How to treat your movers during the pandemic

Hiring MoversDecember 28, 2020

Moving is a stressful endeavor in itself. Unfortunately, moving in 2020 is even more complex and complicated because of the pandemic. Not only do you have to take care of the moving tasks, but now you also have to pay extra attention to making sure you and the people around you are sticking to Coronavirus measures. Sadly, it seems like we’re going to have to deal with Corona for a while. So it’s natural that anyone who’s planned a move in the near future is having some anxiety regarding the said move.

There is a way

Fortunately, hiring some of the most responsible movers Columbus has to offer is one of the best ways to ensure staying healthy which in return can alleviate some of that anxiety. However, in order to keep everyone healthy end content, all parties have to act in concordance with the rules and regulations. In this case, that’s both you and your movers. There are certain ways you should treat your movers during the pandemic in order to make sure both you and them stay healthy even after the move, but also have as much of a pleasant experience as possible during the move as well.

A woman wearing a mask.A woman wearing a mask.
Moving during a pandemic can be very stressful. Not only do you have to manage moving tasks, but you also have to make sure you’re following the pandemic rules!

Treat your movers during the pandemic the same way you’d want others to treat your loved ones

One important thing to mention before going into Corona specific measures is that your movers are people too! That means that no matter how stressed you are you should still be polite. A lot of people find it hard to handle stress on moving day. As a result of that, these people tend to get easily irritated and snappy. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that your movers are probably just as scared as you are. They might have an elderly father or an immune-compromised child. So before acting in a stress-induced way towards your movers for any reason, try to remember that they are, after all, people too. Acting kindly can make everyone feel more comfortable and maybe even reduce stress levels altogether!

Create optimal work conditions

In your home, you’re the boss. Most of what you say or do will fly. That means that it’s on you to create optimal work conditions in order for everyone to feel comfortable. Help your movers on a moving day is nice but not necessary, however, making sure they have everything they need to do their work is mandatory. Unfortunately, during a pandemic what you should provide and how you should treat your movers differs from moving regularly. There are much less polite offerings of coffee and treats, and a lot more hand sanitizers and paper towels. But how exactly should you treat your movers during the pandemic?

Keep the windows open

Opening windows is double the good. First of all, even though wearing masks doesn’t constrict breathing, breathing in a mask is significantly easier if there’s enough fresh air around. And secondly, a constant airflow will ensure the air in the house is clean so no viruses can linger. However, freezing is also not good. Try keeping the temperature cozy while also keeping the air moving. This will significantly help your movers work efficiently.

Provide the necessary sanitizing products

Sanitizing everything during a move while the pandemic is active is advisable. However, cleaning hands regularly is probably the most important, especially before touching your face or others. That means that you should always offer your movers at least one way of sanitizing or cleaning hands. Warm water and soap are a preferred method, however, if there’s no water hand sanitizer is the second best. It’s also better to use paper towels for drying off hands than having everyone use a single hand towel.

Hands holding hand sanitizers.
Always make sure to provide an efficient way of sanitizing hands to your movers!

Keep out of the way

If you’re not actively helping, try keeping out of the way. Not only because you might slow down the process of whatever is currently happening, but also because keeping a distance is crucial during these times. Unfortunately, keeping a distance is not always possible during a move. However, if you’re not doing anything useful try staying out of the way and letting your movers work. You’ll be able to see exactly what they’re doing even from a few meters away. Still, even without a pandemic, bumping into one another while packing or carrying boxes is no fun.

Treat your movers during the pandemic right by making sure to follow the rules yourself

The best way to show respect to your movers is to adhere to the rules yourself. That means wearing a mask at all times, keeping a safe distance when possible, and sanitizing before touching anyone. Sticking to the measures not only protects us but people around us too. Seeing you act responsibly will make your movers feel more comfortable in your presence and significantly less worried about their own health.

Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns

Unfortunately, not all movers will adhere to Covid rules and regulations. If a particular worker is not behaving properly you’re well within your rights to voice your concerns. A worker not wearing a mask? Tell them that it makes you feel uncomfortable. A worker not keeping a distance? Ask them politely to back off a little. You have the right to feel comfortable throughout the whole moving process and if your movers are standing in the way of that you’re entitled to say something. However, always be polite. Honest mistakes happen.

A woman screaming due to being way to anxious about bringing up her safety concerns.
Always bring up your safety concerns!

Treat your movers during the pandemic kindly in order for everyone to have as good of a time as possible

Since the outbreak, many services in various fields have moved online. That means that the moving quotes Columbus Ohio companies offer can be attained online, house showings can be done over social media, and even grocery shopping is regularly done over the internet nowadays. Sadly, physically moving from one place to another can’t be done remotely. Because of that all of us have to be extra careful during these unfortunate times. During a move that means providing optimal conditions for work and making sure everyone is sticking to prescribed measures religiously. However, when stress rises try to keep it at bay and treat your movers during the pandemic kindly.

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