A student’s guide for self storage

Storage SolutionsAugust 24, 2022

Getting into a college is usually an intersection of one’s life. Going to college is usually the first step to complete independency. Most people decide to move out of their parent’s house and start living independently. Some stay with their parents but start working to save up for their place. If you are coming from a smaller place to a big college city, the best option is to apply for living in one of the student dorms. Leaving your home and moving into an unknown place can be scary. Moreover, it can be exhausting physically, since you have to move all your belongings. If you are a college freshman, and preparing for a relocation, one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio gives you a detailed student’s guide for self storage. With this guide, you will move in no time and quite effortlessly.

How to prepare for moving to college? 

Moving to college is not that hard since you will not be packing your whole house, just your room. However, you will have to make a selection process and choose what you will need and what should stay in your home. That is why you should start packing a week before the moving date. That will give you time to separate and pack everything. Also, you will have time to replace or throw away anything. Packing in two days might seem like a great idea for procrastinators, but there is a big chance you will forget something, which is inconvenient if you are moving miles away. That is why good time organization is your first helper.

A drawer with clothes
Deciding what you need and what not might take the most time out of all steps.

Other steps you should follow are:

  • Making an appointment with movers
  • Decide what you need
  • Packing your belongings

Making an appointment with movers

The ideal time for contacting movers is as soon as you decide to move to the student dorm. Arranging an appointment in advance might help you get a lower relocation price. If you want to save up some more, do not move during the weekend or the holidays. These days are the busiest for moving companies since most people move during free days. When you arrange an appointment, prepare every question for the moving company. Ask them about the price, types of services, how long you will be able to use storage, are storage monitored, etc. Keep in mind that most storages such as storage units Columbus Ohio 43204 are lock-protected and monitored 24/7.

Decide what items you want to bring with you and what you want to keep in your storage 

Deciding what you need for college life is the hardest step in our student’s guide for self storage. If you have lived with your parents or caretakers most of your life, you get accustomed to having everything. That is why some things will not even cross your mind. For example, you probably won’t remember to pack some cutlery, laundry bag, pots, etc. That is why you have to sit down and write everything you have in your room. Then cross out everything you won’t be using less than once a week. Everything else will be more than useful. After deciding what to bring, look around other rooms in your home and write down what you need for cooking, cleaning, showing, etc.

Absolute essentials you should pack are clothes, bedding, shoes, underwear, books, laptop, towels, beauty and hygiene products, personal documents, charger, basic cutlery, some plates, pots, and smaller cooking devices such as stoves, etc. Other than personal documents and laptops, all these things can be put in storage. Still, it’s best to check out what cannot be stored since each company has its own rules. Before you pack, you can put aside a few shirts and pants, a wallet and charger, and put everything into a self storage Hilliard Ohio, which should be close to your college, so that you can move everything bit by bit.

Packing basic kitchenware is an essential part of a student’s guide for self storage.

Packing your belongings 

After you decide what you are putting into storage, you will need to pack it. Choose enough boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap. The best way to pack is to designate a couple of boxes per room. You can label the boxes with a specific color to distinguish them easily. For example, you can use a blue marker for the bathroom, red for the kitchen, green for the bedroom, etc. That way, you will unpack much easier. You should have a separate box for all essentials that you will be moving directly to your dorm and not into storage. You should label it differently than the rest of the belongings.

If you have some fragile items, wrap them with bubble wrap and secure them with plastic tape to make sure you won’t damage them. Other items you can put directly into the boxes. After packing everything, seal the boxes shut and wrap them with an additional layer or two of plastic wrap. This will protect the belongings from possible commotions during the transport with residential movers Columbus Ohio has to offer.

A man surrounded by boxes thinking about students guide for self storage
Moving to college might be emotionally and physically exhausting. That is why you need to take some rest.

Student’s guide for self storage -conclusion

To sum it up, packing for a student move is not as hard as you might think as long as you organize well and follow our student’s guide for self storage. After you book an appointment with movers, it’s time to declutter and decide what you need and don’t. After separating everything, pack your belongings. You can use one box for essentials and other boxes for belongings that will go to a storage unit. After packing everything, sit down and take some rest. Moving can be exhausting in many ways, but mostly emotionally and physically. However, you have done more than 50% of the work. All you need to do after that is relocate and unpack, which requires less energy and time.


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