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Lucky you! Your company provided a relocation package in New Albany. This will make it 10 times easier for you and your family to move. Relocating your life to a new location because of work can be pretty stressful, especially if such a change wasn’t anticipated. It is exciting, though, but it is challenging at the same time. But, it is in everyone’s interest to relocate you quickly and smoothly. You might have some questions about the package and what it covers. As one of the leading moving and storage Columbus Ohio providers, we’ve decided to share how you can negotiate a relocation package in New Albany! There could be certain instances where negotiation isn’t possible, but most of the time it can be done.

A woman shaking the hand of a man after a negotiation
Let’s make the negotiation process quick and easy!

What is a relocation package?

A lot of companies tend to use relocation packages. When the company is moving its location to a new city, usually they provide relocation packages for employees. But, this is completely up to the company. If you’re relocating somewhere and your company didn’t offer any kind of package, you should as them about it. You will lose nothing and you might just make them change their minds.

A relocation package is basically a perk. But, it benefits the company by offering these to employees the most. Then people interested in joining the company know that this firm cares about its employees. And due to so many businesses who just look for the cheapest route, companies that care about employees are highly valued. But, let’s move on to how to negotiate a relocation package in New Albany!

Negotiate a relocation package in New Albany as a Lump sum

A lump sum is the total sum of money that will go towards your relocation. This means that your company can give you the money they set aside for your relocation upfront. But, once this sum of money is spent, that’s it. The amount you get is negotiated before the moving process. We recommend that you get acquainted with the moving process before the negotiations. We advise you to search through the moving costs.

You should start by determining what it is you need during your relocation. More precisely which services you will need. You might absolutely need long-term storage after the move. You may consider hiring packing services if the relocation is just in a few weeks. Try to be assertive when asking for what you need, but remember to stay polite. Since your company is offering a relocation package in New Albany, they will surely be open for negotiation.


Sometimes, instead of giving you a lump sum upfront, your company could put a cap on a reimbursement amount. What this means is that you will submit the receipts after your moving process. But you will still have a maximum amount the company will cover. So, if you go over the cap of the reimbursement, you will have to pay out of pocket. There are a few different ways you can receive a relocation package, but these are the most used ones.

A briefcase of money
If you get money for the move, be sure to use it wisely! Everything else you will pay out of pocket.

What does a relocation package cover and what is not included?

Relocation packages can vary drastically. But we’d like to point out some of the things they usually include and don’t include.

  • A trip to the new location – Usually this trip includes meeting with a real estate agent. Basically, after this trip, you should know where exactly you are moving to. So, choose a new home wisely!
  • Help to employ your spouse and schools for the little ones – Usually, packages include this kind of help. Since you are uprooting your entire life, it is expected that you will get some assistance putting it all together.
  • Travel expenses before the move – If you need to visit your new job location before officially moving, your company will cover it.
  • Moving costs – These costs cover each part of the move, and sometimes even the shipping of your vehicles.
  • Housing allowance – The housing you found might not be the ideal choice for you. Usually, you can cover 3 months of living costs with this allowance.

And what are the services usually not included?

  • Storage – This is one of the things you might need to negotiate. Storage can be absolutely necessary for some relocations. If your employer won’t cover it, you will have to, unfortunately.
  • Furniture allowance – Basically, very rarely will relocation packages cover the cost of new furniture. You can ask for this if it’s completely necessary, for example, if you’re downsizing.
  • Disturbance fee – This fee covers your partner’s potential unemployment or the cost of new medical insurance.

So, how do you negotiate a relocation package in New Albany?

What you need to keep in mind is that negotiating a better deal for yourself actually benefits everyone concerned. If everything is handled in time, you can start working more quickly than may be anticipated. And we are sure your boss would appreciate that.

Do some research before you negotiate a relocation package in New Albany

If the package you got doesn’t include storage units New Albany Ohio, or packing services, you need to find out how much these services cost. Then, you can ask for a better package and bring all the information to your boss. Unless these costs add up to thousands of dollars, your employer is sure to cover them.

A pen and notebook
Write down all of the benefits of your wishes and present them to your boss.

Prepare a written relocation agreement

You can simply print out the e-mail you got from your chosen long-distance movers. This print will show your employer exactly what the company is paying for. And this way they are more likely to accept your proposal!

Check out the taxes and cost of living in your new city

This is a very important step when you negotiate a relocation package in New Albany. You need to make sure that your salary matches the living standard of the place you’re moving to. It’s very important to discuss a raise before moving and before signing any kind of contract. Don’t be afraid, stand your ground, and ask for what you and your family need.

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