How to choose the best storage in HIlliard

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Renting a storage unit affords a lot of conveniences. You will be able to free up space in your home while retaining the possible use of the items that you send to the storage unit. However, to choose the best storage in Hilliard for your purposes, you are going to need to do some thinking. You will need to consider what are you using the storage unit for, consider the walking space inside the unit, do some measurements, etc. In this article, Zippy Shell Columbus will present you with seven easy steps to take to decide on the best unit for your situation. We will cover the location, necessary security precautions, as well as extra services and a few other tips.

Choose the best storage in Hilliard in 7 steps!

Without further ado, here are the steps to choosing an ideal storage unit:

  • First things first – Declutter!
  • Know what your needs are
  • You will need walking space
  • Measure twice, cut once
  • Extra services – Do you need them?
  • Security, security, security
  • Consider the location of the unit

Of course, you need to take the general availability of the units into account. Luckily, storage Hilliard Ohio is plentiful and you will have a lot of options to consider. It is generally advisable to rent storage space from well-known providers, such as moving companies or dedicated storage facilities. But if a private storage facility serves your needs the best, go with it just be extra careful. Take all the necessary precautions, do not settle for large deposits, that sort of thing.

First things first – Declutter!

Before you can know how many items are going to storage, you need to do some decluttering in your own home. It is easy simply to cram everything you don’t need inside a storage unit but that can be a waste. If you are not using an item, why store it in the first place? It is much better to sell, donate, or even throw it away instead. The decluttering process, however, can take quite a bit of your time. Depending on your items, it may also take a lot of energy to accomplish. If you have a lot of heavy, bulky, items, it might be a good idea to enlist help from long distance movers Columbus Ohio. They have all the necessary equipment to make short work of your unwanted belongings. With their help, the whole process is going to be a lot easier.

choose the best storage in Hilliard - declutter first!
Before you can decide to choose the best storage in Hilliard, a decluttering process is in order.

Know what your needs are

Consider what you will be using the storage unit for. This will dictate most of the following steps. Knowing why you need a storage unit in the first place will help you figure out the optimal size, services, and location. For example, if you are constantly on the move and simply need a place to cram your things in, you will be best served with a smaller unit and stack things on top of one another. In that case, you can safely optimize the whole unit for storage purposes alone.

But if you are planning on using your unit as a workshop of sorts, or if you are constantly moving things in and out, then the whole equation changes. Or, perhaps you need one of the Columbus Ohio storage units climate controlled to store sensitive items? Either way, consider your needs first and “build” around them. That is the best way to approach renting a storage unit.

You will need walking space

Unless you are using your storage unit like an extra closet, you will want to have some walking space in the midst of it. This is extremely useful as you will not need to always remove the boxes with the items you don’t need to get to the ones that you do need. It makes using your storage unit a lot easier.

Measure twice, cut once

Since you don’t really want to pay for a larger unit than you need, you will need to do some measuring. Of course, this applies if you are storing large items such as furniture pieces or similar items. It is very important to be able to visualize how much space you actually need inside the unit. And for that, you will need accurate measurements. However, try not to “squeeze” items inside the unit. While measuring them might give you an idea of the overall size of the unit, try to always go for at least 10-15% more than what you think you need. After all, you might want to store additional items at some point and that extra room will come in handy.

a large storage facility
You need to ensure that your items can fit inside your storage facility.

Extra services – Do you need them?

Storage units can offer a plethora of additional services for your convenience. Some facilities can do your loading for you, provide equipment and machinery, etc. Try to familiarize yourself with everything that you can get from your storage providers and figure out whether you need any of those services.

Security, security, security

The security of your storage unit is of essential importance. You want to find a unit that provides security around the clock, so your things are safe at all times. Another consideration is the overall neighborhood security. You want to be able to arrive at 4 am and retrieve an item from storage without fear. Furthermore, if you are storing a particularly large item (boat, truck, car, etc.) you will want to rent a unit that is equipped to store them safely. Never compromise on security, lest you regret it!

a couple of surveillance cameras
Never rent a storage unit without 24/7 surveillance.

Consider the location of the unit before you choose the best storage in Hilliard

The final piece of the “puzzle” is the location of your storage unit. Now, this depends on what you are storing and what is the plan for the items inside. But unless you are storing items long-term and you don’t really need access to them, the location of the unit will be your primary concern. Have in mind that the farther away the unit is, the less likely you will want to use it. Therefore, you want to have your storage space close-by, because paying for storage and not using it is simply a waste. To choose the best storage in Hilliard, you will want to combine a good location with all the amenities that you require, and the size of the unit that you need. You may need to visit several facilities on your own, though. But it will all be worth it in the end.

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