How to pack and move large area rugs

Packing GuideFebruary 21, 2020

Moving large and cumbersome, odd-shaped items is never an easy job. Especially if you try to move large area rugs by yourself. If you have to pack and move a huge carpet, there are a few things you should consider. The bigger the carpet is, the heavier it will be to carry, of course. Besides, packing such a large item can take some time, too. So consider hiring local movers Columbus Ohio for this project. But take a look at how you can secure your rugs for the move to make your moving day easier. Here are some tips for how you can also pack and move large area rugs from your home or office space like a pro.

First, clean your carpets

  • Since rugs normally take a lot of space on the floors, they can usually transfer a lot of grime around the house. During the relocation process, or before you start to pack and move large area rugs for self-storage Columbus Ohio, you should clean them first. It’s important to keep your home clean during the move, so you should avoid spreading any dirt in your new home if you can help it. Depending on your moving budget and your time, you can either wash carpets by yourself or ask professionals to do it.
  • In case you decide to clean the rugs by yourself, the best way to do this is to wash them in the open space like your backyard. If your rug is not too delicate, you can wash it with cold water and dry it in the sun. However, antique or Persian carpets should not be treated with a regular washing method. It would be best if you let professional cleaners take expert care of it.


Since large carpets take at least two people to carry, make sure to calculate the space you have around.

In order to move large area rugs, you should roll them up

One of the most complicated things about packing and moving a rug is its size and shape. In order to properly pack large area rugs, you should first roll them up. What this step will do is make the rug take as little space as possible in the moving truck. Just roll it as tightly as you can (use help if you need to) and make it look like a narrow tube. The thing is, the tighter your roll up your rug, the better the chances of it not opening up in the moving truck.

  • If you need to pack and move large area rugs from your office space, getting it ready for the move might be difficult. Maybe you should consider hiring our commercial movers to help you move large area rugs. Professional movers are trained, which is why they know the best way to pack and move large area rugs.
  • Because corporate premises have plenty of furniture pieces and electronic appliances, rolling the rug up might not be possible right away. Professional movers will quickly see the best way to move and pack large area rugs before loading them into the moving truck.


Carpet and vacuum
If your rug is not made out of delicate materials, you could wash it with cold water and dry it in the sun.

Get the packing supplies to properly move large area rugs

Packing rugs and carpets differ from packing the rest of the household (or office) items, predominantly because of the packing gear it will require. To prepare your rug for the move, you will need to make sure you have a few basic packing supplies like:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Duct tape
  • Plastic bags (for smaller rugs)

When picking packing supplies, you should make sure to get the ones that are really durable, especially waterproof, and finally, elastic. To pack and move large area rugs like a pro, you should secure the rolled-up item by taping it firmly. But remember that professional movers come equipped with high-quality gear and the best methods for packing rugs before loading them into the moving truck.

Measure and clear out your space

One of the most common obstacles when it comes to moving a large area rug is removing it from the room. Usually, this step requires careful planning, that way you can make your whole moving process much easier. This can prevent you from damaging the rug, or carrying the rug “tube” around and knocking down other possessions of yours. Just measure all the door frames and hallway width to make sure your rug will fit through. Also, this will take at least two people to do, so calculate that in as well as the space you have around.

One last tip before you book your movers

No matter which method you choose for this project, make sure to plan the process. And take one step at a time. What is the best way of moving a large carpet? Making sure it is taped tightly and wrapped properly for the move. When it comes to clearing out space around the rug, pack your entire house or office room-by-room. Take all the inventory out before you proceed to pack your large area rugs. Clearing out space bare will help you navigate more easily and save your belongings from falling over.

To pack and move large area rugs with ease, you will need to secure the rolled-up rug and tape it firmly.

Should you pack and move large area rugs by yourself?

Unlike smaller items such are floor sheets, for example, large area rugs are not easy to move without professional help. Whether you are moving your home or your company, you should consider hiring professional movers. They will help you prepare for the move accordingly. Even if you are moving on a budget, you can always rely on Zippy Shell Columbus to offer you a half-moving service. Or even a discount. By hiring a professional moving company to help you pack and move large area rugs, you can avoid so many hurdles. This be the best option for keeping your rugs in pristine condition. But you are also making sure you avoid a potential moving injury.

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