Tips for speeding up the moving process

Moving Day TipsSeptember 30, 2019

Relocations consist of many different and intertwined processes and tasks. Each of them has its unique challenges and needs to be taken seriously. However, some of the processes are more complicated than others or take more time to finish. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself adequately and find out exactly how much time you need to complete each task. And figure out whether you will hire a reliable moving company or do it on your own. But, what happens when you have to move on short notice? Speeding up the moving process can be more challenging than you would think. That is why we are bringing you some ideas on how to handle it properly.

Avoid panic when speeding up the moving process

Yes, it’s nerve-wracking when you are facing speeding up the moving process. But, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare come true if you avoid panicking and organize properly. If you contact any decent movers Hilliard Ohio, they will assure you everything will be just fine. Actually, the first thing you need to hear in a situation like this is that everything will be okay. So you need to find proper support when facing fast relocations.

speeding up the moving process - don't panic sign
You don’t have to panic, you just have to organize yourself the proper way

On the other hand, look at the bright side – you will invest a significant amount of time, nerves and energy, but only for a short period of time. And afterword, you will be able to continue your everyday activities. Without stressing out about the move for months. When you think about that, it doesn’t seem so terrible anymore, does it?

These are the things you can do to execute the last-minute move in the most effective way:

  • start packing as soon as possible,
  • find moving supplies in the most convenient way,
  • purge, purge, purge,
  • be ready the night before,
  • get yourself some help.

Once you follow this advice, speeding up the moving process will be an easy-breezy adventure to take!

Start packing as soon as possible

This is generally a smart thing to do even if you have a normal amount of time to plan and organize a relocation. But, the importance encreases the less time you actually have to move. Packing is the most time-consuming activity of all. It depends on the number of items you own, of course. If you are relocating a studio apartment, it is clear that you will pack faster than if you are moving a six-bedroom home or an entire business.

Try to find moving supplies in the most convenient way

You don’t have the time to be picky and choosy. However, you can’t be irresponsible either. That means you need quality moving materials and supplies. That is if you want to ensure the safe relocation of every item you have. The ideal way is to hire Columbus packing services to take care of everything.

packing supplies
Get the adequate packing supplies

Firstly, they will work fast, since they have much more experience than you with packing all kinds of items. Secondly, they will bring their own packing supplies. So you don’t have to waste time going through the convenient stores looking for free boxes. Also, use the things you already have, like plastic bins, suitcases, and the existing cabinets to transport your stuff inside them.

Purge, purge, purge

We can’t stress this enough! You need to decrease the amount of stuff you are taking with you. There are several ways to do that. Go through the rooms, and see what have you been using, and what is just sitting there. There’s no point in taking unnecessary things with you. If you pack everything, you lose more time, more money on the move and more space in your new home or offices. When you are speeding up the moving process, you need to pack as little items as possible.

From the things you decide not to take with you, choose what to throw out, and what to re-give. Your old and useable things can be a perfect gift to someone in need. Choose the charity organization of your liking and make someone happy. Or, organize a yard sale and sell the things you are not using. You can even earn some money by speeding up the moving process.

Be ready the night before

You should organize in a way that everything is finished the night before the move. So, no packing, no cleaning, no fixing of things. Nothing, but moving boxes. The only thing you can do on moving day, before the Columbus moving services come at your doorstep, is finish packing the essentials box. Everything else needs to be done long before the movers come. That is the best way to speed up the moving process – by saving time on moving day. Therefore, even if something goes wrong and some complications occur, you will resolve them easier.

boxes in the room
This is how your home should look like on the day of the move

Get yourself a proper help

Sometimes you can do things on your own. But relocating in the maximum possible speed is not one of the things to do alone. Simply because you can’t clone yourself. And if you are in a too much hurry, you will not be efficient enough. Plus, the possibility of making a mistake will be huge. So, you need to delegate some of the tasks to either the people you trust, or hired professionals.

Ask your friends and family to help with the things they can. However, make sure to explain to them that time is crucial. Ask if you can rely on them to be on time and fast so that they could be of true help. And even if they are more than happy to help, you should seriously consider hiring professionals. That is the only certain solution when you are speeding up the moving process. They will be punctual and fast, yet diligent and careful around your belongings. The relocation will go smoothly and you will avoid the stress that comes with hurry.

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