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Packing GuideAugust 6, 2020

Packing your kitchen has several steps. From dismantling and packing cabinets, appliances to packing cutlery. And all of these steps require a different kinds of approaches. Meaning you will have to both gather different packing materials and use different techniques. If you wish to preserve the quality of your cutlery and not break or damage anything, you will need to follow our guide. Here you will learn what kind of materials you can use, what are the best ways to pack your cutlery as well as how to take care of them. Just continue reading and find out more.

What kind of materials to use when packing cutlery

Unlike some other items in your home, you will have to do better when it comes to packing your kitchen items for the move. You can use the same materials you use to pack electronics and cutlery. Which is why it is important to have all the necessary packing materials for your move. Packing silverware is a task that will require a lot of packing skills. If you wish to avoid any damages to your silverware you should have the following packing supplies:

  • Always use clean packing paper or acid-free paper
  • Sturdy moving boxes, plastic boxes and crates. The best solution would be if they are small.
  • Packing tape is a must in these situations.
  • The permanent marker used to label boxes.
person holding a packing tape
Use packing tape to secure those wraps

These packing supplies are superb when you need to pack those cutleries for the move. The protection they provide them during the transportation is all that you will need. Make sure you pack them carefully so you won’t damage them. But sometimes, packing can be a really hard thing to do. Especially if you are worried about other things. If you get packing services from your movers you won’t have to worry about your cutlery. Because it will be handled and packed safely by professional packers.

Why use small plastic boxes

Cutleries are small and can be very delicate. You can’t just wrap them and pack them in a cardboard box or any other weak box for that matter. They can spill out and damage other items in the van. Which can prove to be a serious issue when moving your kitchen. You will have to use small plastic boxes when packing your cutleries for the move. Those boxes will always provide you with the best protection you will need. They are sturdy and compact, allowing you to stockpile other items on them without worrying about them getting damaged.

A small box used when packing cutlery
use small boxes when packing cutlery

Packing your items in these boxes is one thing, but knowing how to handle them is another. A lot of people don’t know how to properly pack household items for the move let alone put them in the moving truck. There are ways to move your boxes and stockpile them that you should know more about. It will help you greatly with your move. What’s better is if you can get moving and storage Columbus Ohio moving crew for your relocation. They know how to handle those boxes and know exactly how to pack them in the moving truck.

Separate your cutlery

This is one of the most important tasks you will need to do. YOu will have to separate your cutlery before you pack them for the move. Put knives on one pile, forks on the other, and spoons on the third. This is not something unnecessary. You need to do this to properly pack those sharp items you have in your kitchen. And if you pack them all together, the risk of them falling out and getting damaged is great. Although this sounds like something hard to do, there are useful tips and tricks you can use. For instance, did you know that you can use old socks or pillowcases to put those sharp items in them? Once done, you can use rubber ties or packing rope to prevent them from falling out. This is an excellent way to make sure you separated your items from other household items and wrap them properly. 

cutlery on the table
Don’t forget to separate the cutlery before packing them

Sometimes you might not have enough room in your moving truck to move all those items you wanted. Or perhaps you have an expensive cutlery set you don’t want to risk getting damaged. Which is why this is more the reason to look for good self-storage units Columbus. That way you can store your household belongings in there and come back again to safely transport it to your new home without the risks of them getting damaged.

Take good care of your cutleries before the move

Moving cutleries can be easy. But making sure your items are in top conditions is not a simple task. As we said before, every item in your home has to be maintained properly. This is no different with cutleries. There are ways to maintain your cutleries that you need to learn before packing them for the move. This is the best was to prolong their work-life and use them for a long time. 

Place them on the top of the boxes

Once you properly pack your cutlery for the move, you should place them on the top of the moving boxes. Putting them at the top will allow you to easily unpack them once you are done with your move. Also, you won’t have to search for long when you want to prepare a meal once the relocation is over. The main reason why you need to place them at the top is to avoid any possible damages. It is the same with kitchen appliances. Sometimes it is for the best if you decide to store them and come back for them later. There are ways to safely store kitchen appliances you should know. Because it will allow you to preserve their quality and avoid any damages.

Packing cutlery is not a simple task and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Luckily, we wrote this little guide you can follow before you pack them for the move. If you have any tips and tricks of your own, you can share them with us. Leave a comment in the comment section below this article.

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