How to use color coding to organize storage

Storage PreparationNovember 30, 2021

Packing up your belongings into cardboard boxes when you want them moved to a storage unit won’t be enough. Unless you don’t have a problem with losing time digging through your things each time you want to retrieve something from the storage in the future. If you do, you’d want to use color coding to organize storage and your belongings. If you’re relocating to another city or just a different home, let Moving and Storage Columbus Ohio take care of the hardest parts, while you develop a color coding system that will keep your storage organized and save you energy and time when you try to find something in the future.

Why should you use color coding to organize storage?

We understand that you might not be prepared to spend your time picking out colors and labels. It might seem unnecessary. But trust us when we tell you – you’ll thank us later. After you’ve rented one of the best storage facilities Columbus Ohio, it’s time to think about how to organize your storage space in the best way possible. And here are the reasons why color coding is a good time investment.

Stickers in different colors
Use color coding to organize storage and save your time and nerves in the future

You’ll identify your items quickly

Organizing your belongings with a color coding system will provide you with an instant visual clue of where to look for an item that you need. This will save you a lot of time and nerves every time you’re looking for a box or a tool you might need in the future.

Different types of items will be kept separate if you use color coding to organize storage

Color coding will allow you to keep your different items separate, and similar items nearby without the fear of a mix-up. For example, you might be a student and you and your roommate have decided to look for dorm room storage solutions. Students often do this since they don’t want to move all their stuff across the country, their dorm room is too small, or they just want to keep their stuff safe during spring break. In this case, organizing your storage with a color coding system will allow you and your roommate to avoid taking each other’s stuff by accident.

You can design different zones within a storage unit

Maybe you’ve rented a storage unit to keep all the valuable tools you need for your business. In that case, you’ll be using them every time they’re needed for a job. Creating color code zones within your storage will make it easy to find a tool or a piece of equipment. You’ll be able to organize the tools you use for a specific job close to each other. In addition, studies in color psychology showed that seeing different colors triggers certain responses in the brain. It means that implementing a good color coding system within your business will not only keep you organized but can also affect your mood.

How to use color coding to organize storage

Color coding is easy and can be done in different ways, whichever fits you best. Perhaps you can assign one color to a group of boxes to indicate the type of items stored in them. Whichever method you choose, always start by creating a list of your storage items. This way you’ll have the list of your inventory, and you can use it to think of the best color coding system while going through the list. You can turn the same list into a color-code reference chart which you can share with someone else who might also use the storage. Or in case you forgot which color you had assigned to a certain group of boxes.

Use color coding to organize storage space and to always know where to find needed items
Start color coding when you pack so that you always know which box contains the items you need

Assign a different meaning to each color

The easiest way to always remember where is what is by assigning a meaning to each color you use. For example, you might be moving your whole family to New Albany, Ohio. You’ve rented one or two storage units New Albany Ohio depending on the size of your family, your business, and how much storage space you need. At this point, it would be easiest to assign one color to one person. Each member of your family can pick a color they like and mark all their belongings with that color. When put in storage, every person will have their items stored nearby and easy to find. If needed, you can assign another color, or a different set of colors, for your business items.

Color coding can take some time so gather help

If possible, don’t do all this work on your own. Ask friends and family members to help you so the whole process is quicker and easier. Split tasks among the team, and let everyone place color labels on their belongings. This way they won’t forget where their stuff is. It might take some time, but we promise you’ll remember when you decided to use color coding to organize storage space. Because it will be the best and most time-saving decision you’ve ever made.

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