Simple tips for reorganizing a small home after moving

After the moveJuly 7, 2022

If you recently moved, we congratulate you! The moving process can be exhausting, but you made it through. If you have moved from a bigger to a smaller home, you will have to reorganize your living space. That can be a simple task if you know how to use your space smartly. Reorganizing your home will make it look large and allow you to express your creativity. If you are unsure how to organize your living space, Zippy Shell Greater Columbus gives you the best tips for reorganizing a small home after moving.

The best ways of reorganizing a small home after moving

Reorganizing your new home might sound hard to do. In reality, it is not. You need to make a good plan and use some of the tips and tricks. Since you do not have too much space, the first thing you need to do is declutter. Even if you did it before moving, do it now as well. Getting rid of things means fewer belongings and more space. If you used to have a big shelf with many books in our previous home, books might be things you need to put aside. Decluttering your clothes can give you more space for other stuff. You can put your hats, jewelry, or even shoes in that now-free space. Other than decluttering, you can also:

  1. Repaint your walls
  2. Use stocking containers and cubbies
  3. Buy specific shelves and couches
  4. Use feng shui techniques
A girl sitting on a couch
Using feng shui techniques might help in reorganizing a small home after moving.

Repaint your walls

One of the best tips for making a small home look bigger: is using the right colors. Painting your walls in darker colors will make them seem smaller. Therefore, avoid using red, brown, or black. On the other hand, light yellow, orange, pink and white are perfect for making your space bigger. They will also compensate for the lack of natural light during rainy days. You can paint all walls in one color or choose one color for each room. If you plan on repainting your home, you can use cheap storage units Columbus Ohio to store your stuff while the house is repainted.

It’s best if you avoid complicated or detailed designed furniture as well. If you have a mix of different belongings such as green, yellow, brown, and black, it will make an illusion of a cramped and disorganized place. Therefore, choose 3 or 4 colors that are similar and that will dominate your living space.

Use stocking containers and cubbies after moving

Containers and cubbies will help you organize your small space. Even moving companies use different types of containers for packing services OH and storage. They are perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. They are also pretty cheap, which is another advantage. You can use cubbies as a substitution for large drawers and shelves. You can put your kid’s books, toys and even clothes there. If you have a lot of valuables you do not want to get rid of, you can put them in these cubbies, which can be in your bedroom or living room. They can fit in books, small plants, jewelry, photo albums, etc. You can also move them and style them easily with your other furniture.

Containers are great for storing many things. You can use them to put washing powder, conditioner for clothes, etc. You can store sugar, flour, coffee, and many spices there. Moreover, you can put containers in your fridge! They will separate your produces, which will make more space and prevent them from rotting at the same time.

Three kitchen containers
Kitchen containers are great for storing many things.

Buy furniture with storage space as a way of reorganizing a small home after moving

If you decided to get rid of your old couch, your new sofa might help you in reorganizing a small home after moving. Buying a couch or bed that can fit into a corner is a great option. Having a big bulky sofa will make your reorganizing process much harder. If you are buying a new couch, look into couches with storage underneath them. This space can be used for storing blankets, old photo albums, books, toys, suitcases, etc. If you have two kids, a great way to save space is by buying two-level beds.

As for shelves, look for those wall shelves that you can rearrange. You can buy corner shelves, or you can buy those that look like a honeycomb. They will save up space while also looking stylish. If you decide to buy these but do not have a place to store your belongings before shelves arrive, using moving containers in Columbus Ohio is very convenient. Another tip for the kitchen is to hang your utensils on the wall, or you can put them in one specific bowl.

Using feng shui techniques 

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese technique used for organizing your living space. You can use feng shui for organizing your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and even the hallway of your house. Feng shui indicates that your bedroom and living room are most important since you spend most of the time there. For bedrooms, it’s best if your bed does not face your doors directly. A bed can be next to the windows, and other furniture should not be next to the bed but on the foothill. Another tip is not having a big mirror in your bedroom. What you can do is buy a big mirror sticker and put it on your wardrobe doors. That will save you a lot of space. 

A mirror that helps with Reorganizing a small home after moving
Instead of having a wall mirror, you can buy mirror stickers and put them on your wardrobe doors.

Reorganizing a small home after moving with ease

To sum it up, reorganizing a small home after moving can be a challenge. However, this should not frighten you. If you repaint your walls in bright colors, your home will look larger. If you use containers and cubbies, buy floating shelves, and buy couches/beds with storage underneath, you will save up so much space. These small things can make a significant change in your reorganizing process.

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