How to store old furniture after Lewis Center relocation

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Whether you are making big changes before or after the move, it is time to get rid of some furniture. No, we do not mean it is time to throw it all out. That one is up to you. We meant it is time to rearrange, renovate, and redecorate in a way where some old furniture should be stored inside a storage unit to free up enough space for other things. Therefore, it is time to find one of the storage units Lewis Center Ohio and learn how to store old furniture after Lewis Center relocation. It is not so hard, let’s take a look together.

Inspect the whole batch to realize how to store old furniture after Lewis Center relocation

The number and the size of your furniture will have a great impact on how to store antique furniture after moving to Lewis Center. If you want to utilize any Columbus moving services, you must take mandatory measurements and prepare the whole batch for moving. Your moving company must know if they are able to take your furniture out of the home, load it into the moving truck, and move it to your unit. Hence, check how many pieces you have, in what condition they are in, and if something should be removed or refurbished before storing. Take all measurements and note everything down on your inventory list. Finally, when you have all the numbers, call your movers and communicate further.

example of how to store old furniture after Lewis Center relocation
Inspect your older pieces. Some of it might be unique and valuable.

Find a proper storage unit

You will quickly realize how to store old furniture after moving to Lewis Center as soon as you choose the size of the unit. And of course, now when you know the size of your furniture. And guided by your personal needs and requirements, you will choose one of the following sizes:

  • Small – Can fit several boxes and a few pieces of furniture.
  • Medium – Suitable for quite a few boxes, furniture, and even a vehicle.
  • Large – You can store the entire family home in large storage facilities.

Now, you must check with your storage units Columbus Ohio 43204 provider everything regarding the price, service, terms of service, etc. Obtain all info necessary before you start making any plans.

Who will transport your items?

You probably know this already but we must mention it. The best way to transport your furniture to your storage unit is to hire one of the moving and storage Columbus Ohio companies. You are moving your home anyway and you can just stop by and leave your items at the storage unit first. Or have two deliveries. However, you like better. Moreover, you can rent the unit from your movers. Purchase all the packing materials, let them assist you with packing, have them relocate you, and unpack you. Full service moving. Think about it.

Mover will show you how to store old furniture after Lewis Center relocation
Let the moving company assist you with transport and advice on how to store old furniture after Lewis Center relocation

Store old furniture after moving to Lewis Center relocation and avoid cluttering it?

Before you take your furniture out, you must figure out what needs to be repaired and what is good to go. You are surely emotionally attached to some of it, while you hoard other pieces unnecessarily. On the other hand, some of it might be antique and valuable. Therefore, you should declutter before moving and figure out what is the current situation. Create a list of what will go and what will stay.  For the one you will keep, you should clean them properly, and wrap them in cellophane, bubble wrap, or simply cover with a sheet or tarp to protect them against the environment. And we highly recommend you choose the climate-controlled storage facility. It will solve all your problems in advance. For the items you are throwing out, you can donate them, sell them online, give them to friends, recycle them, or throw them away. Your choice entirely.

And now you know how to store old furniture after Lewis Center relocation. As you can see it is a fairly easy process. But if you have antique and extremely valuable pieces, you might want to consult an artwork dealer before you attempt anything. They will advise you on how to clean and move it. Good luck.


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