Important storage rental advice for Blacklick newcomers

Storage PreparationOctober 16, 2021

When moving to Blacklick, Ohio, you may need a storage unit. Luckily, the friendly storage team of the Zippy Shell Columbus can help you. Their storage rental advice for Blacklick newcomers is valuable. Such advice will show you what to pay attention to. And this is even more important if you are renting for the first time. Storage units may have various purposes. And, they are also coming in various sizes. Zippy Shell’s storage units Blacklick can meet all your needs. They can offer you a wide range of storage solutions.

Storage facility with light grey walls and numbered, dark grey doors, where someone can give a storage rental advice for Blacklick newcomers.
It is good to give storage rental advice for Blacklick newcomers.

Storage rental advice for Blacklick newcomers

Which storage you are going to rent? This will depend on your needs. You can use it when you need some extra space in your home. Or you need more space than you have in the dorm room. Also, your office may lack space. So, you can keep some business documentation in storage. They also come in handy when you are decluttering. Also, it depends on the number of your possessions. The more things you have, the bigger unit you will need.

Various types of storage units for newcomers to choose from?

Self-storage units are providing additional space. This is true for individuals and for businesses. They are usually rented monthly. There are two types of storage units. The first is self-storage, and the second is full-service storage. The main difference between them is accessibility. When using full-service storage, you have limited access to your possessions. Using the self-storage units is giving you much more control. The storage units Blacklick Ohio are offering storage units for various purposes. Moreover, in storage units in Blacklick Ohio, your belongings are safe.

Renting solutions of storage units Blacklick Ohio

Zippy Shell’s storage units in Blacklick can provide you with:

  • Short-term renting solutions – when you need storage for a limited time.
  • Long-term renting solutions – when you are moving often or need some additional space.

How to find cheap storage in Blacklick Ohio, as a newcomer?

There are many storage companies in Blacklick Ohio. Maybe your idea is to find cheap storage and save money. So, here is our storage rental advice. First, when looking for cheap storage units Columbus Ohio, get estimates from few companies. After that, check these companies. And finally, ask to see the storage unit. Check its conditions. Pay special attention to temperature, moisture, etc. Also, ask them about the storage security system. However, our rental advice for Blacklick newcomers is to purchase additional insurance. Your possessions can easily get spoiled in there.

Self-storage unit with half open orange door and grey walls.
Inside self-storage.

Additional storage rental advice for Blacklick newcomers

It may look like too much work for you. And newcomers tend to think that all storages are same. But that is far from true. If you miss making the inspection, you for sure regret it very soon. So, when checking the storage facility, pay attention to:

  • Security – with proper security your things are safer
  • Cleanliness – leaving your possessions in dirty storage is not so wise
  • Customer Service – by the rule, good storages have more polite operators
  • Location – when you use storage as a home extension, make an agreement with storage rental Columbus Ohio to keep it next to your house
  • Price – the lower the price, the fewer amenities you can get
  • Drive-up access – for storage opening from outside
  • Indoor access – at your wish

When newcomers are looking for storage rental, they should know what can’t be stored

This is yet another important piece of storage rental advice for Blacklick newcomers. There are some items that are not allowed in storage units. Such are:

  • Flammable or combustible items
  • Toxic materials
  • Non-operating, unregistered, and uninsured vehicles
  • Stolen goods and illegal drugs
  • Weapons, ammunition, and bombs
  • Perishables
  • Live plants
  • Wet items
  • Animals

So, before renting a storage unit, always ask for a list of guidelines on prohibited items. In general, all storage facilities are having similar lists, regardless of who you’re renting from.

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