How to handle disputes with movers

Moving Day TipsAugust 29, 2019

Moving is a complex process. Anything could happen from when you first start packing to the transit itself. You have to count in the human factor as well. Although you have hired high rated and reputable professionals Columbus moving services, they are humans too. They might do everything in their power and training to avoid every mistake possible, but mishaps still happen. If that leads to your displeasure with their services, you don’t have to worry too long. There are different effective ways to handle disputes with movers. The first thing you should do if a problem occurs is to stay calm. There are channels and procedures that are specifically designed to solve these sensitive situations and you’ll be able to quickly and to your satisfaction handle disputes with movers.

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Sometimes you cannot easily handle disputes with movers. In that case, you should know how to file a claim.

First, you should know how to hire a good moving company

First and foremost, it is extremely important you pay a lot of attention to moving reviews and rates when choosing between possible candidates. If you find mostly positive reviews, then you can freely assume you will not get into a situation of needing to handle disputes with movers. Most of the time, when you rely on a reputable company such as movers Hilliard Ohio, even if an accident happens, resolving the issue of insurance and reimbursement will never be a problem. Reputable movers want their customers to be happy and they know how to address these situations properly and professionally. Also, when you schedule an appointment for an in-house survey, you can get a flat-rate on-site binding estimate for your total moving costs in advance. This will give you a guaranteed list of costs that you can to expect.

Check your moving contract before trying to handle disputes with movers

Prior to signing a moving contract in the first place, you should read it thoroughly and carefully. You need to understand every point of your contract. If you do not understand even the smallest of details or something seems too vague, ask the moving company to clarify. Such thorough and careful preparation will be extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with possible future insurance claims with movers. If you do not study your moving contract attentively, you can miss a key point. If a problem with your move does occur, get your contract and read it again to investigate if you have grounds to file a complaint and handle a dispute with movers. Note that each moving company will have its own specific set of rules for dealing with customers’ complaints. But, those rules should be transparent from the start and clearly stated in the moving contract.

Be careful when you sign documents

If, after moving, you notice that some of your items are missing or have scratches or any other form of damage from the relocation, check your contract. Detailed instructions on how to handle this kind of problem must be on there. You will have a certain period of time to notify your movers about the issue you have with your relocation if you want to file a complaint. However, the time frame is as long as nine months after the moving day to check if something is missing or damaged. In addition to this, in the best of scenarios, your contract will include details about the amount of money you can obtain for the property claim. All in all, your contract is a legal document that will serve you as proof in case something goes wrong. For this very important reason, get yourself acquainted with all its parts and do not misplace it even long after moving in.

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Usually, the procedures for handling disputes with movers follow the same pattern with most companies

Letter of a complaint

If you believe you have ground to file a complaint, and you strongly believe you deserve just compensation, then it is time to learn how to write a complaint letter. You should clearly state that your moving company didn’t fulfill what they promised to fulfill, but you have to have proof. Their promises should have been fully disclosed in the contract. Remember, no matter how angry you are, you need to keep your letter of complaint brief and as accurate as possible. Try not to write an essay instead of a precise explanation backed up with arguments. This will make your letter more serious and effective if you need to handle a dispute with movers. You can still be polite but firm in claiming your rights. However, if you have chosen unreliable movers and they declined your complaint, we can help. Read on to see how to file a claim.

Filing a claim after the faulty move

  1. Check if the moving company you are dealing with is a licensed member of the American Moving and Storage Association. If they are, you are lucky, because you can override dealing with the company’s customer service. Simply contact this association directly and they will handle your complaint for you.
  2. If you have just moved interstate, then you can file a claim with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They will advise you on the best way to handle a dispute with movers considering all the aspects of your relocation.
  3. If your move was local, the state regulatory agency can help you with your complaint.
  4. Last option you can turn to is to contact the Better Business Bureau. They send claims directly to the moving company. The company must respond in two weeks or face repercussions. In most cases, claims get to a resolution within 30 business days.
Handle dispute with movers calmly and in a friendly way
Remember to stay calm, be positive and friendly but at the same time firm when dealing with disputes.

Do not lose your composure when you need to handle disputes with movers

It is important to stay cool and collected in case you have to handle disputes with movers. Even if your items were very important to you, and you have every right to file a claim, keep things friendly. Being rude will get you nowhere. People react better when they are dealing with polite customers. Movers will be more accepting to your filing a complaint if you are patient and can nicely explain the problem.


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