Guide to buying your first home in Pickerington

Before The MoveOctober 9, 2022

It is that time of life when you are buying your first home. You are nervous and confused. Friends and family are giving out different advice and you can’t seem to decide anything! Worry no more. If you plan to buy your first home in Pickerington OH, we got your back. We are going to give you a guide for buying your first home in Pickerington. After that, all you will need to do is book your move with moving and storage Columbus Ohio company and get ready for your new life!

If you do it right you will easily find your first home

Along with our tips and tricks, this task is no longer going to be overwhelming. Firstly, it is important to research before you buy a home. Also, you should consider getting some help from a real estate agent if possible. They will be your great assistance. Moreover, a tricky situation may occur if your property is not ready (we will get to that later) and you need to get moving from your old home. A great solution is renting storage containers Columbus Ohio has to offer, for storing things during this situation. These are some of the things that you need to think about as a new buyer in Pickerington, Ohio.

Guide for the first-time home buyers in Pickerington

Pickerington is a great family place. Its residents love this suburb of Columbus because it is well-organized and diverse. Residents feel safe here. By moving to Pickerington, you will have a quiet and peaceful life all while being close to a bigger city. There may not be much adult nightly entertainment, but there are always sporting events, arts, and summertime activities for the whole family.

Because this is the ideal place to buy a family home, narrow down your location after researching neighborhoods in Pickerington. Prepare your documents on time and decide whether you are going to apply for loan programs. Of course, the fun part is touring the houses and choosing a perfect match. Choose according to your needs and budget! An important thing when budgeting is asking for free moving quotes Columbus Ohio companies offer. This way you will know how much you are going to pay for your move.

family unpacking moving boxes
Pickerington OH is a family-friendly, safe environment!

Check out loan opportunities Ohio offers for its newcomers

Starting with the more serious and boring side of buying a property, and finances. As a buyer in Pickerington, you are eligible to apply for several loan opportunities. A first-time homebuyer is someone who hasn’t owned a stake in their house in the prior three years, according to HUD’s definition. Even if you simply shared a house with a former spouse or owned mobile home, you may still qualify as a first-time buyer. Before receiving the full benefits, you must remain in the home for several years and meet certain income requirements. Programs you can apply for are:

  • Your Choice! Down Payment Assistance
  • Grants for Grads
  • The mortgage tax credit for buying your first home in Pickerington
  • Communities First- Down Payment Assistance

All of them are available statewide. The first two are forgivable loans, offerings of 2,5% or 5% of the property purchase price. The federal tax credit can go up to 2,000$. For the second down payment, assistance is offering 3%, 4%, or 5% grants of the home purchase price. Now, each of them has requirements. The be eligible to apply for the first three programs, your income must not go over or under the amount of $51,200 to $137,760, If you opt for the first program you must live in the home for 7 years. If your choice is the second program you are required to live 5 years in the house, and for the last two there are no restrictions. Communities First program requirements vary by county- range from $86,595 to $113,160.

two people signing a document
Consult with local authorities about the issuance of documents

What documents do you need for buying your first home in Pickerington

It is easy to get lost in paperwork and administration. Especially if you are working alone. Forgetting essential documents may slow down your home-buying process and cause unwanted situations. Because we understand how stressful it can be to keep a track of every document here are documents that must be a part of your property purchase.

The first important document is The Sale Deed, which contains proof of the sale and transfer of property from the builder to the individual. As a guarantee of your ownership, you will ask local authorities for The Mother Deed document. If you want to reserve a property that is presently being built, an Allotment Letter is essential. Banks typically request these two documents when a buyer applies for a loan against a property. 

Paper that will contain all of the agreements and negotiations about the price is The Sale and Purchase Agreement. First-time homebuyers should avoid purchasing a house without a Completion Certificate. Since to use utilities like the water supply, electricity, and drainage system, you must present this paperwork. A Completion Certificate is a guarantee of home inspection. A Khata is a property identification document that contains details such as size and location.

In this transition period, you might need additional storage. Choose from a variety of storage units Pickerington Ohio has to offer. This way you can keep your items in a safe place while you are waiting to close the deal!

Three people discussing home insurance upon buying your first home in Pickerington
Prepare documents for buying your first home in Pickerington on time and store them carefully to avoid any misplacements

Are you ready to buy your first home?

It is time for adult life. A lot of people feel anxious and have many doubts when it comes to making big first steps. You are at the stage of life when you are purchasing your first residence. A lot of confusion is occurring because your friends and family are offering you conflicting suggestions! With the help of our advice, buying your first home in Pickerington is no longer scary. Also, make sure to do some research on the city of Pickerington to ensure that this is the perfect place for your first home!


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