How to decide what to move out of your dorm room?

How toAugust 28, 2020

In all probability, you have been counting the days until the school year is over. The fact that the finish line is just around the corner means that you’ll have to start deciding what to move out of your dorm room (and maybe even into storage) over the summer. Zippy Shell Columbus experts have compiled a list of the things you should take care of in order to properly vacate or prepare your dorm. You’ll be able to keep your things safe and sound until you return in the fall.

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Doublecheck that you’ve done everything the school requires you to do before leaving your dorm room.

We’ll help you choose what to move out of your dorm room

Your first step should be to start sorting through your belongings. Therefore, you can organize these items into 3 or 4 categories.

  • First, decide what you want to what to move out of your dorm room and keep it in your home. This usually consists of clothing and shoes. But you may also want to bring home luggage with some of your most needed toiletries and makeup.
  • Secondly, you may want to take certain electronics (your laptop, chargers, etc.) along with other devices. Why don’t you let one of the top moving companies Columbus Ohio take care of the packing and moving for you?
  • Thirdly, decide what you want to use our dorm room storage solutions for. Most likely this list will include items such as your bed/bedding, desk, mirror, rugs, and similar decorations. You may have had closet organizers, a microwave, a fridge, your bike, and other items that you now want to move out of your dorm room.
  • Whatever you have left, divide it into two piles. Firstly, stuff you want to give away, and items you want to throw away.

Before you leave your dorm, here’s what to move out of it

  • Refrigerator and/or a MicrowaveClean out your refrigerator. Food is what you need to move out of your dorm room (or throw away). Next, defrost your freezer so that it’s free of any built-up ice. You’ll also need to clean your microwave out.
  • Books – If you’ve rented books, remember to return them back. If you own the books, you can sell them! Maybe some friends will be interested in them. Or you can try to do it on Craigslist.
  • Deep Cleaning & Room Restoration – Most universities will ask you to return your room to the condition it was when you got it. Make sure you perform a thorough cleaning. Then conduct a last walk-through to ensure you packed everything.
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By following these steps on what to move out of your dorm room, you’ll be ready for next year. Have a safe summer!

Find some high-quality moving boxes

For the smaller items that you’re going to move out of your dorm room or store over the summer, pack them into boxes. We recommend getting new boxes rather than using recycled ones. Carboard deteriorates, so older boxes may have lost some of their sturdiness and may collapse in transit. For anything else that you might need, call Zippy Shell Columbus! We can be the best (read: the most conveniently priced) moving partner that you can get!

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