Spring Cleaning Before and After Moving House

Moving SolutionsFebruary 15, 2023

Few things can compare to the feeling of moving into a new home. Also, a few things can spoil that feeling and the first days in it, like cleaning. To start a new stage in life and a new home stress-free, do most of the cleaning before you move. However, you will also have to clean your new living space after moving. It’ll be easier if you arrange and organize your belongings before the move. Even better if the move coincides with spring cleaning because you’ll be cleaning all at once. Also, Columbus moving companies can help you with all other stages of relocation, and the following lines will provide you with advice about spring cleaning before and after moving house.

Spring cleaning before and after moving out

Hopefully, you have started preparing for the move long before the actual moving day. By doing so, you’ll have enough time for related tasks, such as cleaning. Most people move during the spring and summer, which is convenient since that’s when most people do their spring cleaning. That way you’ll do both, spring cleaning and moving at once and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

Man demonstrating to a boy how to do spring cleaning before and after moving works
Make it easy on yourself and do most of the cleaning on time.

We advise you to focus on de-cluttering and downsizing in the initial phase. The more items you discard, the fewer items you’ll have to pack and unpack. It’ll save you time and money, as well, since you’ll need fewer moving supplies and materials. Dismiss everything that is torn, crooked, or damaged in any way. After that, move on to the actual cleaning of the house but also appliances. If you are still looking for a new suitable apartment, you might want to rent a storage Hilliard Ohio, to store your things after moving out. 

Plan ahead and schedule your spring cleaning tasks

Yes, spring cleaning also requires a schedule, so you don’t find yourself putting it off until the last day. Survey shows that half of Americans keep their houses clean, but the other half needs to roll up their sleeves before they move. A schedule will help you manage your time and determine how upfront you need to start with cleaning. Try to assign at least one task per day, or two if your time allows. Make sure to schedule tasks such as vacuuming and windows cleaning on different days. Leave the floors for the very end, although you can take the carpets to the service earlier. In case you’re putting your house for sale, you might want to speed things up. In that case, try to take a few days off from work, or simply hire a professional cleaning company.

Also plan to hire our long distance movers Columbus Ohio on time, since spring and summer are high-in-demand seasons. 

A hand holding pen and weekly planner
Plan your spring cleaning before and after moving and make a detailed schedule.

Downsize to reduce relocation costs and ease your spring cleaning

Before you start actual cleaning, downsize as much as you can. It’ll be a lot easier to clean once you get rid of the surplus. If you start cleaning with all the clutter around the house, you’ll end up moving items from one place to another. In the end, you will feel that you have not done anything, and there is unnecessary stress and pressure. So sort all your things, and discard everything you no longer need. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll throw or donate or sell, just downsize the number of items. Not only will you save money on moving supplies, but you’ll spend less money on a smaller moving vehicle. Also, once you declutter, cleaning and packing will go smoother cause you’ll have a lot more space to work with.

If you are a student, dorm room storage solutions are quite handy and affordable. You can keep all your belongings in clean and safe units until the next semester. 

Clean the house in several stages

Don’t try to do all the work at once, you might pull it off but not without stress and exhaustion. Rather, split the cleaning into several phases over a longer period of time. That way you will have enough time for everything and you won’t forget something in a hurry and be sloppy. Spring cleaning before and after moving must be done thoroughly.

Young man cleaning windows with a yellow towel
Start cleaning your house in stages room by room and task by task.
  • Start with a thorough dusting of the cabinet tops and ceiling lighting. Always go in order, from the ceiling to the bottom, and finally collect all the dust with a vacuum cleaner. 
  • Then you can also vacuum the carpets and then wash them. If you don’t have the conditions or the space for that venture, hire a carpet cleaning company to help you out.
  • Once you get rid of the dust, you can move on to windows and mirrors. All you need are soft towels and spray cleaning products for windows. 
  • Cleaning the kitchen requires slightly more work since you’ll have to clean the stove, fridge, sink, etc. kitchen walls and floors can be greasy from cooking, requiring serious scrubbing. Depending on the degree of soiling, assign more time for this task.
  • The same rule applies to cleaning the bathroom as to the kitchen. Clean the dirt from the tiles, shower, and sink with an abrasive cleaner and disinfect all surfaces afterward. 
  • Polish the floors last, when everything else is done. The only thing left for you to do is tidy up the yard if you have one.

After cleaning comes some more cleaning

Yes, cleaning is a never-ending process, but luckily spring cleaning is once a year. And if you do it thoroughly before the move, you won’t have to do it until the next year. That’s why you mustn’t skip it, but do your spring cleaning before and after moving out. You will probably have to clean the new house a bit too, but hopefully, the previous tenants have done most of the work. So get to work and allow yourself a fresh and clean start in your new home.

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