Best ways to add value to your home in Pickerington

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If you are looking to sell your home, there are some improvements you need to introduce. Making your house more appealing to potential buyers is beneficial to your finances in the long run. However, this is not a cheap venture. That is why it is important to use your money wisely. The best way to add value to your home in Pickerington is to consult professionals. Just like Columbus moving companies will make your relocation easier, staging and decorating experts can make your house worth more. Some professional movers offer a variety of moving-related services and an array of advice regarding your home as well, including staging so check with your moving company if they have any advice too.

What are the best ways to add value to your home in Pickerington?

There are many factors that affect your home’s value, such as the economy or the neighborhood you live in. But you can contribute to the increase of your property price with renovations and upgrades. Some changes are more costly than others, and some are more demanding. But in general, they can all make a big difference when you put your house up for sale. Pickerington boasts a great housing market and adding extra value to your home is a profitable investment if you live in this fledgling suburb of Columbus. Some of the best ways to boost the value of your property are as follows:

  • put a fresh layer of paint
  • refurbish the kitchen and the bathroom
  • fix the heating system and the roof
  • freshen up your front yard
  • declutter
for sale sign
Boost the value of your property before putting it up for sales

Put a fresh layer of paint

Painting the house inside out will give it a fresh look and make it new and cleaner. The cost of the painting material is low, so this activity will not have a negative impact on your budget. Even if you do not plan on selling the house soon, a layer of paint on your walls will make the house more comfortable for living. Apart from painting the walls, you can also make the house more appealing by painting the old wooden floors. The alternative is to put wallpapers, curtains, drapes, or new carpets, to revitalize your house and make it more valuable. In case you wish to keep the old carpets or drapes or to store away extra material, use the best self-storage Hilliard Ohio has.

Refurbish the kitchen and the bathroom

Two pivotal rooms in every house are the kitchen and the bathroom. Keeping these two rooms clean and putting high-quality material into them can make a significant change in the overall image of your house and its value. Although this home improvement is costly, it can raise the value of your property by more than 5%. Therefore, this is money well invested. A well-planned and smartly decorated kitchen will sell your house in an instant. The majority of your renovation budget should be directed towards the kitchen and the bathroom. Find the best way to remodel these parts of the house and boost the value of your house as much as possible. If you wish to take something from your old kitchen to a new house, the best Columbus moving services will make sure your appliances and cupboards are safely transported.

kitchen to be refurbished to add value to your home in Pickerington
Remodel the kitchen to make your house more competitive in the market

Fix the heating system and the roof

Properties with simple and functional heating systems tend to sell fast and at a high cost. This is especially important for properties in Ohio due to long and cold winters. Remember that you can put potential buyers off with inadequate heating or a broken boiler. Another important part of the house is the roof. It needs to be safe, renovated, and well insulated. Ohio is one of the coldest regions in the United States, and people who are looking for a house to buy will need a house with good padding and quality weather-resistant materials.

Freshen up your front yard

If you own a big front yard, make sure it’s manicured nicely. Mown the lawn regularly, trim the hedge, water the flowers, and keep your front yard clean. Also, make sure the fence is not rusty or damaged. A well-maintained garden means less work for future homeowners. Add more value to your property by taking good care of your front yard. Plant a lot of flowers, evergreens, and decorative herbs such as lavender. A beautiful garden will make a big impression on the buyers and will also account for the high price of your property.

Decluttering can add value to your home in Pickerington

Houses filled with redundant items may discourage buyers. That is why it is important to get rid of the redundant stuff and only keep the essentials. There are various ways to lose the items you no longer need. You may sell them online or organize a garage sale. Alternatively, give them away to friends and family. Donating to a local charity is another option. However, you may wish to keep some of your stuff, but there is no room in the house. In this case, it is recommendable to rent one of the storage units Pickerington Ohio offers. Decluttering will leave a clear space and give the buyer a chance to visualize themselves living in the house.

Also, make sure to depersonalize the space as much as possible, as extra decorations do not add any value to your property. However, if you wish to freshen up the space a little, use neutral and inexpensive decorations.

a person cleaning the floor
Declutter and clean the house to make it more appealing to potential buyers

After decluttering, take some time to thoroughly clean the house. Hire a cleaning service or clean the house on your own. Make sure you wash the windows and the curtains, dust in high places, and mop the floors.

If you wish to add value to your home in Pickerington OH, you need to invest extra effort. All smart home improvements you make will bring you financial gain. Try to see your property through the eyes of a potential buyer and it will be easier for you to determine how to upgrade your home and boost its value.

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