Things to know about moving to New Albany around Thanksgiving

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The fall is not the best possible season for moving. There are many holidays at that time, and Thanksgiving is one of them. It is a very important holiday to most Americans. Also, many moving companies are having days off during such holidays. So, arrange your moving date with local movers Columbus Ohio the sooner you can. That way you will ensure having comfortable moving to New Albany around Thanksgiving. And moreover, your movers will be in a festivity mood. So, your Thanksgivings move can become one of the best moves you ever had. Just carefully arrange the dinner time, moving date, and all other moving-related tasks.

Hosting a dinner when moving to New Albany around Thanksgiving

If you are moving exactly on Thanksgiving Day, you will not be able to organize a proper Thanksgiving dinner. You can still order some ready food once you arrive in New Albany. So, you can share the meal with your movers. Or, if the movers Columbus Ohio are rushing back home, you can make a small celebration with your family members. And, instead of ordering, treat them to dinner at a restaurant. However, soon you unpack in your new home, decorate it, and host the late Thanksgiving dinner. For example, on the first coming weekend, you can invite your family to see your new home. And this is also a good opportunity to invite the closest neighbors. You can turn the dinner into a housewarming party. So, this way you will follow the tradition. And you will meet your new neighbors. Looks like an excellent opportunity.

One woman is sitting and two are standing around a table with food and bottles, while holding glasses before moving to New Albany
Hosting a dinner when moving to New Albany around Thanksgiving is a great idea.

What if your move is scheduled for a weekend after Thanksgiving dinner?

In this case, you need a good organization. During the Thanksgiving dinner, you will still be at your old house. But it is still possible to organize a dinner and packing for the move at the same time. It is now easy, but it is still possible. First, you can contact a storage rental Columbus Ohio. They will best advise you on how to store already packed items outside the house. You can use their mobile storage or any other solution they propose.

That way, a lot of things will be ready for moving on a weekend, just after Thanksgiving. In this case, you can leave the dining table and chairs, and pack them the next day. You can also leave a few festivity decorations. And order a nice meal. This way, you will have a family dinner together. And your things will be almost ready for moving to New Albany.

Family sitting around the table having a Thanksgiving dinner.
It is possible to organize a dinner and packing for the move at the same time.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities in New Albany

Soon you move to New Albany, you will realize that there are many Thanksgiving events going on. So, you can check what is interesting for you. And join the festivity events of your new town. That way, you will meet many neighbors. And you will faster become a part of the community. We are sure that both, you, and your kids, will enjoy your first holidays in New Albany.

What if you want to postpone unpacking for after the holidays?

If you want to enjoy the first days after moving to New Albany around Thanksgiving, you can decide to postpone unpacking for after the holidays. In that case, unpack only the essentials. The rest of the items you can leave in storage units New Albany Ohio. And you can unpack them later. As you can see, there are many possibilities for moving during holidays. The way you want to do it is entirely up to you.

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