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Living in Blacklick Ohio is a dream come true for a lot of people. So, if you are one of them we have great news about living in this gorgeous place. Living in a rural area means having peace of mind and something to call your own. Let’s see how to spend your time in Blacklick Ohio.

About Blacklick Ohio

Blacklick Ohio is a community in Southern Jefferson Township. Living in Blacklick Ohio means having the beautiful Blacklick Creek flowing trough your living place.  The place is named for H.G Black. The climate is a humid continental climate that is perfect for those who like humid and warm summer and have no problem with cold winters. A hundred years ago Blacklick was a farm community. Today there are vintage farmhouses here, local shopping and churches. If you love living in a rural area you will be loving living in Blacklick Ohio.

Humid windows as a part of living in Blacklick
Get used to humidity if you plan on living in Blacklick

The median home value in Blacklick is $91,000 and rent is $1,100. Most of the holmes here are owned and about a third is rented.  Median household income is about $51,700. Blacklick is a family-friendly place with tight communities. You will always know your child is safe if you are living in Blacklick Ohio. Colombus moving services will get you here, to this gorgeous place. Here the law enforcement lives within the community. The closes school are the Colombus public schools and there also are private schools if you prefer.

Unpacking comes first

After you finished your move, and you recover your items from storage units Blacklick Ohio get ready to unpack! Most families love the unpacking part of the moving process. Settling into your new home has a special charm to it. Make sure you are well rested before you start unpacking. This is why packing an emergency bag is important. The emergency bag will have you covered for the first few nights. This will give you the time to rest and charge the batteries before you dig into work. Your emergency bag should hold everything you need for a couple of days to function normally. Start your days of living in Blacklick Ohio by packing your emergency bag with:

  1. Change of clothes and pyjamas
  2. Hygiene equipment
  3. Basic utensils
  4. Linen
toothbrush and tooth paste
Unpack your hygiene products first

Depending on your needs the content of your emergency bag can vary. But this is enough to get started in Blacklick Ohio. After you are well rested you are ready to start unpacking. Room by room unpacking is the most efficient way to pack and unpack as well. Start from the rooms you use the most like bedrooms and work your way to the storage areas last.

Settle into your new home properly

You would want everything settled nicely as you move in. This includes transferring your utilities and changing your address to a local post office. This is a place where you need to change your address. Or you can just visit the website of the postal service. Make sure you change the address for your gas, internet, phones, electricity, and water. Paying for them at your old place while not using them is a waste of money. Be sure to cleanse your new home as well.

After dealing with the technicalities feel free to roam around Blacklick Ohio. Get to know your new place of residence and your neighbors. Since this is a very family-friendly community your neighbors will help you get around. Do not feel shy and make some friends while living in Blacklick Ohio.

Making your house a home

What makes a house a home is a personal touch to it. Living in Ohio will be amazing after decorating your home. Hang pictures of your family on the wall as well as some art. If you have artistic friends it would be great to use their artwork as decor. This gesture is an appreciation for your friends’ talent and a personal touch to your home. Also, you can make some art on your own. Having more time on your hands means investing yourself more in your hobbies. You will learn to love and appreciate this over time if you already didn’t.

Make sure to have a lot of natural light in your home to make it look more open. Placing plants near the windows will amplify this effect. Do not forget to male your kids and pets comfortable as well. Personalize living space with DYI decoration. Making decoration is a great bonding activity to ease the stress of moving. Make a housewarming party for your friends and new neighbors. Bond over barbecue, drinks and maybe some games.

Living in a rural area-what to expect

Living in Blacklick Ohio means living a rural dream. This means you will have more privacy which is a dream come true for a lot of people. You will have a large garden to enjoy. Pets and kids will love your new big garden with a lot of places to play in. Living in a rural area will ease stress levels and anxiety. You can grow your own food and dedicate yourself to farming as well. Growing food will benefit your entire family’s health.

a woman in the field
If you love nature, you will love Blacklick

More time on your hands is a great advantage of living in a rural area. Since everything is fairly close you will have more time to dedicate to yourself and your family. This will lead to more bonding time and a happy family as a result. Coming from the city this will have a huge positive impact on your life.


Living in Blacklick Ohio will be a positive change in your life. That is why, not only will you have more time on your hands, but you will live in peace and with nature. Being close to nature is what most of us strive to. Use this opportunity to better yourself in every way and enjoy your life in a rural area. Lets the new chapter of your life begin.

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