don’t have to worry about hanging them properly after your relocation. Or if you need to hang bookshelves on a wall, this tool will help ensure that all shelves are perfectly straight.
Man holding one of the tools that make moving easier
One of the tools that make moving easier is a drill.

More tools that will make moving easier

Another useful tool that makes moving easier is a multi-bit screwdriver. This type of screwdriver comes with interchangeable tips and multiple bits. It has many purposes and it can be used for several tasks. That includes tightening screws and changing out the hardware. Also, if you want to hang your items safely and securely, you have to find a stud on the wall. That’s when you need a stud finder, a tool that can make moving easier. This tool is easy to find and quite easy to use. Moreover, this tool helps homeowners to detect studs behind the drywall in their house. Then, when the moving day comes, you’ll need another tool to make your packing and moving easier. That’s why you have to bring a foldable step ladder or step stool with you. Logically, you’ll need a ladder to access high shelves, or to hang artwork after your relocation.

An opened ladder
You are going to need the ladder, especially after the relocation.

Additional tools that you’ll find useful

Let’s not forget an Allen wrench. Especially if you’re moving furniture. These tools are designed to screw in bolts and screws with hexagonal heads. Another useful tool that makes moving easier is a tape measure. There are many reasons to get these tools before the relocation starts. From measuring doorways and furniture to measuring for curtains and rugs. Simply, you cannot start your relocation without this tool. So, make sure to get a durable tape measure that extends to at least 12 feet. Last but not least, do not forget about the hammer. Your moving tools list should include a hammer as a must. So, a basic claw hammer is all you need to drive screws and nails into walls.

What’s more out there to help you get through your relocation?

The list of tools that can make moving easier is quite long. But here are more suggestions on what additional moving tools to get to make your relocation easier.

Furniture dolly and utility dolly- tools that make moving easier

When the moving day comes, you are going to need a utility dolly. This tool can be used to stack and move several moving boxes at once. Not only this will save your back, but it will lower the possibility of dropping a box that contains fragile items. Also, if you are moving bulky items, you are going to need a furniture dolly. It has a large flat base with four wheels and it will help you safely move large pieces of furniture. However, make sure the heavy items are well-secured. Also, get help from professionals if moving items downstairs.

Ropes and straps

When it comes to packing for a relocation, most people forget about moving straps. But you don’t want to make that mistake, as they are a great tool that makes moving easier. They are ideal for carrying awkward stuff such as a big-screen television. Or simply for anything that requires more than one set of hands. Moving straps are also great to prevent back strains or other injuries. Also, you can use them to secure items to a dolly or once you load the stuff on the truck. As for the ropes, you can use them the same way.

A moving rope
Finally, use moving ropes to prevent moving injuries.

Moving blankets or pads

Before the moving day comes, it’s important to think about wrapping. So, if you have some precious items that you care about, wrap them with a moving blanket or pad. Moving blankets can also be used when you’re moving antiques. Especially if you’ve opted for moving by yourself, you’ll find moving blankets extremely useful. With all these tools that make moving easier, we are sure your relocation will go smoothly. Anyway, we wish you good luck and successful relocation.

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