How to merge two homes when moving in together in Grove City

After the moveApril 20, 2022

Moving in with your partner and merging your households and families, if you have them, is a big step. It shouldn’t be taken lightly and you should designate some time to prepare for this merge. You want to merge two homes when moving in together in Grove City, and enjoy Grove City together! The preparation and moving process could be a bit difficult, but as soon as you’ve moved in you’ll know it was worth it! Because it can be challenging, Zippy Shell Greater Columbus is here to help you each step of the way. We would like to share some tips on how to merge your homes seamlessly and help you begin the next chapter of your life in Grove City.

Have an honest, open conversation about your plan to merge two homes when moving in together in Grove City

Combining two homes into one and starting a new chapter in your life where you share a home with your lover is an amazing thing! You should celebrate that you’ve found someone trustworthy enough to cohabit with you. But, moving in together takes a good deal of planning and work. Good, honest communication will be the foundation of this moving process. In order to keep everything smooth sailing and calm, the both of you need to come up with a cohesive plan and follow through! It’s easier said than done, we know. But, you can and will do it!

A home in Grove City

Why discuss so much before the move? Assuming you and your partner have lived alone for a while, you both have different routines that don’t include another person at the house. The clash of your routines could spur up some trouble and stress, and that’s why you should discuss it before the move. Share your morning and day routine with your loved one and explain what are some of the things you will not compromise on. For example, you take an hour in the bathroom and you truly need the whole hour. It’s wise to bring it up before the move and stay transparent. If it’s a huge issue, you could search for a home with two bathrooms!

For this merging to be successful you need to know your needs. Where exactly in Grove City would you like to live? Do you need storage units Grove City Ohio? What is a realistic budget you’ve set for the moving process? Once you share all of your wants and concerns, you and your partner can put your heads together and come up with the perfect solutions.

A couple talking over coffee
An honest conversation will spare you both from petty disagreements in the future.


First off, we’d recommend you try and downsize your home before the move as much as possible. Fewer items will make the move itself much easier and quicker. A lot of people run into issues when trying to purge their homes. How do you know if you’re ready to let some item go? Even if you’re unsure, you should still try and think logically, rather than emotionally. When we let emotions decide in situations like these, we end up keeping all of our items and bringing a mess with us to our new home. If an item isn’t valuable, and also isn’t useful in your everyday life – it’s time to get rid of it! Just imagine if you kept all of your items and your partner did as well. Your new home would be cluttered in a matter of days! So, make some tough decisions, and donate or sell some items that are of no use to you anymore.

There is a sort of rule that can help you decide whether you should keep something or not when you merge two homes when moving in together in Grove City. Consider hiring packing services to help you out during this hectic time! Think to yourself if you’ve used this specific item you’re deciding on in the past year. If you’ve used it, keep it and then see what’s next. But, if you haven’t used it, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to it. If you’re interested in making some money, try selling your items. Otherwise, be sure to donate them or recycle them! There is enough waste on our planet without anyone contributing any further.

Decorate together!

Once you’ve gotten rid of all of the items you don’t need and your partner has done the same, you can think about decorating your new home. Decorating together is an amazing bonding experience. Not only will you have fun and chat with your loved one the entire time, but you will create the ultimate atmosphere for the two of you. You should be ready to compromise so that all of the decisions reflect both of your wants. Don’ be afraid to add a little personal touch though! We’re sure your partner would love to see it, seeing how they love you as a package! You could even DIY something together and create a lovely new item or decoration. Storage Columbus Ohio options are at your disposal if you need to store some of your previous decorations!

A couple paiting the wall together
Decorating together will bring you closer as well as work on your joint aesthetic for your new home!

Create some common ground rules

If you follow our tips until now we’re sure you’re ready for the last one! It’s time to set some ground rules. Before you or your partner try to set anything in stone, you need to have an agreement beforehand. You should both feel free to voice your concerns, wants, and anything else. But, the ground rules need to stay realistic otherwise you’ll be biting off too much to swallow.

Set some rules about cleaning, shopping, preparing food, etc. This can be a rotation kind of deal where you go to the store and the next time your loved one goes to the store, or you can customize it however it suits you. Maybe you’d prefer always to go to the store if your partner would vacuum all the time. We hope you’ll merge two homes when moving in together in Grove City successfully!

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