How to go about apartment hunting in Columbus before moving

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Looking for an apartment is always a challenge. Especially under current circumstances in the world. Inflation is causing a rise in everything. Utilities and maintenance bills are getting higher and so is rent. Lower supply of new properties that often can’t be afforded and high demand for lower-cost rentals are resulting in higher rents. It is happening in every state, and Ohio is not an exception. If you are planning to move in the near future, you should go apartment hunting in Columbus before moving. Do your research as soon as possible and get in touch with landlords. Follow this guide for apartment hunting and find a good deal!

Guide: How to do research before apartment hunting

It is crucial to do your research. Get informed on rent prices and the cost of living in specific cities. It will help you determine your budget and negotiate with the landlord at the right moment. Costs of living have indeed increased over one year.

woman sitting next to her dog while she is apartment hunting in Columbus before moving on her laptop
Look for pet-friendly apartments if you have companions!

Here are the steps you should take when searching for a new apartment:

  • DYOR: do your own research on the city
  • Narrow your location
  • Determine your budget for rent and monthly expenses
  • Know what you are looking for and ask a lot of questions
  • Prepare your paperwork on time
  • Negotiate rent at the right moment

DYOR: Do your own research before apartment hunting in Columbus and narrow your location

Columbus is a big city with a lot of residents and neighborhoods. If you are planning your move with family your best options are neighborhoods like Bexley, Clintonville, Gahanna, and Hilliard. Upper Arlington is stated as the most expensive suburb of Columbus. Other areas waiting for you are Downtown Columbus, Arena District, Short North, Easton, and German village. To rent a 1-bed apartment in the center of Columbus middle price people are paying is 1,322.22$, and 994.12$ outside of the city center. Don’t worry about finding a smaller place, you can always rent self storage Hilliard Ohio has to offer. You can store some of your seasonal items there. This way you will not clutter up your place.

Choose according to your needs, wants, and of course, budget. The location, atmosphere, and activity level of the community you choose should all be taken into account. People who prefer city rush and being in the center of events will choose energetic areas. Those who are fond of quiet life will choose the periphery of the city. These factors will have a big impact on how much you enjoy living. You should also take into account your work and school destination, regular shopping trips, and preferred nightlife destinations. Don’t forget to research the moving companies Columbus Ohio has to offer if you want to move to one of the places that we have mentioned above. You will have a much more pleasant experience with the professionals by your side.

Determine your budget for rent and monthly expenses

The cost of living is different for every person. Calculate your monthly expenses and see approximately how much you are spending on groceries, shopping, and events. One of the many things you should keep your mind on is the cost of utilities. Comparing this to your monthly income you will know how much you are able and willing to spend on rent. That is how to determine your rental budget. And we hope your budget fits current rental market prices. An additional expense to take into account is the cost of moving companies. Get your free moving quotes Columbus Ohio companies offer. This way you will know exactly how much you your relocation will cost you.

Dollar bills and coins
Set your budget straight for apartment hunting in Columbus before moving

Know what you are looking for and ask a lot of questions

Since you are the one apartment hunting in Columbus before moving in you are going to contact landlords. Taking that into account it means that the real estate they are renting is according to your needs. Well, at least from what you read and the pictures attachments. Now comes the talk with the landlord. Ask everything you are interested to know, and you should find out about it in advance.

For instance, if you own a pet you will want to know if you will get charged more because of that. How much is the deposit and when is the rent payment date? Are utility costs calculated in the price of rent or are they additional costs? Discuss with the landlord about privacy issues. Are they having an extra key and cameras? It is an important issue both sides should agree upon completely.

Prepare your paperwork on time for an apartment tour

Don’t let paperwork and administration take away your time during moving. Time is precious in the process of packing and relocating. Contact in advance storage rental Columbus Ohio, who will prepare units for you and save you time. To ease the process of apartment hunting in Columbus before moving you prepare papers beforehand. Have your copy of your photo ID, most recent tax returns, two recent bank statements, a letter of employment, and other supporting documentation. If you are having a pet, vaccination confirmation from a vet might be necessary. A recommendation letter from your previous landlord may be requested by some landlords. They genuinely want to know if you made your rent payments on time and if are you a fit choice for the tenant.

Negotiate rent price at the right moment

You have found an apartment that you like, and it fits your needs. However, the price of the rent could be lower. Should you negotiate the price of the rent? The answer is, yes. Often landlords are flexible with pricing. Sometimes they expect you to negotiate and therefore will put a higher amount as the initial price. Remember, not all are willing to change it. Give up when it’s time to or push a little bit more if you estimate it is safe to do it.

rent sign on the window
Clear communication with your new landlord is the key!

Apartment hunting in Columbus before moving is simple with our tips

It can be difficult to find an apartment, especially given the state of the globe today. To find the best offers start looking 60 days before your move. On the first weekend of the month, there are often fewer people looking for apartments. DYOR, get in touch with moving companies and landlords. Clear communication will benefit both you and your future landlord. We believe in perfect matches. Follow this guide and your apartment hunting in Columbus before moving will be a successful mission! Lastly, get to know Columbus, OH and enjoy all the good things that this city has to offer.



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