How to prepare a storage unit for spring cleaning

Storage PreparationJanuary 14, 2022

Most storage units owners are aware that at some point they must do a spring cleaning and clean their storage unit. Yes, storage facilities have a maintenance crew that will clean the environment but they will never enter the unit for safety reasons. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining the unit falls onto you. But cleaning storage units Westerville Ohio is not so hard as it sounds. All you need is a step-by-step plan. So, let us prepare a storage unit for spring cleaning and do it swiftly and thoroughly. After reading our guide, you’ll be able to cover this task within a day or two. Let’s go!

Prepare a storage unit for spring cleaning by getting your items out of the way

If you have one of the Columbus Ohio storage units climate controlled, then your items are stored in an impeccable way. But this does not mean you must shuffle through them and clean those shelves a bit. There is sure some dust and spider web that has found its way over time. But if you have a regular storage unit, the situation is probably even worse. Maybe not if you cleaned it regularly. Nevertheless, it is time to get your stuff out of the way and prepare a storage unit for spring cleaning. There are several ways to do this. You can cover each corner by moving stuff a few inches away and cleaning a designated corner before returning items to their previous spot. Or to empty that corner completely and give it a thorough cleaning.

a pile of items inside the storage unit
Get your items out of the way first and then start cleaning your unit.

Finally, you can empty your storage unit completely by removing your items from the unit and then giving it a spring bath. Although, even if this option is the best, people avoid it because it takes a lot of time and energy. But in the end, it is up to you to choose how you are going to shuffle your items around the place. And remember, all the areas you clean must dry out completely before you return your belongings to their previous place. Otherwise, you will create a moisturized and moldy environment.

Clean everything that was stored inside

Now, while moving those items around, you should clean them as well. Or you can clean them when you find them in a safe spot. Just make sure not to spread dust and dirt that was accumulated over time and make more mess. For those who have a lot of expensive items and many items in general, maybe it would be wise to get a storage rental Columbus Ohio, and park it in front of their original unit. Then you can get all your items out of the unit, clean them, store them in a rental unit for a moment, and once you clean your old one, place them back.

You can do it in a day and it will cost you less than $100 buck or so depending on the provider. Think about it before you prepare a storage unit for spring cleaning. It is a lucrative way to make the whole cleaning process as easy as it can be. But if you still want to do it in an old-school way, then sit down in your unit and clean all your boxes and items. Clean them one by one with the fiber cloth and chemicals until you cover them all.

Realize if there is space to add more or to remove something old

While shuffling through your items, realize if you can remove something or if there is space to add more. Maybe in the meantime, you have decided that you do not need a certain item and that gave you the opportunity to stash more. If you remove a couch that opens a space for at least 5 boxes full of random items. So, even if it takes a bit of time, it would be wise to declutter and downsize a bit. You surely have some items that you do not need anymore and now it is the perfect time to remove them.

declutter and prepare a storage unit for spring cleaning
Check your already stored items and figure out if something can be removed.

And again, if it is one of the huge pieces of furniture in question, that will open a lot of space for more items to be introduced into the unit. Hence, before you prepare a storage unit for spring cleaning, review what you have inside and make a brand new inventory list.

Transport the new batch of items to the unit

If you decide to bring more stuff in, you should find a moving company to help you transport those items to the unit. If you have a few boxes only, then you can do it with your personal vehicle. But if you are transporting furniture or something heavier, then you’ll need professional moving assistance. We recommend you check Zippy Shell Greater Columbus as the best and most affordable local choice. No matter how complex or easy your relocation is, they will provide the best moving service. Give them a call and realize your options. You will be most satisfied.

Clean your storage unit inside out

Now when you have your cleaning plan ready, you should obtain the cleaning products necessary. There is no need to use any heavy cleaning products that can endanger your health or ruin your belongings. You can easily clean anything you want with basic home cleaning products. All you need you can find at the nearest hardware store. Ensure you have a broom, a duster, and a fiber cloth. You’ll need a bucket where you’ll hold the water and another one to mix your chemicals. If you have a bigger unit and you intend to use a hoe and give it a bath, then you do that as well.

three people cleaning the facility
Remember, the maintenance crew will clean the facility but you must clean inside the unit.

Give your unit a new glare

One more thing, if you want to paint the walls, redecorate, renovate, or add shelving systems to your storage unit, now is the time to do it. Once you remove all your items from the storage, then you can easily do whatever you want without having any fear that you’ll damage any of your belongings. Therefore, create a plan and execute it quickly once your items are out of the unit. And remember, if you are using any paint, it may take several days to dry out. So, you must have a contingency plan for your items to be stashed and secured somewhere. Again, renting portable storage or another temporary unit within the same facility nearby is a good solution.

There we go, now you know how to prepare a storage unit for spring cleaning. When you look at it on paper, it is an easy process. But in fact, it is a hard and boring physical labor. We are sure you’ll manage somehow. We can only recommend you find someone to do it with. Or at least crank the radio up while doing it to keep you company. Good luck and stay safe.

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