Moving from Grove City to Pickerington: what to expect

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You have decided on moving from Grove City to Pickerington but you do not know enough about the place. You are still in the relocation process but you just do not have enough time to research all those neighborhoods thoroughly. While searching for a moving and storage company Columbus Ohio, preparing boxes for moving, sorting out legalities, and much more, one can barely breathe, let alone sit down and browse about history, culture, demographics, politics, etc. Therefore, we will do this for you and provide basic info about Pickerington and what to expect when you move there. Right from the start, we can say, you can expect only good things. Let’s check it out!

Prepare for the relocation first

The first step when moving from Grove City to Pickerington is to find a reliable moving company that will assist you. One that will relocate you safely and provide valuable guidance. You can find them on the internet if you compare prices, reviews, and services. Make sure your movers are licensed and they must have all the tools required for the job. But to cut your search short we will recommend Zippy Shell Columbus as one of the best moving choices in the area. If you haven’t found movers yet, give them a call.

two guys carrying boxes
Prepare your relocation plan and find reliable movers to help you out.

But before you give them a call, you must cover a few mandatory steps. You should inspect your home and your furniture to realize if the environment is safe to work in. Also, you will know if there are any robust pieces that need disassembling and such. And in the process, you will realize the requirement of the packing supplies and the approximate budget you must prepare. Once you have the basic details, call your movers to communicate about the services you should purchase. Some of them might make your relocation safer, cheaper, and much easier. Maybe you should utilize a packing service or rent one of the storage units Pickerington Ohio in case you have more items than your new apartment can handle. Just finalize the moving plan with your moving representative and get this show on the road.

Pickerington is a family-friendly place

Before moving from Grove City to Pickerington, the first thing you should know is that it is a family-friendly place. It is a suburb in Fairfield County with a strong community and a jolly spirit. You will feel welcomed and greeted by locals as soon as you arrive. This might be annoying for some of you introverts but we are sure it will make you smile eventually. And as such, it is a bit slower-paced, quitter, and sometimes even boring. But again, this kind of environment is perfect for raising children. The environment is covered in green areas, playgrounds, parks, lakes, hiking trails, and much more. Nature is astonishing and you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Moreover, grown-ups will appreciate all the finest restaurants, coffee places, shopping malls, and boutiques available. And if you ever get bored shopping at the same stores, Columbus is just 30 minutes away. Also, most of the residents work in Columbus so you’ll probably drive half an hour back and forth each day.

Cost of living you should be aware of when moving from Grove City to Pickerington

To be honest, Pickerington is exactly in the middle of everything. Housing is just above the national average with around $300k more or less. Healthcare, groceries, and other utilities are just below the national average as well. So, we can’t say Pickerington is expensive or cheap. Even though most of the residents are homeowners, this does not tell us that the neighborhoods are populated with high-income families or low-income ones. This place is exactly in the middle. But, as we all know, most of the residents live in Pickerington and commute to work in Columbus for a higher paycheck. This brings higher overall income and makes the whole picture more appealing regardless of the median average statistics.

a person preparing a budget for moving from Grove City to Pickerington
The cost of living is exactly in the middle. Just prepare your budget adequately and you shouldn’t have any problems.

You will never get bored in Pickerington

Yes, we already mentioned that Pickerington is a family-friendly place. Although, the average age of citizens is around 35 which makes this city a young one as well. With such a young population there have to be many activities going on. Aside from the fact that you have Columbus, the biggest city in the country just around the corner. But that is another story. Anyway, there are local events, a few festivals, live gigs, and community events.

We strongly advise checking Pickerington Violet Festival as one of the most beautiful things going on in this place. Gather with locals and celebrate history, tradition, wildflowers, and let your children go wild in the amusement park. You will also enjoy all the food and beverage at the festival you can get. Lastly, there are vendors with merchandise, ornaments, arts, and crafts. An event of the year and you should miss out on it.

Will you prosper in Pickerington?

Even though it is a small city, Pickerington excels in the education and the school system. Several of the best schools in entire Ohio are located here and we will name only a few. Check out the following:

  • Fairfield Elementary School.
  • Violet Elementary School.
  • Toll Gate Middle School.
  • Sycamore Creek Elementary School
  • Pickerington High School Central
three students talking
Pickerington has excellent schools and educational systems. Your kid’s future is secured.

There are more and you will have to do some research yourself depending on what you are looking for. But know this. Pickerington’s local school district is number one in Ohio for student-athletes. So, as far as it goes for education, your child is set on the right path. As for your career, there are plenty of job opportunities all over the place, but most of them are in Columbus. Local jobs are snatched quickly and competition is big. So we suggest you follow the market until you find something legit. Work in Columbus for the time being.

You are ready! It is time for moving from Grove City to Pickerington

It is time to wrap up your relocation plans and start moving toward Pickerington. You should pack and wait for your movers to arrive. But before they do, cover the final checkup. Make sure the environment is safe and everything is nicely packed and secured. You do not want any moving mishaps or injuries along the way. Ensure your documents and your moving contract are in place as well and that you have enough pocket money, just in case.

Now you are ready for moving from Grove City to Pickerington. As you can see, it is a wonderful place and you will love it there. Hopefully, we helped enough for you to adapt and settle in easily. But we are sure that locals will help you adapt quickly. And your movers will ensure you have a smooth transition. Hopefully, you have purchased storage units Grove City Ohio or packing services as we mentioned earlier to make your relocation easier. Good luck, stay safe, and have a ton of fun in Pickerington!

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