The essentials bag for kids; what to pack?

Moving Day TipsFebruary 19, 2021

Relocation can often be a stressful process to go through. Moreover, going through it with children can be even difficult. Not only will you have to prepare and pack everything, but you will also have to make sure your kids are happy. That is why you should pack an essentials bag for kids when on the road. This will help you keep them happy and content until you arrive in your new home. Hiring movers Columbus can help you prepare for relocation but you should prepare everything for the road. The essentials bag should contain everything you and your children need while on the road. This is especially important if you are moving on longer distances and require longer to arrive at your new home.

What should the essentials bag for kids contain?

Depending on how old your child is, you should aim to pack everything they need throughout the day in the moving essentials bag. This is especially important if you have a toddler or a young child. Having all the essentials by your side at all times can help you avoid unnecessary stress during your journey. Moreover, it can help your child feel calmer and content. Keeping your children happy during this process is helpful both to them and yourself. You will have time to focus and relax for a while during the relocation process.

a family sitting on the floor high fiving their daughter after pakcing the essentials bag for kids
To make sure your child feels included you can ask what toys does it want to be packed inside the bag
  • An essentials bag should cover all the basic needs of your child for the day
  • You should pack your own essentials bag
  • The content inside will help your child remain stress-free and calm
  • Pack the essentials bag a day before moving date

Pack food and water for the road

Food and water are absolutely the most important things you should pack when moving. Especially if you are up to a long journey to your new home. Namely, to avoid eating by the side of the road, you should prepare some food to eat while travelling. This does not have to be cooked dishes or anything complex. Instead, prepare some sandwiches and snacks to have in case anyone gets hungry. Moreover, it is crucial to have a bottle or two of water by your side. Depending on how long you travel, you should ensure that you and your children are hydrated. This will help lower the stress levels in case of a long journey and will keep everyone happy.

Extra clothes are always welcome

Make sure you prepare some extra clothing for your child while on the road. This is mostly a precaution measure. Moreover, it also may depend on how old your child is. If you are moving with a toddler you should bring extra diapers and clothes. If your child is a bit older but still young you should bring an extra shirt in case of sweat or stains. Packing extra clothes will help your child avoid tension and discomfort it might feel when travelling.

baby clothes in various colours on top of a bed
Having extra clothes by your side is a good precautionary measure to take before going on the road

So, have extra clothes near you at all times and you will be set for the road. If you are moving across the state, having extra clothes is a must when moving with children. Before you start packing your children backpack see if the clothes are clean and fresh. Place them in a reachable spot so you do not have to take everything out to reach them.

The essentials bag for kids must include toys

Toys are a big part of your child’s life. Not only do these toys help them interact with the world around them they also provide comfort and stress relief. Due to that, you should always have a couple of toys by your side while on the road. Separate a couple of your kids favourite toys and put them in the bag. Usually, your children will play with these toys most of the time so you should keep them close at hand.

a baby girl playing with stuffed animals on a bed
When packing toys for your child to play on the road you can also include the child in the process of choosing which toys to pack

Moreover, you can even put them on the back seat and your child can simply pick them up if it wants to play with them. Make sure you put toys on the moving day checklist as they should be packed last. Not only will toys help soothe your child but they will also allow it to feel more comfortable with the whole relocation process.

An activity to help your child feel relaxed while moving

Another great way to reduce stress levels in your child while moving is to have some sort of activity your child can do while on the road. For instance, you can pack a colouring book in the essentials bag for kids to help them focus on something else. You can also bring a tablet or give them your phone to watch some fun videos. Of course, this all depends on the age of your child. So, based on the child age you should provide enough entertainment and activities to keep its attention throughout the journey. Your child might feel bored on the road and the bag should contain something to entertain them, as well as calm them.

The bag should contain the “first-night” essentials

The first night essentials are items your child will need on the night you arrive. If you moved your items to storage units Grandview Heights Ohio you will need to pack items for the first night with you. Especially if your child is young. Make sure you pack a toothbrush, medication, extra clothes and blankets. Basically, pack everything your child will need for one night. This way you will ensure that you do not break the sleeping routine, which can help your child cope better with the move. So, an essentials bag for kids should always have basic hygiene items, extra clothes and blankets. This way you ensure you satisfy all the basic needs of your child on the first day of the move.

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