How to decorate your home for Christmas in Hilliard, OH

How toDecember 20, 2019

Finally, the most festive time of the year is here! It’s that month that all of us expect all year long as it means one thing – beautiful ornaments and stringing lights all around. That’s right – Christmas is here! This beloved holiday is special for every family, but it seems to be extremely special for those who have just gone through the process of hiring movers Hilliard Ohio and finished with the process of relocation. Why? Because now you get to decorate your home for Christmas and spend those first few weeks of the adjustment period surrounded by beautiful decorations.

Decorate your home for Christmas according to three things – sight, taste, smell

Christmas isn’t just a pleasant sight – it’s a feeling of warmth that spreads all around during this time of the year. If you were to think about Christmas and what associates you of it, you wouldn’t just think of decorations and the Christmas trees, although those might be your first choices. And once you do give this topic some thought, you will see that you associate a lot of things with this festive holiday, most of which can be grouped into three categories. Our suggestion is to get right on them as soon as your residential movers Columbus Ohio leave your premises and make sure your brand new home is Christmas ready!

A figurine of Santa with which to decorate your home for Christmas.
Christmas is a special period when we get to spend some quality time with our loved ones.


The sight category contains all the things that are a tradition for families across the US. We are talking about a stunning Christmas tree that is typically located in the living room which is the heart of the house during this period and is adorned with a plethora of beautiful ornaments collected over the years. If you love this holiday, then you know just how many items can be used to decorate your home.

  • A wreath that will be hung on your front door.
  • Christmas stockings that will be used for the gifts your family will receive.
  • Velvet ribbons and red and green candles that will add to the atmosphere.
  • Faux foliage like ivy and berry branches that you can place in various places in the house.
  • Strings lights on your tree, fireplace, mantelpiece, walls, etc.

This is the time you have been waiting for all year round so allow yourself to be creative. Hop over to your storage unit in Ohio and retrieve your boxes of Christmas decor. This is where the fun part begins!


Every family loves to gather around the dinner table for a special Christmas menu. Likewise, every family has their own recipes and dishes that they prepare, so this is all an individual experience. However, a lot of people seem to include HoneyBaked ham, beef tenderloin, cranberry sauce, potatoes, and green bean casserole. Granted, you can’t exactly decorate your home for Christmas with these dishes that you will place around the house, but their presence will make Christmas feel like Christmas. Like warmth, close ties with your family, and a special bond that seems to always be created around this time of the year.

A plate of Christmas cookies.
Make Christmas great and tasty by making your family’s most adorned meals.

And for dessert, you can bake something every person on this world loves – gingerbread cookies. And that brings us to the next category of things to pay attention to when decorating your home in Hilliard for Christmas – the oh so pleasant smells of Christmas.


Indulging all of your senses for Christmas is the right way to go, and one of them is the sense of smell. And this is a very important one, as studies have shown we associate smells with memories/people/events. Considering the fact that there are certain smells that are more intense during this time of the year, they have become synonymous with Christmas. So if you want to decorate your home for Christmas and turn it into a long-lasting memory, we suggest you make sure these smells are present in your home. And you can do that in a couple of ways.

  1. When it comes to candles and scented decor, opt for seasonal aromas such as pine, fir, cranberry, cinnamon, spruce, etc.
  2. Group pinecones in a statement bowl and place them on your coffee table for a more intense smell. Or put them on your fireplace for a more subtle one.
  3. Finally, bake cinnamon or gingerbread cookies and capture the essence of Christmas.

Besides, once you decorate your home for Christmas with candles, decorative bowls with pinecones, and place freshly baked gingerbread cookies on the table, you will make this an enjoyable time for your entire family, and especially your kids. And isn’t that the entire point of Christmas – making the people we love happy and relishing in their presence?

Cinnamon and cookies shaped as stars.
Make Christmas a memory you will have for years by using the aforementioned scents.

As an added bonus, put on some Christmas carols and rock the night away

‘Tis the season to be jolly and the best way to do that is by listening to the sounds of the season. Luckily, there are so many Christmas carols to listen to that you won’t have to put everyone’s favorite Jingle Bells on repeat during the entire season. And should you get bored with Christmas carols, feel free to turn up some jazz music. It is also associative of Christmas. And voila – just like that, your entire home will be ready for Christmas, and so will you.

Now that everything is ready and your decorations are up, all that’s left for you is to enjoy! This is an event that comes around once a year, so don’t let anything bother you while it lasts. We here at Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage hope you are going to have wonderful holidays and that you will spend them in the company of those you love.  After all, everything is easier and much more enjoyable when you are surrounded by those close to your heart.

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