Benefits of renting short-term storage in Grandview Heights

Storage PreparationApril 7, 2022

Renting short-term storage in Grandview Heights might seem like something you don’t need to do. But, a lot of people living in apartments have huge issues with storage space. If you ever need more space in your home than you have right now, what will you do? For example, you’re expecting a baby and need to designate a room for it. You have a smaller room that’s full of items that could be in storage. So, the ideal solution is renting short-term storage! And that’s just one of the benefits. Let us at Zippy Shell Greater Columbus present you with some of the biggest benefits of renting storage.


The biggest benefit of renting short-term storage is that there is much less commitment. You are the one who decides just how long you need the storage units Grandview Heights Ohio. There are no additional obligations that would pressure you to rent a temporary storage unit for longer than you need to. You might have just sold your home and downsized to a smaller apartment. Temporary storage will provide you with a place to keep your belongings safe until you figure things out.

A man using a forklift in a storage facility
One of the benefits of renting storage is that you will have professionals helping you

Maybe you just have a lot of furniture and other items that you plan to sell. These items are bulky and are occupying too much space in your home. So, renting short-term storage in Grandview Heights is the right way to go. No matter what your reasonings are, most temporary storage renters offer month-by-month leases and units of various sizes. So, you can pick the perfect sized unit and you will never need to commit to more than a month of rent. Many storage providers also offer mini storage or a variation of it. This is a smaller storage unit for fewer items.

If you are unsure of which size to pick, or how long you might need your unit, you can consult with the professionals. They will give you pointers and help throughout each step of the way.

You’re starting University or College

University or college students are the ones who benefit from short-term storage the most. When preparing to leave home for college, there is a number of things to pay attention to. First off, you need to find reliable dorm room movers and move your items to campus. During the school year, you will be in your dorm room with limited storage options. Many students simply decide to let go of a good chunk of their clothes or decorations when moving. But, if you are of those people who can’t just have a limited amount of options when it comes to assembling outfits, a storage unit will save you a big headache.

A picture of a dorm room
Dorm rooms are notorious for little to no storage space. That’s why you should consider short-term storage if you’re moving to college.

Additionally, a lot of students go back to their homes during the holidays. What if dorm rooms are being assigned all over again? You will need to keep your items safe somewhere. And moving all of your items from campus to home to campus again is just a lot of unnecessary work. A temporary storage solution will always be the best choice. What’s amazing about renting a short-term storage unit is that you can rent a bigger one and fit everything you own into it. It will be safe and secure and waiting for your arrival once you return.


When it comes to all of your belongings, security is a major concern for many. You will be glad to know that almost all storage units nowadays have functioning surveillance systems. Often you will see cameras in front of every single storage unit, as well as lights, access codes, and even alarms! So, you can rest assured that your items are being kept safe.

Before you decide on which storage unit you want to rent, make sure they have all of these security precautions. Ask the workers questions until you feel completely safe to leave your items in their care. Additionally, you can ask your storage providers for additional packing services. This might come in handy if you need to suddenly leave but can’t leave your belongings at your current home. Or if you simply don’t have the time to commit to packing up all of your items, you can sit back, relax, and let the packers take care of it.

Affordability when renting short-term storage in Grandview Heights

Instead of paying a year’s worth of storage space in advance, you can save money by renting a storage unit for however long you need it. Short-term storage units are very cost-effective if you’re unsure of how long you will need the storage. You can put your money to better use if you decide to rent a temporary storage unit. Invest your money into something more meaningful to you personally, and rent a storage unit that won’t leave a dent in your bank account.

A person holding money
Your wallet will thank you for choosing a short-term storage option.

Convenient access

Most storage unit providers offer access to their units 7 days a week. Now, depending on your needs, you can find units that offer 24/7 access. Usually, though, storage units can be accessed during the entire day and only the nights are off-limits. Most storage units nowadays send an automatically generated code for your storage unit to you via email. This will allow you to visit your unit whenever you need to without having to contact any managers at the company. Of course, for any additional explanations or questions, contacting your storage provider will be the solution.

So, when renting short-term storage in Grandview Heights, no matter for how long you need it, your storage company needs to fulfill your needs. Their contracts should be month-by-month and you should never feel pressure to rent for longer than needed. Whether you need to store furniture, clothes, or even a vehicle, your storage company should offer temporary storage options regardless.

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