4 reasons students are moving to Columbus

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People are stating there is a legit reason for students to relocate to Columbus Ohio. Lately, it gained a status of a utopia for students and young individuals alike. So, if you can’t find the answer to why this is happening, we will help you with this one. On top of it, we will help you prepare for the upcoming relocation and find one of the moving and storage Columbus Ohio companies to assist you. Let’s cover the reasons students are moving to Columbus.

Each relocation requires a good moving service

When it comes to relocation services, there are quite a few that can turn the tide. There are dorm room storage solutions, packing services, local relocations, and long-distance ones. But what matters the most is the reputation of the company you hire. You must be sure your company is licensed and legit before you give them a call. So, while searching for movers, consider the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Safety standards and protocols.
  • Moving services and prices.
  • Mover’s experience and reputation.
white moving company van
When the time comes, find a reliable moving company and choose a suitable moving service.

Simply compare your movers across the board before you contact them. Check out reviews and feedback and if possible, read social media comments. Those are great to figure out if your moving company is good or not. As for moving services, once you confirm your moving company is reliable, you can easily settle down for what you need the most. We recommend you check packing and storage Columbus Ohio as the best and most utilized ones.

Learn more about Columbus OH

This is among more famous cities in the entire US. The City of Columbus is the largest city in Ohio and as such, it has everything a big city needs. We can easily compare it to Miami, New York, or Los Angeles. All the quality shopping, restaurants, coffee places, and amazing architecture can be found here. But most importantly, it is a family-friendly place with many outdoor activities for you and your family. You will be astonished by the nature that surrounds this place. Columbus has the great outdoors with many places to swim, hike, walk, and ride a bike. Therefore, to live a healthy life, raise a family, and continue your career and education, move to Columbus. But as far as we can see, you have already decided on doing that. A wise choice indeed.

It is fairly cheap to live in. That is one of the reasons students are moving to Columbus

Yes, with so many perks and such beauty, this city is cheap as well. Firstly, the housing market is incredible. The median price is around $190k which is almost 20% below the national average. That is unbelievable. Then, we have 10% less than the national average in healthcare, transportation, utilities, and groceries. Again, Columbus is beyond affordable to live in. And the reasons students are moving to Columbus are obvious now. The job market is appealing while schools are great. At the same time, the housing market and everything else is cheap. Why would you live anywhere else? So, all that is left to do now is to sort out your budget, call your movers, choose one of the moving services Columbus Ohio, and hit the road. Columbus awaits!

affordable prices are among the reasons students are moving to Columbus
Columbus is an extremely affordable city to live in. Your savings will grow exponentially.

Educational opportunities are amazing

There are almost 300 public and private schools in Columbus. The city spends around $18k per student while the national average is around $12k. This can tell you a lot about the school system and how much the State of Ohio and Columbus are investing in youth. So, whether you are attending your first year of college or you are planning on advancing, this is the place to go. We must mention the forever famous Ohio State University as one of the best options in the area. Then, right behind you have the following:

  • Franklin University.
  • Columbus College of Art & Design.
  • Columbus Community College.
  • Capital University.
  • Ohio Dominican University.
  • DeVry University.

The list goes on and on but you should do your own research for the specific ones. If you like what you see, you should obtain the info required and contact your dorm room movers. Start heading to Columbus as soon as possible.

Finding a job is easy. It is another among reasons students are moving to Columbus

Ok, we already said that the job market is one of the reasons students are moving to Columbus. And the fact that you can easily find a job is another reason to move here. Even if you do not know what you are looking for, it is still a good place for a brand new start. Later on, you’ll find your way once you get on your feet and figure things out. But it is an even better place for those that have a clear purpose and know exactly what their career path should look like. Therefore, before you begin applying for jobs, research the job market a bit because the list of possible positions is quite extensive. Lately, the most popular ones are jobs related to Data Centers, Fashion, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Logistics, Retail, Technology, and Manufacturing.

two women having a conversation
Job offers are amazing. Pimp up your CV and apply for the job of your dreams!

Quality of life in general

Lastly, after everything we mentioned you probably think there couldn’t be anything else. But there is. We have one more thing you should be aware of. Maybe you know that Columbus is a car city. Obviously, with such a quality of life and cheap prices in general, everyone can afford a vehicle. Although, you should know that public transportation in Columbus is impeccable. Some people simply do not want to drive while others can’t stand being stuck in traffic or being unable to find a parking spot. Therefore, we have a Cbus that will transport people who work in the Downtown area, Short North, and the German Village. This public transport solved a lot of problems with traffic and made it possible for many people to commute to work on a regular basis. One more thing, it is free of charge. Yup, we know, Columbus is amazing!

The reasons students are moving to Columbus are quite simple. The city is affordable, prosperous, beautiful, and diverse. What more do you need? Hopefully, we managed to provide enough information for you to confirm all the rumors you have heard about it. If not, do your research and you’ll surely find much more. Good luck and stay safe.

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