How to safely pack and unpack porcelain when moving

After the moveSeptember 24, 2022

Porcelain ornaments used to be a complete hit, and almost every house was decorated with these items. If you also have them in your home, we are sure that you will want to move them with you. Especially if you inherited them from your grandmother or mother. We believe that they are dear to you and have great sentimental value for you. So, if you have decided to move your porcelain items with you, in that case, know that this will not be an easy task at all. In situations where it’s a matter of packing sensitive things, people usually opt for the help of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio. But if you don’t have a lot of stuff, you can do it by yourself. Now, we will show you how to safely pack and unpack porcelain when moving. Take a look!

The first step and most important step is to prepare your porcelain items for moving

As with packing other items, preparation is a key part of any packing process. Also, preparing things for packing consists of two steps. Step one is sorting things, step two is cleaning. This is the rule when it comes to packing porcelain items safely, regardless of type and size. Porcelain items used to be a complete hit, and almost every home was decorated with porcelain figurines, dolls, ornaments, cups, plates, etc. Such items were the biggest hit in the early 1940s.

Packaged porcelain figure
When packing your porcelain items, try to get quality and durable packaging, so, that your items remain undamaged during transport

So, if you also have these items in your home, and you want to move them with you, then it’s time to get to work. Start by sorting your porcelain items first. Separate them into groups from largest to smallest. Also, it’s important to sort dishes, figurines, and other porcelain objects. This step will give you an easy insight into how many boxes and other packing supplies you need, as well as the size of the moving boxes. And also, it will be easier for you to decide if you really need all those things.

After you have sorted all your belongings, you can proceed to clean them. Porcelain items aren’t suitable for washing in the dishwasher, so exclude that option. It’s enough to wipe them with a damp cloth and remove the dust. Also, porcelain dishes must be clean. So, take care by hand washing. After you have prepared all your things, you can consider using packing services. Packing services can be very useful. So, think about it.

It’s important to safely pack and unpack porcelain when moving

In order for your porcelain items to remain in one piece and be safely transported to your new address, it’s very important that they are properly packed. Also, after the move, during the unpacking process, it’s necessary to pay a lot of attention. And what is most important, you mustn’t rush and be careful. Also, it’s important to know that even the slightest impact can damage your porcelain valuables. And repairing such things is almost impossible. Therefore, one of the most important things is to safely pack and unpack your porcelain items.

How to safely pack porcelain items for moving?

When we talk about safely packing your porcelain items, it’s important to point out that proper packing is the only guarantee that your items arrive at the new address in one piece, undamaged. In addition to the method of packaging, the main role in this process is played by the choice of packaging. That is why it’s very important to choose the appropriate, high-quality packaging. Now, let’s get to the packing process.

  • Start by filling the boxes with pieces of styrofoam, or soft cotton pads, to create a safe base for your belongings.
  • Wrap each porcelain item in bubble wrap, then tape. This will prevent scratches and other damage.
  • It’s imperative that you remove all removable parts. For example, with porcelain teapots, remove the lids and wrap them separately in bubble wrap and pack them.
  • Then, fill the empty space in the boxes, so that things can’t collide and move during transport.
Professional mover can safely pack and unpack porcelain when moving.
Professional movers are someone who knows best how to safely pack and unpack porcelain when moving

After packing your porcelain items, make sure the boxes are tightly closed. Also, it’s desirable to mark the boxes and write what is inside them. Also, be sure to stick the “Handle with care” and “Fragile” stickers. This is especially important if you plan to store your items in storage units after the move.

Get the right moving and packing supplies

We have said that the choice of packaging plays a major role when it comes to safe transport and proper packing. All professional movers will tell you that. Therefore, when you decide to pack your porcelain items, whether it’s for storage or moving, make sure you get adequate and durable packaging. What we can safely recommend is bins storage Columbus Ohio. These bins are made of strong and durable materials that will guarantee the safety of your belongings. Even when it comes to porcelain. When you have the proper packing supplies it is easy to safely pack and unpack porcelain when moving.

How to safely unpack porcelain after moving?

Unpacking is a process that awaits you after moving. Just when you think everything is over, that’s when the work actually begins. But if you want to delay the unpacking process a bit, consider renting temporary warehouse space. Also, when you get to the point where you need to unpack all your things, take care and be very careful. Porcelain items are delicate and unpacking them is another risk of damage.

woman safely unpacking porcelain items
After moving, porcelain items are still very sensitive, so make sure to unpack them carefully

So, don’t try to force open the boxes, but carefully open them with a folding knife. Then unpack in order if there are more things in the box. Carefully peel off the strips and unroll the protective film. After that, you can wipe the vases with a damp cloth and place them in a new place. Also, make sure to properly recycle all moving boxes. And finally, if you want your valuables to be undamaged, it’s important to safely pack and unpack porcelain when moving.


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