What to do with moving boxes after office relocation

After the moveNovember 3, 2021

After relocating home you will have a lot of packing materials on your hands. What to do with leftovers and moving boxes after office relocation? That is a good question. Your Columbus moving companies can’t help you much with this situation. So, you must do this by yourself. There are several ways to get rid of your packing materials and we will provide the most common ones.

Let your movers take them away

As we said, you’re the only thing your commercial movers Columbus Ohio can do is to take the materials with them. Yes, they will take it all off your back and probably recycle it to put it back into the rotation. But before you decide on this solution, think if you need any of the boxes for your garage, loft, or anything similar. The easiest way is to simply throw them away. But before we do that, let us check out a few great uses for them. Then you can decide if you want to keep them or not.

give your moving boxes after office relocation to your moving company
Let your movers take them away. It is the easiest way to get rid of all the boxes you have.

Sell moving boxes after office relocation

A good way to get rid of moving boxes after office relocation is to sell them online. You will do it easily over social media or via Craig’s list. Just put the price at 50% of the original value and they will sell in a matter of seconds. Or if you do not care much about the money from this source, do the following:

  • Donate to local charities.
  • Send them over to the nearest recycling center.
  • Give them to friends.
  • Keep them for the future.

Whatever you choose, it will be ok. Just do not let them end up somewhere in the field or in the trash bin. Cardboard boxes are easily reusable several times before recycling.

Keep your boxes for the future

If you have enough space at home, you can easily keep your moving boxes after office relocation. All you must do is remove the tape and break them apart. Put them back in their original state and stack them flat on the ground somewhere. Although, it must be a dry space if you do not want them to get moldy and stale. If you have enough space in your attic, basement, or in your garage, you will easily keep them for future use.

Cardboard box with a note inside
Cardboard can be reused in many different ways. Choose one and get right to it.

But if you do not have enough space, maybe this is the time to think about renting one of the storage facilities Columbus Ohio. You are moving anyway and people usually rent units for this occasion. Therefore, if you have more stuff than you can handle, rent a storage unit to keep your unused items there. Stack your boxes there as well because you will need them in the future for sure.

Reuse moving boxes after office relocation

Even if you used packing services, you could keep all the packing materials your movers brought. Of course, if you paid for it all. And if you keep all those boxes with you, you will raise the value of the service as well. So, as we mentioned before, keep your boxes stored in your home and use them over time.

For example, you can use them while gardening or working in your garage. They can support your hobbies, work, or you can craft lots of stuff with reusable cardboard. You can support your kid’s science projects, create ornaments, a cardboard slide, dollhouse, or puzzle games. And they will surely help you out if you want to organize a garage sale. For something like that, you’ll need a lot of boxes for sure.

Now you know how to get rid of moving boxes after office relocation. Or how to keep them. It is up to you entirely if you want to toss it all out or reuse it. Hopefully, we provided enough material for you to make the final decision. Good luck.

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