Moving to Hilliard as a student – tips and tricks

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There are 122 colleges in the 100 miles radius surrounding Hilliard. Located in Ohio with a population of 28,435, the nearest colleges are at a reasonable distance from Hilliard. The closest college is the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, and it’s just some 9.6 miles from Hilliard center. If you are considering moving to Hilliard as a student, this area is inclusive of nearby two and four year schools, both public and private. If you are looking for more affordable options for moving to Hilliard as a student, but are not ready for a full four-year program, you can look into some of the local community colleges near Hilliard.

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List of some of the most important colleges you could enroll in after moving to Hilliard as a student:

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1. American Institute of Alternative Medicine

  • Columbus, Ohio • Private 2 Year
  • Students: 395
  • Tuition:$14,338
  • 10 miles from Hilliard

2. Mount Carmel College of Nursing

  • Columbus, Ohio • Private 4 Year
  • Students: 1,069
  • Tuition:$13,442
  • 9 miles from Hilliard

3. Ohio State University

  • Columbus, Ohio • Public 4 Year
  • Students: 59,837
  • Tuition:$10,592
  • 8 miles from Hilliard

4. Columbus College of Art and Design

  • Columbus, Ohio • Private 4 Year
  • Students: 1,075
  • Tuition:$34,440
  • 10 miles from Hilliard

5. Moving to Hilliard as a student for the Columbus State Community College

  • Columbus, Ohio • Public 2 Year
  • Students: 27,204
  • Tuition:$3,808
  • 10 miles from Hilliard

6. Miami Jacobs Career College Columbus

  • Columbus, Ohio • Private 2 Year
  • Students: 48
  • Tuition:$11,140
  • 10 miles from Hilliard

7. Ohio Business College Columbus

  • Columbus, Ohio • Private 2 Year
  • Students: 55
  • Tuition:$9,025
  • 10 miles from Hilliard

8. National College Columbus

  • Columbus, Ohio • Private 2 Year
  • Students: 6
  • Tuition:$14,886
  • 11 miles from Hilliard

9. Ohio Dominican University

  • Columbus, Ohio • Private 4 Year
  • Students: 1,714
  • Tuition:$31,080
  • 11 miles from Hilliard

10. Fortis College Columbus

  • Westerville, Ohio • Private 2 Year
  • Students: 774
  • Tuition:$14,994
  • 14 miles from Hilliard
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Why not approach moving to Hilliard as a student like a pro?

It’s always good when you plan ahead for your upcoming relocation. That way you’ll see how many different decisions you have to make. It’s a very good way to ensure you don’t forget anything. Lucky for you, our skilled movers Hilliard Ohio and storage Hilliard Ohio staff will make sure this entire process goes smoothly. When you call us, our personnel and experienced moving crew will do everything to organize quality and affordable storage containers for your unique relocation needs. Also, you won’t be lacking in helpful tips! And in order to be very practical, you should hire professional movers to do the hard work for you. We will give you a full list of arguments why hiring our professionally trained team makes perfect sense:

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One of the most surprising aspects of any relocation is how time-consuming it is. Bottom line is, you’ll have to pack up your entire life. All the while having a limited time frame. To ensure you can complete all the steps of your move on time and mishap-free, you need to separate as much time as possible from your busy schedule. So, why not let professionals who know the ins and outs of the moving business handle the logistics? Which in return will make sure you have a successful experience while moving to Hilliard as a student. Leave this tedious, time-consuming project to Zippy Shell Columbus so you can focus on more important matters.

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Whether you need to remove a large piece of furniture or a really heavy one, the fact of the matter is, moving such objects requires a lot of heavy lifting. If you’re not physically prepared in order to do it without anything bad happening, you are putting yourself at a higher risk for accidents. You could get a serious back (or other) injury. Doing things superficially could possibly result in consequences that could last a lifetime. Let Zippy Shell Great Columbus do the heavy lifting while you’re moving to Hilliard as student. Our crew is trained so that we are able to save your back, literally and figuratively! Our movers come equipped with all the skills and materials necessary to perform successful relocations.

Storage facility you might need when Moving to Hilliard as a student - tips and tricks
We will relocate all your belongings from your old home, pack them and prepare them for climate-controlled storage units if that’s what you need.

Take our advice and have a smooth moving to Hilliard as a student experience!

Without the assistance of Zippy Shell Columbus movers, even the smallest of moving projects will result being complex, tiring and challenging. We understand what challenges moving and storage can throw at families and individuals during such times. Moving to Hilliard as a student can be extremely overwhelming, and at times, even expensive. However, we at Zippy Shell Columbus, always try to offer competitive prices to our clients. Contact us and see for yourself why our services have been rated as one of the most effective in the Ohio state. We also know that each relocation requires a different set of tools, so if you hire us you will be pleased to have a personalized moving to Hilliard as student experience with one of the best moving companies in Ohio!

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