Common moving day mistakes to avoid

Moving Day TipsMay 11, 2021

Relocating your home is not an easy achievement. One must organize moving logistics, pack properly, and search for residential movers Columbus Ohio. In such a hectic environment, there is always a chance for a moving mishap. Therefore, we will use this article to help you by pointing out all the moving day mistakes to avoid. Read along and let’s cover this one together.

Good preparation is the prevention

If you prepare everything upfront and create a good moving plan, there shouldn’t be any unfortunate events. Yes, it’s easy to say but a bit harder to execute such a thing. But do not worry, we will help you and guide you through the process. Start with the home inspection. Check out all the rooms inside your home as well as the attic, garage, basement, and backyard. Ensure you create a moving checklist with all the responsibilities, errands, and chores. As well as an inventory list with all the furniture and belongings you want to relocate. If you do it right, you’ll have a personalized guide to follow as you move forward.

A couple coins on the table
Evaluate the whole situation and prepare an adequate moving budget.

Now, while inspecting your home, you will stumble upon many unused, old, or broken items. Pile them up and do some proper decluttering. Not only that your move will be easier, but cheaper as well. Not to mention that you’ll start fresh in your new apartment and have more space in general. And when you realize how hard it is and how many belongings you have, you can start calculating the budget and start searching for a moving company. Not creating a moving checklist is one of the relocation mistakes to avoid. Hence, assemble yours and use it as a reminder to stay on track and on schedule.

Hire movers you can trust

One of the biggest moving day mistakes is to hire a fraudulent moving company. Such a company can damage or steal your goods or ask for unexpected charges and be late on a moving date. And it is nothing unusual because you have scammers in all lines of business. Therefore, you must search for a proper moving company online. Browse a bit and in a matter of minutes, you’ll find a few eligible candidates. Then, give them a closer look. Compare services, prices, moving reviews, and check their website thoroughly. Narrow your search down and choose one that meets all the requirements.

Mover holding a couch
Find a reliable and experienced moving crew to assist you all the way.

Once you are sure your Zippy Shell Greater Columbus movers are the right choice, give them a call. Provide all the details regarding your move and ask all the important moving-related questions. Check if they possess the following:

  • License
  • Sizable moving vehicle
  • All the tools and equipment
  • Affordable moving services
  • Moving insurance

Packing-related relocation mistakes to avoid

The packing process has a lot of room for errors. If you do not cover this one in the right order, you can end up with damaged goods and a hole in your moving budget. Therefore, start by obtaining all the packing materials first. Gather enough cardboard moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and labels. You can also invest in higher-quality moving materials if your budget allows it. For example, corner pads, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, stretching foil, and plastic bins are all amazing materials but a bit more expensive. Although, you can always make a nice combination where you will use better materials for fragile and more expensive belongings while packing sheets, clothing, pillows, and other items in cheaper materials.

Using improper packing materials is one of the moving day mistakes to avoid
Use higher-quality packing materials and pack patiently.

So, avoid the mistake of running late and obtain all the packing materials beforehand. And remember the decluttering process we mentioned before, you can skip that one as well if you have no time for it. Simply pack everything and rent one of the storage units Dublin Ohio. Keep all your seasonal and unused items in your unit until the time comes to use them again. Check with your movers about the details of this amazing service.

Ensure your relocation is secured

Now you should check your moving checklist you have assembled earlier and make sure everything is in order. You surely already packed and ensured all boxes are labeled adequately. Then, check your moving contract and crunch the numbers. Make sure everything adds up and that the pickup and delivery date are ok. And you must evaluate all the moving services you purchased to be sure that there are no hidden costs or any surprises along the way. No one likes hidden fees and additional costs. So, you must do this one right.

And finally, think about the moving insurance. If you already purchased one from your movers, then fine. If not, ask your movers which kind of insurance they offer. Suppose you are not satisfied with basic coverage, you should obtain insurance coverage from a your insurance company. Especially if you possess many fragile and expensive pieces like artwork, antiques, or jewelry, and other valuables. All in all, a night before the move, sit down and evaluate all your personal documents and moving-related documents to make sure everything is in perfect order.

Think about safety and moving day mistakes to avoid

Now when everything is prepared and good to go, we must offer a final piece of advice. You mustn’t neglect your emotional and physical state while in the process of packing and moving. Moving is hard and you can easily burn out and even get sick. So, at least a week before moving, eat better, sleep more, drink enough fluids, take vitamins, and if you have time, exercise. It will do you good and you will be preparing both physically and emotionally to face your moving date.For everything else, there are moving services Columbus Ohio you already booked and set in motion. Trust in your movers and if you want, help them a bit.

Now you know more about the moving day mistakes to avoid. Hopefully, we pointed out something you could forget and make your relocation a bit safer. But we are sure you are already on your way toward a successful relocation. Just make sure your choice of a moving company is good and you shouldn’t have any problems. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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