Useful Tricks for Decluttering Before Moving Abroad

Before The MoveJanuary 30, 2023

Moving abroad was never easy. Most of the time it is a costly and stressful endeavor. And it can be quite emotional simply because you are leaving your old neighborhood and you must get rid of most of your furniture and belongings. Taking everything with you will be way too expensive. So, it is time for decluttering before moving abroad. We will help you get the most out of it and in the process, we will organize and find one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio to assist you. Let’s take a look.

Work on Your Packing and Moving Plan First

The first thing to do is to realize how hard your relocation is. You must cover all the legalities, budget, and packing process on time. This way you won’t have any unpleasant surprises along the way. So, the ultimate solution is to create a moving checklist. Having everything on paper will prevent forgetting something and staying on schedule. Hence, inspect your furniture, belongings, and the environment. Make sure everything is in order and that you have the inventory list ready for your long distance movers Columbus Ohio. They need the basic info so they can bring enough workers and proper equipment and vehicles.

Create a plan for decluttering before moving abroad
Sort through your items first to figure out what to keep and what to remove.

Once you do this, decluttering before moving abroad will be much easier. Tuck in everything we have mentioned and start searching for packing supplies. Decluttering comes later once you start packing. And we shall explain what that part looks like as well.

Moving Services You Should Think About

You might want to consider opting for additional Columbus moving services to make your relocation easier and more efficient. It all depends on your time and the budget you have. But keep in mind that some services can turn the tide and make this relocation the easiest thing ever. There are storage services, packing services, assembling and disassembling services, and much more. Especially if you have specific items like a gun rack, king-sized bed, home safe, piano, or a pool table. Movers have the means and the knowledge to relocate those items safely. As long as you have a reputable moving and shipping company by your side, you shouldn’t fear investing a bit more in your relocation project.

Packing and decluttering before moving abroad

The packing process is where everything should unfold. One thing is to inspect items in order to purchase enough packing materials. It is something else to weed out all the items you do not need anymore. The downsizing process can take weeks. It all depends on how many items you have. So, start early and start decluttering as soon as you realize you are moving. Begin with the obvious areas of your home like a basement, garage, loft, and yard. Remove all the garbage and outdated items. We are sure you have old electronics, clothing, and furniture there. Once you do this, move inside your home and cover all rooms in the same fashion.

A woman carrying boxes for decluttering before moving abroad
Decluttering before moving abroad happens at the same time as packing.

You should pack while decluttering as well. The two tasks go well together simply because you will shuffle through your items anyway. And you do not want to do it twice. So, while covering one area of your home, make sure you have a few cardboard boxes and plastic bins nearby so you can fill them up.

Renting a storage unit can help you with to declutter before moving abroad

If you do not know what to do with excess items, there is a great solution for decluttering before moving. Simply rent storage Hilliard Ohio unit and leave all your items there. This is especially good if you are moving for business and intend on coming back at some point. If not, this is probably not the solution for you. It is better to sell everything and move abroad. Although, if you still want to rent a storage unit, there are some amazing options out there. Call one of the local moving companies and they will tell you all about it. It is cheap, safe, and easy to maintain.

Handling extreme clutter is not easy at all

Sure, you will set aside all items that are worth something. Some items have emotional value while others are flat-out expensive. Regardless of the nature of your clutter, some homes have so much of it, that it will easily fall into an “extreme clutter” category. Now, we are not saying you are a hoarder but simply gather old stuff or keep yours in the garage and basement. Usually, these are old furniture, outdated electronics, clothing, etc. All with the idea to use it someday. We all think we will fix that old TV at some point. Truth be told, it will sit inside the garage for 15 years, and then we will throw it away.

Extremely cluttered room
If you have extreme clutter in your home, maybe you’ll need professional assistance.

The problem is when it accumulates so much that you can’t deal with it anymore. You’ll easily end up with such items in all areas of your home which can be a huge problem. To solve this problem, you can organize a decluttering project and gather your friends and family and sort it all out within a couple of days. Once you have a huge pile of items, call one of the junk removal agencies and they will take it all away. You simply have no time or means to handle such a heap of items. And that is where these companies come in and solve the problem. So, if you have extreme clutter on your hands, sort it out as soon as possible. You won’t need any of it now when you are moving abroad.

The Solution for Everything Is out There

Now that you covered the packing and decluttering, it is time for the final touch. Yes, to get rid of everything. Luckily, there are quite a few options to do this. Firstly, the obvious one is to ask your friends, family, relatives, coworkers, or neighbors if they need any of it. Then, you can donate to people in need. Simply stop by a local church or find a local charity organization. They will even schedule a pickup on some occasions and stop by your house. Also, you can sell everything online or if you have time, organize a garage sale. Lastly, you can simply throw everything away or recycle it at the local recycling facility. The choices are there just figure out if you have the time and patience to do it.

Now you know what decluttering before moving abroad should look like. To be honest, it is a boring and time-consuming process. But it is something we must do at some point. And what better occasion than when relocating abroad? Find time to do it, and you’ll save a lot of money and money in the long run.

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