Are you moving in the Westerville area and looking to store your items safely during your relocation? Or do you just live here and you want to put some of your belongings in storage. Well, whatever the reason you need storage, we can assist you! Here at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage, we offer the best storage units Westerville Ohio for your every need! Check out our storage solutions and see if they fit what you’re looking for!

Westerville – some history

Also known as the”Dry Capital of the World” because of its strong animosity towards alcohol during the prohibition, this city has a long and interesting history. When you walk the streets of Westerville, you can almost feel the heritage seeping out of every vestibule. However, this isn’t why Westerville’s population has been growing over the last couple of years. The main reason for this expansion is that this town is a leader in job creation for two counties it spreads across.

a Charlie Chaplin statue in Westerville, OH
Westerville is an interesting place to live in.

The city boasts a strong, growing economy and good living conditions. It is only twenty miles from the state’s capital so it’s well connected to the rest of the nation and its residents can utilize all the opportunities Columbus has to offer. In addition to this, it offers a calmer atmosphere than the huge city it’s next to. So, that’s why more and more people are hiring affordable movers in Columbus and moving to this small town on the outskirts of Columbus.

What makes our units so great?

The thing that makes our storage units Westerville Ohio so amazing is that you can customize them perfectly according to your needs. We offer a wide variety of storage plans you can choose from. This way, our clients are able to choose the units and plan which fit them the best. Also, in the highly unlikely event that none of our plans suit you, we also offer self-storage services in Columbus. So, you can choose how you store your own things in our units.

Residential storage

This is the type of storage people usually think of when they say “storage”. Anyone of legal age can get one of these units, and they can prove very useful in various types of situations! However, whether you’re moving or need some extra space in your home, our storage units Westerville Ohio won’t let you down! They are easy to use and always accessible and they’ll make your relocation a piece of cake! So, you can rest easy while our reliable storage professionals in Columbus are taking care of your items.

Residential storage units in Westerville Ohio.
You can rely on our residential storage!

Commercial storage

Apart from residential, we also offer reliable business storage. Our storage units helped many small businesses relocate without stress or hassle each year. Also, we help even more of them conduct their daily businesses with the help of storage units Westerville Ohio. You can use our commercial storage services in Ohio to store some of your paperwork and keep your business neat and tidy. This will allow you to organize your business better and expand it in time.

Military storage units in Westerville Ohio

At Zippy Shell Moving and Storage we believe that our nation’s bravest deserve special treatment. That’s why we’ve designed a special storage plan just for the needs of USA’s military personnel. So, if you’re one of our country’s soldiers in need of storage, contact us and we’ll help you! Apart from this, we also offer military moving services in Columbus to help our soldiers relocate for work.

US Marines in ceremonial uniforms.
We offer special storage options for our country’s bravest.

Storage duration

With all of our storage plans, it’s hard not to find the one that suits you. However, we offer even more customization by allowing you to choose for how long you’ll want to rent the unit. You can choose between:

  • Short-term storage if you need to keep your items safe for a week or two before or after your move, our storage units Westerville Ohio are the best choice. We will keep your items in one piece until your relocation and we’ll help you ship them to your new destination. For this option, your belongings will be in highly mobile storage containers so you can move them at a moments notice.
  • Long-term storage – this is a more conservative storage unit solution. It will allow you to keep your belongings in one of our storage units for a longer period of time.

    Some shipping containers.
    Do you need storage containers for fast shipping or storage units for a long-term storage?

Storage size

You can choose storage units of various sizes to accommodate all your things. We have enough space in our units to pack an entire household. Or, if you have very few items you want to store, we’ve also got a solution for you! When you’re measuring how much space you’ll need, make sure you take into account the space you’ll need to enter the unit, though.


In addition to all that we’ve mentioned, our storage units are modern and secure. Nothing will happen to your items while they’re under our care. Our storage units Westerville Ohio will allow you to reach your items on a short notice, any time you need them.

Why go with Zippy Shell?

You should rent our storage units because we offer a wide range of options. This way you can fit your storage perfectly to what you need. So, by hiring us, you’ll make sure that you get the best storage solution. Apart from this, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage aim to provide the best service possible to our clients. Thus, you’ll get more than just a storage unit – you’ll get an ally to assist you with your storing needs. Finally, our storage units Westerville Ohio are modern and high-quality. What more do you need to ask for when looking to put your items in storage? Contact us today and hire our services.

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