Best ways to minimize moving costs

Moving Day TipsSeptember 26, 2019

By now, everyone knows how demanding relocations are. You have to invest a lot of time, effort, and money if you want to at least try to avoid complications. That is why you should find a way to save all your resources. You need to be fast, save your nerves and your money every way you know how. No matter if you are looking to relocate an entire household or just to rent a good dorm room storage. And today we will help you save money by giving you some ideas on how to minimize moving costs. With good planning and preparation, everything is possible.

What are the best ways to really minimize moving costs?

Believe it or not, when it comes to relocation, there are ways to really cut down on the expenses. Sure, you can’t expect to relocate either your home or your business for free. That is just not the realistic expectation, even if you do everything on your own. If nothing else, you will have to pay for transport or gas, moving supplies such as moving boxes, and other additional costs. Moreover, you will lose so much time and energy trying to not spend a dime, all the while being dissatisfied because you are spending money.

minimize moving costs - coin money in jars
You can reduce your moving expenses if you start planning on time

On the other hand, you can hire reliable commercial professional movers if you are relocating your business or even the affordable dorm room movers, if you are in need of a small move, instead of big move. That way, yes, you will spend some money, but you will gain so much more. You will actually pay for certainty and guarantee that your belongings will remain safe throughout the move. And while doing that, you will save your nerves and time. So you can invest them in the other activities concerning the move. However, even if you hire professionals to do the job for you, don’t think for a second you can’t minimize moving costs. Therefore, avoiding professional help should definitely not be the option for decreasing costs.

Besides hiring a moving company, to minimize your moving expenses, you should:

  • plan on time and make a checklist,
  • set up the moving budget and stick to it,
  • choose the right time to relocate,
  • leave everything you can behind.

Good planning will cut your problems in half

Every good project needs to start with smart planning and organization. You can’t do things spontaneously and expect everything to turn out just fine. Of course, there will be complications along the way. Even if you are about to move locally. And of course, you will forget about something. Now, if you forget an old pair of socks behind the dresser, that doesn’t have to be a big problem. But, if you forget to notify your landlord you are moving out, or relevant parties that you are changing your address, that can cause some serious problems and complications.

a checklist
A good checklist will make your life much easier

Fortunately, most of the problems and complications can be solved with some additional money. But that sure won’t help you minimize moving costs, right? So, you need to avoid unpredictable events and have the situation firmly in your hands. And you will achieve that by planning things upfront and not let anything to chances. The best way to do that is by making a good checklist. Start writing it the minute you decide to move and put down everything you can remember. Prepare plan B in case something goes wrong and set aside some cash. It’s important to be prepared for different scenarios, and that way you will decrease expenses.

You must stick to your moving budget

Sure, it would be much easier to give the keys from your old and new home or business to some reliable moving company and have all your possessions moved overnight. But, can you afford that? Unfortunately, most people can’t afford that scope of moving services. However, you should see how much money you can spend on relocation, put it on paper and see what you can do with that.

There are many moving services you can use, even if you can’t afford full-moving services. Talk to your moving consultants and state your needs and your budget. They will help you decide whether you really need something or not. But, whatever you do, don’t go over your budget. That way you will be obliged to save and minimize moving costs.

The right time to relocate is crucial

If you really want to decrease the costs of moving process, you will be patient and flexible. That means you can’t relocate in two days and save money. The less time you have to prepare, the more expensive the move will be. So, be smart. See your options, talk to different movers and then decide on the best moving company that can meet your needs for reasonable prices.

a girl with a planner
Choose your relocation time wisely if you’re not in a hurry

And apart from knowing what services you can afford to hire, you should know the right timing. So, try to pick the date out of moving season and you will probably get some discounts. The same goes if you schedule moving day for the less busy days, such are Tuesday or Wednesday, for example. And it would be great if you can relocate in the middle of the month and avoid the beginning and the end of the month. All these decisions can substantially minimize the costs of moving.

Leave everything you can behind

If you want to minimize moving costs, you should decrease the number of items you are moving. Therefore, you must purge and get rid of every possible surplus you might own. See what can you sell and even earn some money. That will certainly help your moving budget. The other stuff in good condition can go to charity organizations or your friends. You shouldn’t move things you haven’t been using for a while nor you plan to. And you should find yourself a reputable mover. That will not only save your money while relocating but also your energy and space in your new home or offices.


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