Guide to Packing Kitchen Appliances for Storage

Storage SolutionsDecember 28, 2022

Whenever you start packing for a relocation, you realize how many things you have. Maybe you are using storage units or moving containers Columbus Ohio has to offer, and that makes the process easier. However, this is the time for packing kitchen appliances as well. Any kind of packing takes time and effort to do it properly, but kitchen appliances are especially delicate. So, we will provide you with a few tips and tricks on packing kitchen appliances for storage without damaging them. Make sure you follow the steps properly, and your possessions will stay intact for the remainder of their time in storage.

Handle Power Cords With Care When Packing Kitchen Appliances for Storage

There is a difference between packing clothes or books and packing electrical devices that have power cords. A power cord is essentially the weak point of any appliance. It can be torn out or scratched if not properly packed and protected. In case that happens, your appliance becomes useless and the repair will probably cost a lot of money. So, once you find one of the cheap storage units Columbus Ohio has to offer, use wrapping paper before you store the devices. Wrap the cord with it, and if possible use duct tape or a rope to keep the cord together with the appliance. If the cord is much longer, you can wrap it around the appliance and cover it all together with wrapping paper.

A power cord on the table.
If you are packing kitchen appliances for storage, pay special attention to power cords.

Don’t Hesitate to Use Bubble Wrap When Packing Kitchen Appliances for Storage

Most of the items you possess don’t require too much protection when storing. Books and clothes don’t need more than a bit of wrapping paper and a big box to be ready for storage. However, appliances are much more fragile. That’s why you need to protect them well before Zippy Shell Greater Columbus stores them in one of their storage units. The best material for protecting your appliances is bubble wrap. It might be more expensive than wrapping paper, but it is a really good way to protect anything fragile. That includes kitchen appliances. Once they are well wrapped in bubble wrap, the appliances will be able to endure any bumps or hits.

Fill in the gaps with crumpled paper

In case you are packing more than one appliance in bins storage Columbus Ohio, you should use crumpled paper. Maybe you aren’t packing more than one, but the box is a bit bigger than the appliance. The rule is the same. Just use crumpled paper when packing kitchen appliances to fill in the gaps. It will be great protection from damage and your appliances will stay safe.

Storage container Zippyshell
Make sure to pack your kitchen appliances properly for storage


Make Sure to Store the Appliances Based on Their Size

There are many different types of kitchen appliances. So, you should know the size of the kitchen appliances and stack them according to that category. The bigger ones will go on the bottom and the smaller ones will end up on top. That way you will avoid the risk of appliances getting damaged by the weight of other stuff.

You have seen what are some of the best and easiest ways to pack your kitchen items. Make sure you protect them well, and use the appropriate storage when necessary. If you follow these rules, packing kitchen appliances for storage will be a piece of cake for you.

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