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Top places in OhioNovember 7, 2022

As a country where rental prices are constantly on the rise, Ohio may seem like a bad place to live if you’re not a homeowner. It is also a landlord-friendly country, as there are no rent control laws. So, if you are a landlord, your roses are already blooming. But, if you are in a situation where you have to live under rent, take the advice of Zippy Shell Greater Columbus, and follow this guide to the cheapest rental in Ohio.

What does the state of Ohio offer?

Year after year, Ohio is winning more and more hearts of Americans. Economic growth, employment opportunities, and cost of living are increasingly attractive for moving to the country known as the birthplace of aviation. Ohio’s average costs for a month are $1354 for food for 4 family members, transportation price at the individual level is about $79, and at the family level $210, healthcare prices range from $112 to $127, and electricity costs from $145 to $175. With a median household income of $54,021 and considering costs, living in Ohio is affordable. Once you find the cheapest rental you can start looking for a moving company. Get a few moving quotes Columbus Ohio in order to find the best deal.

a couple is discussing renting a house to find the cheapest rental in Ohio
Living in Ohio can be affordable, even if you’re renting an apartment

Cities where you can get the cheapest rental in Ohio

In the USA, the state of Ohio has the 44th highest rent. The price for a 2-bedroom apartment ranges from $972 in Mahoning County to $1,081 for a 2-bedroom unit in Union County. The average fair market rent for a 2-bedroom home in Ohio is $818 per month. These are the cheapest cities for rent in Ohio:

  • Youngstown
  • Hamilton
  • Toledo
  • Bedford
  • Lakewood

Youngstown, OH

This largest city in Mahoning County is located between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. In the last 15 years, it has developed into a center of culture, entertainment, and innovation. With the breathtaking Mill Creek Park, the Mahoning River landscape, museums, restaurants, and bars, this city will quickly win your heart. The average rent in this city is $545 for a studio, $630 for one bedroom, $972 for two bedrooms, and $973 for three bedrooms.

Hamilton, OH

Known as Little Chicago, this city is part of Butler County. This industrial city is the 10th largest in Ohio. Due to a high number of sculptures that can be found here, in 2000 Hamilto was declared the “City of Sculpture”. Walking around the city, you will get to know the city’s leading attractions, restaurants, bars, and historical buildings. The average apartment rent in Hamilton is $781 for a 1-bedroom, $835 for 2-bedrooms, and $891 for 3-bedrooms.

Toledo, OH

This city should be considered because it offers good healthcare, reliable transportation, a strong economy, favorable weather, and plenty of outdoor activities. As part of Lucas County, it is the fourth most populous city in the state of Ohio. The average rental in Toledo is $532 for a studio, $641 for a 1-bedroom, $764 for a 2-bedrooms, and $956 for a 3-bedrooms apartment.

Bedford, OH

This suburb of Cleveland with a population of just 13,000 will amaze you with its Great Falls of Tinker’s Creek. It is one of the best waterfalls in Ohio. Although it is characterized by a cloudy and humid climate, art and culture will keep you away from thinking about the weather. The average apartment rent in Bedford, OH is $712 for a studio, $782 for a 1-bedroom, $820 for 2-bedrooms, and $1300 for 3-bedrooms.

Lakewood, OH

The suburb of Cleveland on the south shore of Lake Erie has rave reviews from residents. It is considered an excellent city to live in, with beautiful beaches, parks, and tree-lined streets for family enjoyment. You will meet the average apartment rent in Lakewood for $636 for a studio, $811 for one bedroom, $967 for two bedrooms, and $1,447 for three bedrooms.

What can you do to get the cheapest rental in Ohio?

The first thing you need to do is research your local market. Check rentals for apartments in the area interesting to you. Talk to locals about rental prices. Look for online offers, the Craigslist website which is full of affordable deals. Some new apartment complexes offer lease incentives for the first 6 to 12 months. This may include a free parking space, storage, or exemption from application fees. However, if you don’t find such an offer, and need storage, with storage containers Columbus Ohio you will be the most satisfied.

The next thing you should do is ask about special rental offers. If you plan to spend several years in the apartment, ask if there are discounts on long-term leases. Offer to pay a larger deposit in exchange for cheaper rent. A cheaper rent does not always mean a better offer. Some apartment complexes offer higher rent but provide in-unit laundry, free parking, or a pool.  

Another great top that we can give you is to consider living in the suburbs. In addition to being quieter and less polluted, the suburbs are better for living because of lower costs. You will likely get a much more spacious apartment or house with a garden for the same price.

And last but not least consider getting a smaller apartment. Their costs are very favorable, but if you think that a smaller apartment will not be enough for everything you want to have on hand, consider renting storage Hilliard Ohio. This can be a cheaper solution than renting a larger apartment.

couple hugging
With the cheapest rental in Ohio, you can organize your move

Get ready to move into a new home

Ohio is a stunning country, home to natural beauty, incredible cities, rich culture, and art. If all your criteria are met and the cheapest rental in Ohio is secured, all that remains is to organize the move. Of course, the help and services of moving companies in Ohio are always at your disposal.




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