How to overcome challenges of a military relocation in Galloway

Moving SolutionsApril 11, 2022

There are many challenges of a military relocation in Galloway, as with any other location. Military personnel is always on the go and rarely at home. They are either shipped off on duty or need to go abroad to missions or conferences. Rarely are military families together. But, most military troops need to complete whatever relocation is envisioned due to their job. Basically, a soldier needs to work wherever he is told to work, so it’s best to just find ways to overcome all of the additional challenges associated with military relocation. This is the exact reason why we at Zippy Shell Greater Columbus have decided to share some tips on how to overcome these challenges.

About Galloway

Even though military relocations are always a surprise and quite stressful for all those it impacts, there are still a few things to look forward to. First off, the town you’re moving: Galloway! The town is a quiet simple place with lovely architecture. It is also pretty affordable! Galloway is a 20-minute drive away from Columbus, so you are always close to a bigger city.

A soldier and his wife holding hands

Additionally, Galloway is one of the safest places you can be in the USA. It has amazing elementary and high schools. If you’re moving to Galloway pretty last-minute as many military relocations go, you can always ask for help. Either from friends and family who will love to spend some extra time with you, or from one of the various packing services available.

What are the biggest two challenges of a military relocation in Galloway?

Obviously, soldiers moving due to work will not be able to see their family members and enjoy everyday familial activities. The distance from their loved ones, as well as not seeing them for a long time are the two most common challenges of a military relocation in Galloway. But both of these issues can be addressed. And not only that, but military personnel has a few options on how to overcome them.


Every soldier faces this challenge. Relocation is an every day thing in the lives of military personnel. There is rarely any choice the soldiers can make. Usually, they get the new location and a time-frame for moving, and the rest is up to them.

Many decide to rely on military movers across the globe to help them out during these times. We’d urge you to try and go down this path. By hiring movers, you are removing an immense amount of work, stress, and time-consuming activities related to the move. If you’re already leaving to a new location, the least you can do is make the last few days enjoyable and spend them with your family and loved ones.

A man talking on the phone
Staying in contact with loved ones is key to making your relocation as seamless as possible.

Being far from family and loved ones

Loneliness is a huge issue and can severely affect our mental health. Soldiers, although not alone, are not surrounded by their chosen loved ones. Usually, of course, they make friendships and still have a lot of fun. But being away from your family can really take a toll on your mood and general motivation. Many of us are motivated for work exactly because once it’s done we get to hang out with our loved ones.

There is always the obvious solution: Moving with your family! But, nowadays, many women work alongside their husbands. When you quit a good job, it’s a hassle to find one equally as good. Perhaps a family relocation is not possible. And it’s a huge stress to pull kids out of school and enroll them in a completely new environment. Additionally, many soldiers relocate a few times during the year. Unfortunately, their families can’t handle so many changes.

Talk about everything out loud

Your loved ones know that they are not the only ones having a hard time during your military relocation. And, you might think to yourself that you need to stay strong for them. But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. When we talk about our feelings and hear a different point of view, we have an easier time processing what’s happening. Just imagine bottling up all of your frustrations and the exploding later.

Additionally, your loved ones love to hear just how much you miss them. And they want to help you keep calm, work through your feelings, and give you reasurance. You might be able to create a perfect plan for how to go about things once your relocation is complete. Create a calling schedule, or a video call a few days a week. Show your loved ones how hard everything is on you and their compassion will surprise you. If you’re moving with kids talking about similarities and differences in towns is a good choice. Prepare them by saying that some things will stay the same, and make the things that differ seem exciting.

Additionally, storage units Galloway Ohio can take a load off your shoulders. If your new home doesn’t have enough space or you can’t fit everything as you’ve envisioned, a storage unit is the perfect solution.

A man and a woman talking
Talking about your military relocation openly will make sure that you are better prepared for what’s in store.

Make your new space a home

One of the key factors to ease the challenges associated with a military relocation in Galloway, is to create a home in Galloway. Put up pictures of your family, and decorate so that you feel comfortable. Not everything needs to be exactly the same as it was before. A bit of novelty might just bring in some excitement. Buying a new couch or painting the home a color you haven’t used at your old location are both amazing ideas.

Let life do its thing

Usually in stressful situations like the military relocation in Galloway, we feel like our life is out of our control. But, if you give it some time, you will start associating Galloway village with the term home. We know no one enjoys waiting, but time truly does make all the difference.

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