Common hidden and forgotten costs of moving long distance to Gahanna

Moving SolutionsOctober 16, 2022

If you’re looking to relocate to a small safe community – look no further than Gahanna. Located just northeast of Franklin County, its name comes from three Native American tribes. Moving there can mean a significant change in your life if you’re used to living in a bigger city. Gahanna has around 35,000 residents, although it has a steady growth rate. This is a great city that you will love once you relocate there. But before you start preparing for your long distance move you need to learn about the forgotten costs of moving long distance to Gahanna. Just keep reading the article Zippy Shell Columbus has prepared for you and you will learn all about the forgotten costs.

Long distance relocations can be pricey

Moving companies will charge you more for a long-distance move than for a local move. Most probably, the costs are not going to be lower if you opt for a DIY move. Even though some people seem to think these are cheaper – there are lots of hidden costs when moving alone. That is why it is always recommended to hire professionals for a long-distance relocation. Moreover, different moving companies offer different prices. If one moving company offers you a terribly high price, request more moving quotes Columbus Ohio moving companies offer. Comparing these is going to allow you to pick the lowest offer. However, also consider what services are going to be included in the original bill. Lots of the time, if the quote is too low – you are going to have to pay more afterward. Keep that in mind to avoid hidden costs.

mover in a van can tell you about forgotten costs of moving long distance to Gahanna
Hiring professionals can be cheaper than DIY-ing your move

Consider the following hidden charges when moving long distance to Gahanna

People often forget these, and not everyone will tell you that you need to pay for them. For example, did you know they can charge you an environmental fee? Let’s see what else you can end up paying for:

  • An environmental fee simply means they’re going to charge you to safely dispose of the moving supplies.
  • Fuel fees. A long-distance relocation requires lots of fuel, so you’ll be charged some money to cover the expenses.
  • Tipping movers. This is especially important if they’re doing any physical work, e.g. taking your furniture inside and so on. Include a good tip when calculating your moving price. This is one of the most often forgotten costs of moving long distance to Gahanna.
  • Boarding kennel, or any other service for other animals. You don’t want your pets to run around the house while you’re moving in. Taking them to a pet hotel is the best idea if you can’t lock them in a single room.

Fixing damaged things is one of the forgotten costs of moving long distance to Gahanna

When relocating a lot of things can happen. Unfortunately, certain things can get damaged. Some of the items might break during transportation due to bad weather conditions or poor packaging. Whatever the reason for this damage maybe you will need to pay in order to repair your broken items. Moreover, sometimes you can end up scratching your floors or damaging corners of your walls when you are moving heavy furniture. Before you leave your home for good you will need to fix the damaged floor and walls. This costs money whether you decide to fix them on your own or hire a professional.

movers carrying a couch
If you scratch your floor you will need to pay for repairs

Storage services can be an additional cost

People will often need storage services for all kinds of things when they’re moving. It can be useful for you to store some of your stuff while you get additional wardrobes, for example. Or simply if you are moving to a smaller place, you will need some extra space for your items. For whatever reason, you end up needing storage, make sure to calculate this into your budget. Renting a storage unit doesn’t need to be expensive, however, it is still a hidden cost if you don’t add it up at the beginning of your move.

There are many affordable storage units Gahanna Ohio you can find. The price will depend on the size and the amount of time you want to rent it. Most commonly, the majority of moving companies will also offer storage services. Reach out to your movers and see if they can find you a unit you can use.

Moving boxes on the table
Frequently forgotten costs of moving long distance to Gahanna are the storage services

Moreover, you might require some storage containers. That’s also something that falls in the category of the most forgotten costs of moving long distance to Gahanna. These can come in handy if you want to put away your seasonal items. Instead of cluttering up your new home with things you don’t use often, organizing them in containers is going to give you more space. There are many storage containers Columbus Ohio companies can provide you with. If you think about this in advance you will be able to organize your finances, therefore this will no longer be a hidden cost.

Hire professionals and you will have nothing to worry about!

As you can see, there are many things you need to pay attention to. They say the devil is in the details, and that’s true here, as well. Good thorough research before the move is going to save you from lots of trouble later. Professional long distance movers Columbus Ohio are going to let you know well in advance how much the relocation will cost you. Others, which you need to avoid anyways, won’t share the costs with you. In order to avoid any hidden and forgotten costs of moving long distance to Gahanna, choose only the most reliable movers.



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