How to plan a small business relocation to Blacklick

Moving SolutionsAugust 20, 2022

There are many reasons why a business would need to relocate. But, the moving itself can be pretty complicated. It’s usually difficult and time-consuming. Moving all of your office items from one location to the other can cause downtime which no one wants. Additionally, you’re in a situation where you could lose valuable customers or investors. So, small business relocation to Blacklick needs to be planned carefully. Luckily, we at Zippy Shell Greater Columbus have a good idea of how to help you out. Let’s take a look.

Share the reasons why you decided to relocate with your employees

When you start making your office relocation plan, the first thing you should do is list the reasons for the move. This makes it so you can take a look at your reasoning and make sure you’re not making a mistake. Additionally, it’s a good way to inform employees why this relocation is needed. Maybe you’re relocating to an office that has a much lower rent. This could mean that your valuable employees can get a little raise.

people working in the office organizing a small business relocation to Blacklick
Make sure you have valid reasons for small business relocation to Blacklick.

Why we stress writing things down is that many people can’t completely grasp the situation until it’s presented simply in a few sentences. It will make it much easier for you to truly determine if these reasons are worth the relocation. Some of the reasons to conduct a small business relocation to Blacklick could be:

  • Your lease is ending
  • More office space
  • The business needs lower costs (rent, taxes, etc.)
  • Downsizing or upscaling
  • Moving closer to the target market

And once you’ve determined if this move is right for your company, you can contact moving services Columbus Ohio and book your relocation. It’s best to contact movers as soon as possible to create the ideal moving plan. But, don’t worry if you need to make a last-minute relocation. Many reputable movers do last-minute relocations but be prepared to pay a higher price.

Choose the perfect location

Once you determine that a small business relocation to Blacklick is the next step for your company, it’s time to find the perfect new location. First off, your new office needs to have enough space to accommodate your business furniture, your workers, and potential clients. So, be sure to first determine the size you need. Next, think of accessibility. Is there parking near? Do you have a wheelchair entrance? Is there a public transport station near? You want to make your business easily accessible.

Due to the pandemic and other socioeconomic factors, you have more room for maneuvering the lease. Instead of the usual multiple-year lease, you could rent an office for just a few months. Also, you could run into some extremely expensive office spaces, as well as some on the cheaper side. You might even be interested in cheap storage units Columbus Ohio, but you have to be careful when choosing them. It’s important to take your time and really look around. Even if you decide on a location further from the city center, it could prove to be beneficial for the business. Always discuss with your landlord before settling on a lease!

An empty office
Try to look for an office space that reflects the kind of atmosphere you wish to create at work.

Set a budget and hire good moving services

Creating a moving budget will make sure you don’t spend money your company doesn’t have. The financial aspect of business relocation is the factor that will determine how successful the move is. This being said, you shouldn’t be stingy with the relocation budget. The truth is that moving is pretty expensive, so you need to set a realistic budget.

You can start by doing some accounting, or looking through your documents. See how much your business spends monthly without the relocation. Then, you should create an estimate of how much your business will spend in Blacklick, Ohio. Once you’ve arrived at this number, you now know what to expect. A good strategy would be to have enough money to cover at least 3 months of your business running in the new location.

Next, you need to calculate the cost of the move itself. You can contact various moving companies as well as check the prices of storage units Blacklick Ohio if you need them. Ask for moving quotes, and get a feel for the prices of this service. Now, all that’s left is to make the right choice when hiring movers. A good tactic would be to ask family and friends for recommendations. Otherwise, you can always check the reviews on the company’s website.

Update everyone who needs to know about your small business relocation to Blacklick

Obviously, your employees are the first concerned when it comes to updating everyone. They need to know about the move ideally the second you decide what’s best for your company. Make sure everyone knows, that everyone can move with the company, or if they can’t – you will need to make changes accordingly. You could even assemble a moving team. This team would be in charge of moving-related office projects, while others can focus on the work at hand.

Secondly, your customer base needs to know what is going on and how things will develop in the future. You can easily do this by posting on your social media, or by sending out a newsletter via e-mail. You might need to close your business for a day or two during the move, so be sure to highlight this information as well. Also, remember to include all of the relevant information. This includes the new address, new website, new social media, new e-mail, or anything you’re changing.

A stamp on an inkpad
Updating your stamp and e-mail signature is mandatory!

And the last thing you need to do is update your website and documents. Remember to change the address and all of the signatures and stamps. Also, remember any other online assets, like your Facebook page, or Google maps! Hopefully, your small business relocation to Blacklick will be a breeze! Good luck.


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