Communicating with your movers – why is it important?

Before The MoveMarch 15, 2022

Effective communication is key to everything. Well, almost everything! If you decide to move to the beautiful city of Columbus, communicating with your movers is a must. We will help you understand when and how to communicate with your preferred moving company!

Prepare everything before communicating with movers

Columbus is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Before you move to this beautiful city in Ohio, you should make some preparations. Firstly, take a pen and a piece of paper and list all your rooms. List each piece of furniture you have in each room. Then cross the “heavier” items. Only movers Columbus Ohio should transport “heavier” pieces of furniture. Transporting heavy furniture by yourself can only end in injuries and failure. However, you can transport “lighter” furniture in your or your friend’s car.

A living room
Make a list of heavy furniture for your movers to know – communicating with your mover is a must.

Have a conversation with a moving company before hiring them

Secondly, try arranging a free no-obligation consultation. It can be a face-to-face consultation. Or a virtual one. A reliable moving company has good communication with its clients. If a company declines this consultation, consider hiring another moving company. Free no-obligation consultation will help you express your needs. For example: inform your company where you currently live, when you want to move, and where exactly you are planning on moving to. With this information, they will probably give you an estimated moving price.

Communicate openly with your movers

Thirdly, when you decide which company suits you best, contact them. If you plan on moving to Ohio, you should contact one of the many residential movers Columbus Ohio. It is best to give them all the crucial information (that you have already written down) – what heavy furniture you have and in which rooms they are. Moreover, inform them if you live in a two-storage house and have some “heavier” things on the second floor. Your moving company will be grateful for all the preparations you did.

Moving worker packing boxes
Packing and organizing space will help you move faster

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions

When you first contact your moving company, don’t be afraid to communicate all your needs. Express your concerns and ask for anything you’re not 100% sure about. You can check most of the information on the company’s website. For example: if they offer packing and unpacking services, if they offer storage containers Columbus Ohio or not, etc. You can and should always ask about the price. They will probably estimate moving costs thanks to the crucial information you provide them with.

When communicating with your movers about price, remember that the price depends on:

  1. Distance between two cities – the further the cities, the greater the cost
  2. Quantity of furniture – the more belongings you move, the bigger the price is
  3. Moving date – moving during the weekend or holidays is more expensive
  4. Moving supplies
  5. Travel fees – travel fees depend on the distance between two cities

Ask about special offers

Standard offers consist of residential storage. However, many companies offer special deals. They are helpful for different situations. Some of them might include short-term storage and long-term storage. Long-term storage options can be especially great if unexpected changes occur. For example, if you’re having issues moving into a new place, a long-term storage option is the best option. Climate-controlled storage and student storage are also great options. Special options vary from company to company. Therefore you shouldn’t assume anything. Always ask and communicate about everything that isn’t 100% clear. Don’t be afraid to ask about anything, if it’s about terms and conditions or the price and durability of special offers.

Two people shaking hands
Good communication is crucial in every business.

Listen actively

This advice seems pretty obvious. Or so it seems. One of the many keys to successful communication is active listening. Not only will you find out much more information, but you will also show respect. And that really matters. If you listen actively and show genuine interest in the conversation, the moving company can even offer you some useful moving tips. For example, if you pack your furniture yourself and use your supplies, the price of transportation will cost less.

Be respectful and patient when communicating with movers

Lastly, communicating effectively with your company is one of the crucial parts. Always show respect and patience when communicating with your movers. By being respectful and understanding, you’re making this process much more pleasurable. Both for you and for the moving company. Even if you planned everything perfectly, sudden changes could always happen. That’s why you should always be respectful and patient.

A man talking on the phone
Stay in touch with your moving company

Update your movers if something unexpected happens

It’s best to give your number and email address to the moving company you hired. You should at least give them your full name, phone number, and email address. If they lose or mix up either of them, they can still contact you via another option. In case of any emergency or sudden change, they will be able to reach out. And vice-versa. Some unexpected occurrences can always happen. For example, you can catch COVID-19, which means you won’t be in condition to move. That’s why it’s so important to stay in touch with your movers and update them on any changes that occur. If any changes happen on your side, you can always contact your moving company via customer support service. It’s better to contact them via call because emails usually don’t get replied to as fast as calls. We wish you a stressless and fast move. Welcome to the beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio!

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