Tips for finding a roommate after moving to Grandview Heights

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The time has come to move again and as before, you must lay down a moving plan, search for the best moving companies Columbus Ohio, and dedicate a moving budget. But this time around, you are looking for a roommate as well. It might be hard to find one in the middle of the moving process. Therefore, let us help you with finding a roommate after moving to Grandview Heights.

Social media is the easiest way for finding a roommate after moving to Grandview Heights

Yes, it might sound strange, but it is the easiest way. Although, you should do it before the move. Simply write a post to all your trusted friends and ask them if they know someone who is looking for a roommate in the area. And keep it private rather than write a public post. Simply to avoid stalkers or unpleasant experiences and comments. While you are at it, ask them if they know where you can find a reliable moving team, good moving services, amazing storage facilities Columbus Ohio, fine packing materials, and so on.

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Social networks make it easier to find a roommate

But finding a roommate after moving to Grandview Heights in this way might sound easy but do not be surprised if no one replies at all. Maybe you’ll get a few responses simply stating that they do not know anyone. But it is still worth a shot. In the end, it all comes to the fact if someone on the other side is in a similar situation. At least you can rely on your best friends to extend a helping hand and communicate with you. They will surely help you out with your search for your new roommate.

Browse the internet

Surely the easiest way of finding a roommate after moving to Grandview Heights is via the internet. And again, you can do it after or before the relocation. It depends on how fast you need to find one. If your budget is a stretching one, then give yourself some time to set up your home and dictate the rules before letting someone into the environment. Now, you should visit all the topic-related websites and browse for your new roommate. This means you must avoid sites such as Craig’s list simply because you can’t confirm who is on the other side. Besides, you do not have, time, energy, or money, to spend on this endeavor.

Therefore, stick to the websites that connect people in this fashion. There are real estate-oriented websites all over the place that will connect you to your new roommate in no time. You’ll even have a fine choice to filter them out as nonsmokers, by gender, age, and more. Surely much better than letting someone shady come into your home.

Ask around

Ok, finally you can just ask all around the place if anyone knows someone who is looking for a roommate. Ask your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, you name it. A word of mouth is a powerful tool and if you can obtain references, even better. So, send out a bunch of emails and ask in person whenever you can. Explain the situation and give them the basic requirements and parameters. These are the mandatory ones:

  • The number of roommates that are sharing the apartment
  • Price of the rent and monthly bills
  • Rules
  • The location and the size of the apartment
  • Contact info so they can reach you for further info
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Ask your friends if they can recommend a good roommate.

Keep it simple because you do not want your friends to carry over a bad message. The less they know the better. So, give them only the mandatory info on paper and keep the rest with you. Once your new roommate gives you a call, communicate the details further.

Research the candidates

When you find your roommate, you should do background research. Do not feel bad about it. You are not breaking any laws and you are not a stalker. You are simply trying to protect yourself from possible dangerous behavior and prevent it before it is too late. So, the best way to do it is to dig through social media or research them online. If they for some reason do not have an online footprint, then try to find someone who is working at the police to check their criminal record. Just make sure to double-check the person you’ll be living with.

Meet your roommate in person and get to know each other

Obviously, you must meet your new roommate in person. And it is advisable to do it several times before you let them move in. Maybe you can even help them pack, search for movers, and storage units Grandview Heights Ohio. Not because you are such a good guy but to participate in those hard tasks where you can see how they react. In such a hectic environment you can see how they react and if you do not like it you can back off on time. If you do like to hang out with your new roommate, then even better. Then you helped them out and made a very good beginning of your new friendship. They will surely appreciate your help.

Finding a roommate after moving to Grandview Heights requires a meeting in person
You must meet your roommate in person before you make the decision.

But if this is too much for you, you can simply take them out for a drink and spend the afternoon together. Get to know each other, talk about random stuff and see where it goes. Later on, once it settles in, decide if this is the right roommate for you.

Finding a roommate after moving to Grandview Heights and settling in

As we said, people usually find a roommate and then relocate. The reason behind it is the budget. But if you find a good opportunity, you should go for it. Snatch a good deal, pack like a pro, call your local movers Columbus Ohio, and once you settle in, start searching for the right roommate. It might take a while but at least you ended up with an amazing property. But before you do it, do the math and be sure you can support it because you can spend months without a roommate.

Finding a roommate after moving to Grandview Heights is not so hard. You must be patient and keep on searching daily. Do not worry, someone will show up eventually.

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