The best cities for a millennial

Top places in OhioMay 30, 2021

As a member of the Gen Y population, you’re slowly becoming the backbone of the nation. And let’s face it – a lot of the older generations aren’t too happy about it. But that’s nothing new. It’s a normal process that happens with each subsequent generation. Millennials want different things from life than their parents. And that is perfectly OK. Your grandparents probably weren’t too happy about the choices your parents made, but they learned to live with it. The best cities for a millennial to live in are not the best cities for Baby Boomers. They may have preferred big places like NYC, while you are looking for a quieter place with many opportunities, like the city where your movers Columbus reside. So here are the 4 main factors you should consider when moving to a new city as a millennial.

Professional opportunities

First and foremost, the best cities for millennials must have ample job opportunities. Whether we like it or not, finances are an important aspect of life. A lot of things factor into what kind of jobs you can get – your education, work experience, skills and qualifications, etc. But even if you are the best in the world in your preferred field, none of that matters if no jobs are available. So do your homework and choose the cities that have a lot of entry-level jobs available. You don’t have to work in your preferred field right away. You can start in packing services and work your way to the top. But you need to be able to get in first.

women holding a list of the best cities for a millennial
The best cities for a millennial must provide a lot of opportunities for professional development.

Personal fulfillment 

Of course, making money is far from the only important thing in life. All of the hard work won’t mean anything if you don’t achieve personal fulfillment. The best cities for a millennials need to provide the opportunity to be satisfied. After all, self-fulfillment is at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This means that you need to think long and hard before you make a decision to move somewhere. You could prefer big, bustling California cities or smaller, community-oriented towns like you’d find in Ohio. There’s no wrong or right choice, but what’s best for you.

Affordability dictates the list of the best cities for a millennial

Affordability is another major factor every millennial should consider when moving to a new city. Don’t get blinded by your potential paycheck, but what you’ll need to use it on. So, first thing’s first – the cost to buy or rent a home is exceptionally important. Choose carefully when you move. But also think about the accompanying cost. You may need storage. Renting storage units Columbus Ohio 43204 is not the same as renting storage in NYC. Then, consider the cost of everyday living. How much do the groceries cost? How much will you pay for your clothes? What’s it going to cost to go out and get a drink? Consider these things before you make a decision.

man counting money
Calculate the potential costs before you decide to move anywhere.

The stress of big city living vs smaller places

Finally, we get to the difference between living in big and small cities. The best cities for a millennial to live in are not necessarily the biggest ones. Once again, it comes down to personal preference. Do you want to be able to go shopping by car and find a parking place right in front of the store? Then cities as big as NYC are probably not for you. On the other hand, if a one-hour commute to work doesn’t faze you, maybe you should choose a bigger city. Each place has its advantages and disadvantages, but these are all generalities. Choose the place that works for you, look up Columbus moving services and good luck with wherever you decide to go!

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