How to keep pests out of a storage unit

Storage SolutionsNovember 15, 2022

Storing your belongings in a unit is a smart way to keep them out of your way during relocation. Whether you are moving and want to store the housing inventory or you might be storing your vehicle for a longer period, storage units are helpful things. However, it is not rare that pests store along with your belongings. Bugs and mice could be a potential struggle. Luckily, you don’t have to worry because there are ways to keep them out of your storage unit. Because we understand how worrying and frustrating this issue can be we are going to show you how to keep pests out of a storage unit. Good preparation will pay off in advance.

Make sure your unit is cleaned and pest-free in advance

Most moving companies prepare storage units after and before each customer. But you can never be too sure. Check for all the traces of pests and if there are any, ask for a change of unit. You can’t keep pests out of the storage unit if they are already there! To be calm and secure, rent units storage Hilliard Ohio, which residents and newcomers wholeheartedly recommend. The next step is swiping the floors and soldering cobwebs. Make sure the unit is clean and freshened up before you store your belongings.

essential oils
Essential oils are a natural way to keep pests out of a storage unit for a shorter period.

How to naturally keep pests out of the storage unit

If you’re not a big fan of using chemicals, there are some natural ways you can ensure your unit isn’t visited and inhibited by different pests. Vinegar, peppermint, and lavender essential oils are natural bug repellents. Apply them on cotton balls all around the storage unit as well as around the doorways and any entries. Keep in mind that natural remedies will have limited effects. If you plan to keep your belongings stored for a long time, we suggest using products made specifically for this purpose. Get in touch with moving and storage Columbus Ohio and rent your unit for as long as you need. Before using any form of chemical, commercial deterrent, or pest spray, make sure you check with your storage company. Mice traps, bugs, and mice poison are effective ways to get rid of the pests even if they manage to find a way to your unit.

How to pack in a right way to keep pests out of a storage unit

There are several things to keep in mind when packing your stuff. First and foremost is to make the most out of the storage. Meaning, fill all the boxes to the top and make sure to label them! There is a great chance you won’t remember where you put what after some period of time. Make a good organization in the unit, so if there is a need you can easily reach boxes without having to reassemble everything. Shortly, try to avoid making a mess. Here is how can you pack your stuff to secure them from pests:

  • pack in plastic totes and containers rather than cardboard boxes
  • storing food in a unit is a big no-no
  • keep the boxes elevated from the ground
  • cover mattresses and all the furniture
Packing clothes in a cardboard box
You want to keep your clothes tightly sealed in storage.

Pack in plastic totes and containers rather than cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are easily cut through and can be damaged in a humid environment. If the unit is not very weather-proof you will have a problem. Generally, plastic is a better option. When storing for a longer period opt for storage containers Columbus Ohio, as they are more durable than cardboard boxes or trash bags. The safest containers are plastic ones, especially for clothing, linens, and other textiles. You can use plastic totes with airways, containers, or bins for storage.

Storing food in a unit is a big no-no

Although this may seem like common sense, you’d be shocked at how many stored food products are in a unit. It is not always intentional and some mistakes can slip when we are in a hurry. So don’t leave your full pantry in a storage container if you’re leaving in a hurry. Again you can store tricky stuff in bins storage Columbus Ohio for extra protection. Keeping the food in storage and letting it rot is the worst thing possible to do. Your unit is going to attract pests in no time. Look around for food you might have forgotten to leave. Clear out the furniture’s undersides by vacuuming or cleaning. Inspect kitchenware such as pots, pans, and storage containers for any crumbs.

Keep the boxes elevated from the ground

Having your items raised above the ground is useful. This precaution will shield your valuables from moisture in addition to preventing bugs from settling in your boxes. Using open shelving or laying out clean pallets on the ground are simple ways to do this. Again, you can put natural bug repellents and mouse traps under the pallets for extra precaution. You don’t want to choose too small unit which will prevent you from doing this and from moving freely. It is important to choose the right storage unit. Make sure you are making the most out of it.

Cover mattresses and all the furniture

Mattresses are the main entry point for bed bugs.  Any furniture can become infested with bugs, and rodents will munch through it. Make sure to cover anything with fabric in any way. Wrapping furniture too tightly in cloth or plastic can lead to moisture build-up underneath, which will deteriorate your furniture. Bear in mind that your things need to be able to breathe, use breathe-through covers in combination with plastic covers.

Elevated moving boxes to keep pests out of a storage unit
By elevating your boxes you will keep the extra safe from moisture as well!

It makes sense to store your possessions in a unit during a move to keep them out of the way. Storage units are useful whether you are moving and need to store your household goods or you intend to keep your car in storage for a while. However, it happens frequently that pests store along with your possessions. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them from entering your storage unit, so you don’t need to be concerned. We have shown you how keep pests out of a storage unit because good preparation is a payoff in the future.

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