Guide to recycling after moving to Hilliard

After the moveNovember 4, 2022

Recycling is no doubt good for our planet. However, sometimes it’s hard to get everything right when it comes to actually doing it. Especially when you move to a new place. The regulations surrounding recycling are different in every city. Now that you’ve moved to Hilliard with the help of Columbus moving companies, it’s time to learn about Hilliard’s recycling regulations. Read our extensive guide to recycling after moving to Hilliard and learn how to recycle the right way.

Where to throw things?

If you’re wondering when trash, recycling and yard waste are collected in Hilliard we have an answer for you. Except for certain holidays, expect your trash to be taken care of on every Tuesday by Local Waste Services. If you have some stuff from your previous home you think of throwing away – there is another solution. You can place your furniture or other personal belongings in storage Hilliard Ohio, where they will be safe and taken care of.

Each residential address in Hilliard will be provided with two bins for waste disposal –a green bin for trash and a blue bin for recycling. If you’re for some reason in need of a larger recycling bin, you will get one free of charge. On the other hand, if you want a larger waste bin, you can purchase it for $50.

recycling bin
Keep in mind that a bigger recycling bin is free, whereas a bigger waste bin costs $50

What to do if your recycling bins are broken?

So, what happens if you have a broken or damaged bin? Don’t worry as The City of Hilliard repairs broken trash and recycling containers. This only applies if the damage to the bin was made by ordinary wear and usage. If you notice your residential bin is cracked, has a broken wheel, or just isn’t functioning properly, don’t hesitate to place an online Hilliard 311 service request. The city will examine the bin on the following Wednesday or Thursday to determine whether the bin needs to be fixed or replaced.

However, it is important to note that The City of Hilliard will not offer a replacement for trash or recycling bins due to smell or filth. This is because Hilliard encourages residents to clean their bins regularly.

Items that you can recycle

It can get confusing to many people what they can actually recycle, and what they need to throw away. This is why we’ve compiled a list of materials/things you can put in your recycling bin:

  • Cans: If they are empty and cleaned, you can recycle aluminum and steel cans. Keep in mind that recycling centers won’t accept aluminum foil that is covered in food waste due to possible contamination.
  • Glass: Same goes with glass, recycling centers only accept empty and rinsed glass bottles and jars. However, you can’t recycle window glass, or kitchen glassware, like cups or plates. This is because these materials are often manufactured with certain additives that can contaminate other recyclable materials.
  • Paper products: Out of paper products you can recycle things such as cardboard boxes, newspapers, printer paper, magazines, mail, and paper tubes. However, contaminated paper products cannot be recycled because of contamination.
  • Cartons: Cleaned food and beverage cartoons can be recycled. You can recycle cartoons like milk cartons, juice cartons, or soup cartons, along with their caps.
plastic bottles ready for recycling after moving to Hilliard
Learn which materials and items can be recycled so you don’t run into problems along the way

Items that you cannot recycle

So, you’ve just moved to Hilliard with the help of Columbus moving services and are still unaware of what is not acceptable for recycling. But don’t worry we got you! We have compiled a list of items you cannot recycle:

  • Plastic bags
  • Tissues/napkins
  • Food trays
  • Butter tubs, buckets
  • Drinking glasses
  • Pots and pans
  • Plates, cups, utensils
  • Light bulbs
  • Clothing
  • Wood

Tips for recycling after moving to Hilliard

To help you remember to recycle regularly, set up a recycling bin next to your indoor trash can. By doing this when you want to throw an item away, the bin placement will remind you to check the item to determine whether or not it’s recyclable.

Every community has different recycling facilities. Different facilities and equipment mean different rules for what can be recycled and how to prepare your recycling. This is why it’s important to check online or call your local recycling facility to find out the recycling instructions for your area.

Once you get the information you need keep your local recycling rules somewhere visible. Paper, plastics, food containers—the rules of recycling can get a little confusing. Instead of leaving yourself guessing every time you go to throw something out, remember to keep the rules somewhere visible near the bin so you can quickly reference them when you need to.

a person writing on a piece of paper: reduce, reuse, recycle
The best way to help nature is by reusing your old items and recycling after moving to Hilliard

Take preventative measures

Although recycling is a great way to lower your carbon footprint and reduce your household waste, keep in mind that it’s not the only method. Recycling is not as environmentally effective as perhaps proactively curbing waste. The easiest way to curb waste is to avoid using or buying single-use items.

Another thing to keep in mind is that throwing away stuff is not always the only option. You can always sell or donate your stuff. If your problem is not having enough space for your items, consider acquiring self storage Hilliard Ohio. By doing this, you can still have access to your items and space in your home.

Learn why recycling is important

Everyone knows recycling is important, but nobody knows why. Here are some of the reasons we should pay more attention to recycling in our daily lives. Not only does it conserve energy, reduce air and water pollution, but it also reduces greenhouse gases and conserves natural resources.

After everything perhaps recycling still seems a bit confusing and complicated. However, the city of Hilliard does offer tons of information on recycling, and they answer most of the resident’s questions. Hopefully, our guide to recycling after moving to Hilliard has been helpful! If you still have some questions, make sure to check out the city’s site for some additional information.

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