How to stay safe on campus

How toDecember 24, 2020

With the development of technology, which has undoubtedly affected people’s daily lives, the entire system of protection of the space in which we live is changing. Of course, security is one of the basic requirements that a modern campus should meet. From finding secure dorm room storage solutions to protecting your valuables and your health, you should learn how to stay safe on campus. Read on to find out which solutions are the best if you want to protect your items.

What does it mean to stay safe on campus?

There is a wide range of threats to students’ security on campus.

couple stay safe on campus
You should learn how to stay safe on campus to find out which solutions are the best if you want to protect your items.

For example, they can be classified into several dimensions:

  • Economic security. Ways to make money, poor working conditions for students, inequality income, underdeveloped social security networks, and even homelessness.
  • Food safety. Problems related to the physical and economic approach to health and proper food during student days.
  • Health safety. Infectious and parasitic diseases, STD’s and other viruses, diseases caused by polluted air or water. As well as inadequate access to health services.
  • Environmental safety. Degradation of local and global ecosystems, water scarcity, floods and other natural disasters, irrational deforestation, pollution of water, air, and land.
  • Personal security. Physical violence that can be committed by the state and criminal organizations, campus violence, abuse at college as well as traffic accidents.
  • Community security. Ethnic tensions and violent conflicts.
  • Political security. State repression and endangerment of human rights.

Today, however, we’ll talk more about topics related to the student moving and how to stay safe during your time on campus.

Security locks and intercoms

You may found the best solution for moving and storage Columbus Ohio – but what about your security once you move? Today, the installation of intercoms on campus has become routine and it is difficult to imagine a modern facility without this protection system. The intercom gives you the possibility of protection from unwanted guests. In the meantime, the tenants have the right to access it and only they can let a certain guest into the building by simply pressing a button when the door opens.

In addition, you can additionally ask to secure your door with smart locks. Those are some of the most modern protection systems. With the help of the application, the tenant can check if the door is locked, and it can also be programmed in a certain period of time. Some of them have the option of virtual keys for guests that give them the opportunity to access the campus.

Wireless camcorders and biometric technology

When moving from long-distance you may be additionally concerned about your safety. Cameras that connect to smartphones via WiFi are great for campus and other facilities that do not require permanent protection. They do not need cables, only a router, and can be accessed using a phone or tablet. In this way, your room is secured and safe at all times.

Cameras that connect to smartphones via WiFi are great for the campus.

Earlier, we could only see retinal scanning technology in movies, but today that also exists thanks to biometric technology. This not only scans the eyes but also the fingerprints and voices. This is the best choice for securing a room, but due to the high price and additional documents, such systems are rarely on campus.

Motion detectors are now available to everyone

Motion detectors detect motion based on sound waves in a specific area they cover. That way, the alarm would go on even when it detects anything noisy, such as a dishwasher, which was not a reliable solution. In this way, relying on infrared waves instead of sound waves has led to significant improvements. Motion detectors sense the presence of body heat and automatically inform the owner about it, while they emit bright light aimed at their unwanted guests.

Hidden safe

Safes are a great way to keep all valuables from burglars. If unwanted guests visit your room, they will spend too much time looking for money and jewelry in all other places except this one. The only drawback of this innovation is that you have to go to your safe and cannot keep it in your room. Also, you can only put a few things there.

Fire protection

Small but useful devices are certainly smoke sensors. They are activated if they detect smoke and thus protect against a possible fire. Currently, these sensors are activated by a small amount of smoke. In this way, be careful if you intentionally cause smoke, because you will set off an alarm.

You don’t have to think about campus safety every day.

In addition to sensors, fire extinguishers that have saved many lives are mandatory in every campus building. They are now upgraded and with their special design can easily fit in every room. With a modern look and colorful colors, they have become sympathetic to many students, who choose them based on personal taste.

You don’t have to think about campus safety every day

In the end, don’t worry, you don’t have to think about campus safety every day. There are still a lot of ways to enjoy your college days. Of course, in addition to modern and advanced protection systems, you will not have to worry about whether your room is safe from any vandal attacks or fires. In many cases, new technology now gives you the ability to monitor your room at any time via smart devices wherever you are. If you have additional concerns about your safety, you can always talk to campus management. They’ll surely find the best solution for your needs.

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