Storage on the day of the move; the first or the last thing to handle

Moving Day TipsNovember 27, 2020

So, the day of the move has come and you’re off to a new adventure! Moving to a new place is one of the most exciting events for any person – a new chapter in your life. You will start making new friends, exploring the area, and finding interesting hobbies. However, there is still one thing you need to handle before you can begin your adventure. You need to store your items and consider what the first or the last thing to handle is. Zippy Shell Greater Columbus will get you where you need to go, but proper organizing is up to you. Here are some tips that can make your moving day easier and as stress-free as it can be.

Take Care of Your Essentials First

Anything that you need to use on the first day after you arrive at your new home can be considered essential. This should definitely include clothes and toiletries, and possibly your lap-top or other electronic devices you may need. You know what you use daily, so considered that an essential item. Pack the essentials first into a separate box and label it. If you do it first, it is unlikely you will forget anything in the chaos of the move. Mind you, you will pack it first, but not store it. Separate the box from the others and, if possible, keep it with you instead of storing it. In case you need to put it into storage, store your essentials last. You will unpack it first so it needs to be close at hand or easily accessible.

Man lying under boxes.
We know that figuring out the first or the last thing to handle can be exhausting. Start with the essentials and go from there.

Store Your Large Items

Once you have prepared your essentials, it’s time to start storing your items. Start with the large items or boxes first. This can include beds, furniture, or anything else that takes up a lot of space. The moving containers Columbus Ohio provides you are spacious, but you still need to organize your stuff properly. Spread them out through the container so that you have space to move for when you store your other items. Of course, don’t clutter the entrance. It won’t matter what the first or the last thing to handle is if you can’t move around your unit. 

Fill the Space with Smaller Items

Once you have spread out your larger items, start storing your smaller boxes. Go from one end of the container to the other and place them so that you still have space to move. When you see you are running out of space, start stacking the items. You don’t want to stack too many rows on top of each other. Likely, there is no need and if you didn’t pack them properly, your stuff could get damaged.

What is the first or the last thing to handle when storing boxes.
Fill out the left-over space with smaller boxes evenly.

Put Fragile Items Last

Fragile items always go last. Things like mirrors, glasses, or certain electronics should be placed in separate boxes and labeled appropriately. You also need to be very careful to protect them while you pack them. You can get professional packing services if you can’t be bothered to do it yourself. Don’t stack the fragile items on top of one another and your good to go. Knowing what the first or the last thing to handle is will be rather intuitive once you get going. We hope you have a safe trip and good luck with the start of your new adventure!

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